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05 March 2010

3-point TGIF update [More:]
1. I've had a tiring but utterly unproductive week, missing out on my normal two days working from home, due to the builders working on my place.

2. But the flat is starting to look really good (again). The new wooden floor is gorgeous, and this evening I put some little felt protector pads on the feet of my dining chairs - not those glue-on ones, which always fall off, but these ones (click 'Demonstration') that have a little casing that screws into the bottom of the chair and then the felt pad clips into it. When the pads wear down, you just buy replacements.

3. I have pink-eye, in just one eye. It's really sore and swollen and I'm hoping that it'll be gone by tomorrow, otherwise I'll have to do the other eye to match with blusher and tell everyone that the latest trend is pink eye makeup.
1. other than having a purring cat in my lap all day, I'm not sure working from home is a plus. I am too easily distracted.

2. Skiing last week and this week was BRILLIANT. Even if I missed the SEEKRIT outing.

3. I would like to be napping in the chair. Instead, I have to return some overdue library books.
posted by crush-onastick 05 March | 15:02
1. Meetup tonight!

2. Dance performance tomorrow night.

3. Not much else, and that's fine by me. i just want to lay around and do nothing all the time.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 05 March | 15:20
1. Done catsitting for the time being. Cats are very Mom-centric, and will be happy when She returns tonight. Very glad to be back at my own house.

2. I really, really need my own laptop to cope better with said catsitting stints. But a viola comes first, whenever that will be.

3. Three more weeks of self-imposed power dieting, i.e. no Chinese food on Friday nights or Smartfood. Bleah. Luckily, it seems to be working.
posted by Melismata 05 March | 15:30
1. They told me I'd be contacted next week about the job I interviewed for on Monday.

2. They contacted me today.

3. I will go in for a second interview next Tuesday. I'm excited.
posted by Hugh Janus 05 March | 15:31
Yay Hugh Janus!
1. The weather has been nice enough to allow lots of outdoor time this week, which we have all been excited about.
2. Since I have been outside so much, I have been letting my indoor housework suffer, I need to bust out the vacuum cleaner bigtime tomorrow.
3. Sushi and the movie In the Loop tonight.
posted by msali 05 March | 15:35
1. Cooking for various events this weekend. Yesterday I made a mess of pulled pork. Today: red pepper hummus, pie crust, sesame rolls (to go with the pulled pork), onion jam, crackers, caramel corn. Tomorrow: coffee cake, spinach and onion quiche, hot goat cheese and tapenade spread.

2. The Fella writes a weekly movie column with a reporter friend of ours, and the local paper asked him to live-blog the Oscars! WHOOOO!

3. Headache. Coffee.

Yay, Hugh!
posted by Elsa 05 March | 15:37
1. Attending a book release party tonight to celebrate my friend's new novel.

2. Trying to remember that I often overreact to health-related things and that any potential fertility issues that I have could be way worse.

3. Looking forward to a very sunny, spring-like weekend.
posted by amro 05 March | 15:37
1. I need new glasses. I saw a sign that I thought said "hamburger tax credit" and of course it actually said "homebuyer tax credit". Yikes.

2. Started reading the new John Banville book, then remembered that I hate John Banville's writing and put it back down. I love that I don't feel guilty about not finishing books when they're library books.

3. My duplex is for sale again (I'm a renter) and the new realtors are being really aggressive about showings, much to my inconvenience. Yet another reason I should move, but the thought of moving again is so awful as to paralyze me.
posted by leesh 05 March | 15:40
1. Not working because baby's daycare closed for teacher training.

2. Have had good day with baby.

3. Have to do a lot of work this weekend.

Yay, Hugh! Good luck for the next round.
posted by gaspode 05 March | 15:41
1. The GF and I are going to the SF MGL meetup tonight. Yay! Looking forward to seeing folks I haven't seen in a while and finally getting to meet MGL.

2. An extraordinarily stressful week at work led to a meltdown at home last night (which, in retrospect, was a little silly), but things are okay now.

3. Today is a quieter day after all the protests and disruptions on campus yesterday, but all three news trucks are parked on the quad and there's a helicopter flying around, so I suspect something is about to go down. Yesterday was annoying -- fire alarms going off in all campus buildings, and the Highway Patrol plane circled overhead from 1 in the afternoon until about 9 at night (could still hear it at home). I'm hoping things stay calm today.
posted by mudpuppie 05 March | 15:54
1. The GF and I are going to the SF MGL meetup tonight. Yay! Looking forward to seeing folks I haven't seen in a while and finally getting to meet MGL.

Have a great time and give my regards to MGL!

1. Back is finally all the way back! Feels great, er, normal.

2. This opened today, just around the corner from where I live. Could be dangerous!

3. Taxes are done and instead of being very very bad, I am breaking about even! Now Daughter wants all the FAFSA stuff about us, so have to do more digging.
posted by danf 05 March | 16:03
MGL is one of the MeChans I most want to meet in the whole world.
posted by essexjan 05 March | 16:07
1. Go Hugh!

2. SF MGL meetup! Oh my goodness. If I could be in the same room with MGL (whom I have met) and mudpuppie (whom I have not), I think I might explode due to bliss.

3. Gathering knitting works tonight. I am going to attempt to teach myself to knit. I have "Knitting for Dummies" and another book. I am terrified. It's for my next play. You can't really sham knit, you know?
posted by rainbaby 05 March | 16:10
(pups. . .regards to gf also. fondly remembered.)
posted by danf 05 March | 16:13
1. I just finished bullying herding the Front Range cats into a semblance of meetup for next week.

2. I exacto-knifed a bunch of wallet cards for my colleagues (emergency contact list) and am now smelling the laminator as it warms up so I can finish 'em.

3. hm, I prolly should eat lunch but I think I'll receive invoices into our sent-from-hell purchasing system first. goddamn Germans, think they can write software *grumblegrumble*

congrats, Hugh! and pups, I am jealous you get to meet MGL
posted by lonefrontranger 05 March | 16:14
Go Hugh!

1. There appears to be shitfuckery afoot in the condo association, due to the fact that this whole complex seems to have the curse of the fuckups. I really hope no one comes to visit me personally about any of it because I don't know what to say that will make people go the fuck away since I have zero authority to do anything that is anywhere near what anyone actually wants. I cannot wait until April 22nd, which is when the elections are, so I can be done with this crap.

2. Not really motivated to do anything, including schoolwork. This is slightly problematic since I have a group project due in 3 weeks that no one has even started on yet. Crap. (Plus, I need to start coding up my eportfolio, which isn't exactly hard, but I'm nitpicky and it's time-consuming.) I suspect this lack of motivation stems from having to drive all over Montgomery and Howard fucking counties this morning to run an errand for my brother.

3. I did pick up 2 holds from the public library and had a very pleasant chat with one of the workers at the community center (next door to said library) about using the gym facilities and even though it's $180 for a year, I think I'm going to go for it once I get my tax refund. However, it is the weekend and my motivation is sucking, so I'm going to curl up in bed and bask in the sunshine and read and watch The Wire. Again. Mmm, sunshine.
posted by sperose 05 March | 16:24
1. Getting things squared away for next week, assembling names and appointment times and phone numbers and such. I'm not much of an organizer, but this is just fantastically exciting. 7 weddings Tuesday, 5 more that week, and a couple of others later.

2. Walked down to the DC courthouse today, just to get the lay of the land. Saw lots of giddy couples heading to the Marriage Bureau.

3. I've never wanted a weekend to be over so the next week could start more than I do right now. Come on, Tuesday!

I'm meeting a couple tomorrow for brunch, my first actual face-to-face meeting with any of the soon-to-be newlyweds.

So damned excited.
posted by mrmoonpie 05 March | 16:28
1. Have a college friend in town from ATL, doing fun things with her except for today when I am working.
2. Have a high school friend in town from Boston, seeing her photo show tomorrow night with the Atl friend too.
3. It will be crowded in my studio apartment tonight.
4. Excited to see the Whitney Biennial.
5. Stressed to the max at work, might have to come in once friends leave Sunday.
6. Secret job seems to finally be moving forward again, it's officially posted and the boss emailed the owner about setting up a time for me to officially interview after my 2 non-official ones with boss only. Now that it is more of a reality I am scared and worried about switching jobs, though I know it would be good for me.
posted by rmless2 05 March | 16:41
1. Finally got the carpet rolls each in the proper room of the rental, so at least we know we didn't have one go missing.

2. Got a 6x9 inch section of my desk completely cleaned off. I rock.

3. My 911 call last weekend seemed fruitless at the time but at least so far this Friday has perhaps been the cause of a significant drop in traffic across the street.
posted by dhartung 05 March | 16:46
1. My latest case of 'depression flu' only lasted a couple days instead of the usual few weeks.
2. I decided to stop fighting the insomnia and just stay up until I know I will fall asleep.
3. This means I can drink all the coffee I want the first few hours after I do wake up. I luv coffee.
posted by Ardiril 05 March | 16:49
3. Gathering knitting works tonight. I am going to attempt to teach myself to knit. I have "Knitting for Dummies" and another book. I am terrified. It's for my next play. You can't really sham knit, you know?

When I saw Sweeney Todd in SF the actress who played Mrs. Lovett was knitting for real which made me happy. It was the only thing I whispered out loud, "Oooh, she's really knitting!"

Yay Hugh and mrmoonpie!

1. Real Housewives of New York! Ugh, sorry. But yeah, excited!
2. Still really really really loving running. It's what helps get me out of bed in the morning. And since what I normally trick myself to get out of bed with is food this is a good development.
3. Boyfriend is whisking me away for my birthday weekend to hiking and a mineral water hot tub on the balcony hotel room. It'll be our first ever in our nearly 6 years of being together weekend getaway. So weird to even be doing it and yet so so awesome to look forward to turning into a prune with a glass of champagne and/or beer.
posted by birdie 05 March | 16:49
1. Had a chest xray today, which I hope will give some clues about my inability to breathe lately. Doctor added prednisone and an antibiotic to the bronchodilators.
2. My aunt and uncle were in a huge tour bus crash last week, and my uncle is now not expected to live, which is a huge change from how things were looking right after the accident. I'm sad for my family.
3. My house is messy and that makes me sad.
posted by Stewriffic 05 March | 16:51
1. My phone died earlier this week. Finally replaced it today. That was some money I certainly could have used on something else, but oooh, shiny new toy!

2. Weather is downright gorgeous. 60-something, sunny, and just enough wind to keep you from getting too warm. Took my dog for a 45-minute walk, then came home, opened the windows, and cleaned. A lot. These kind of days do wonders for my outlook on life. It's been a loooong winter.

3. Still waiting on the results from my second chem test. Instructor said he'd e-mail them out sometime this weekend. First thing I did with my new phone was set up the e-mail, so now every time I get a text, my stomach does a flip. Really wishing I could just know what I got.
posted by ufez 05 March | 16:53
Oh, Stew, I'm so sorry. Oh, dear.
posted by Elsa 05 March | 16:54
4. March is my "don't spend a single dime I don't need to" month.
posted by Ardiril 05 March | 17:00
Stewie, I'm so sorry to hear that!

Re: breathing--my mom had trouble breathing and coughing for months and months and it turned out to be really bad acid reflux (which is weird b/c she only eats whole grains and healthy things and whatnot). So if chest x-rays aren't turning anything up, it might be a stomach thing.
posted by leesh 05 March | 17:08
1. Looking forward to doing nothing tonight. Cleaned out two courthouse basements this week, two out of town consultations and had obligations the last three evenings. It is not even 6PM, but PJ's here I come!

2. Dinner and a movie with my brother tomorrow night.

3. Dinner with mom and brother Sunday night.

Shaping up to be a nice lazy weekend. Hope everybody has fun at the meetups, drink a class of sweetened ice tea for me (if that is available where you barbarians are).

Good luck on the job Janus, and Stewriffic, you know our thoughts are with you.
posted by Marxchivist 05 March | 17:56
Good luck Hugh!

leesh: realtors are just ill-educated scumbags with cellphones. they do NOT have a right to violate your privacy and disrupt your enjoyment of the house. make some rules. make them call twenty-four hours in advance. pretend not to be at home. don't let them in. give them fifteen minutes per visit. yes, it's assholish. so are they. speak the language they understand.

posted by jason's_planet 05 March | 18:02
I'm so sorry, Stew. And Hugh, appendages are crossed.

1. Eyes are kind of itchy.

2. Sorely wishing the SF peninsula had viable public transport, esp. in re tonight's MGL meetup. Will make small preparatory sacrifice to parking goddess.

3. Also in re meetup, I owe serazin a beer from way back.
posted by tangerine 05 March | 18:10
Realtors are used car salesmen that aren't selling used cars. Exposure to high temperatures causes them to melt; as most are made of plastic. 24 hours and 15 minutes to look around is very fair.

-less than fair might be asking them if the person they are showing to has even been approved for a mortgage yet, or what the prospective clients credit score is. If they have no answer or a long silence on the other end of the line is their reply; you might be saving each of you some time.

My Friday!
1) Tour of Wastewater treatment plant - lots of Q-tips being flushed. Also lots of female monthly products. Tour guide said most are from young gals not knowing what to do with the plastic once a month time applicator thing.
2) Being a sewage treatment place; it kinda; uh, smelled?
3) Oddly enough, after several processes and tanks and stuff; clear like spring water product flows out the final tank and into the Gulf of M.

And ran Saturday errands after work; so no drive into town round up chores for Saturday! Woo hoo!
posted by buzzman 05 March | 20:05
Yeah, the new realtor called me at like 11:30 wanting to show the place late this afternoon, and I didn't really feel like trying to invent plans for myself so said no. But they showed up anyway and just toured around the outside of the house, standing right outside my window as I was reading EW. Good times. They're coming back Monday so at least I have a whole weekend to think of somewhere to go to be out of the house at 4:30 (normally I'd be at class, but it's spring break this week).

posted by leesh 05 March | 20:36
Sorry to hear that Stewie. Good luck Hugh!

1. Got MOFB: What I Ate For Dinner. Homemade foodie blog type thing.

2. BF is shucking clams at home for homemade clam chowder. Yum!

3. I consistently misspell homemade.
posted by Twiggy 05 March | 21:12
Sorry about the stressful news, Stewie. Crossin' fingers for Hugh. And - enjoy the weekend, everyone.

1. Working tomorrow. Bleah. Whatever. My new job is so good in some ways, and such a freaking mill, as well.

2. Sunday off, but already complexified with an evening meeting, transportation logistics, and the need to print and post event posters.

3. I should have some fun time off Maybe? Please?
posted by Miko 05 March | 23:27
1. Drove over an hour to the doctor's office to pick up my husband's prescription. They're "closed for lunch" (wtf, is this normal?) so I had to sit in the parking lot for almost an hour. Then drive back. Ugh. ~80 miles roundtrip.

2. Got my hair cut! Actually, I got all of them cut! No pics yet.

3. Packed up and ready to move tomorrow. Oh my God am I ready. Been living with my father-in-law, and it's been like living in an episode of Hoarders crossed with the movie "The Money Pit." Soooo looking forward to living in a clean house.

3a. AND THE BEST PART IS, MY HUSBAND LIVES THERE TOO!!!! We haven't lived together for four months. Look at this romantic thing he did for me today.
posted by desjardins 05 March | 23:30
*Big hugs for stewie*

Modem issues have been resolved. New laptop doesn't have a scroll wheel.
Emailed lawyer asking what's happening with designer who took advantage of me. No response.
Movie glut, then meetup. Owe Optimus Chyme a drink.
posted by brujita 06 March | 02:19

Knitting book fail. Too dumb for Knitting for Dummies. Thanks to the evil that is Facebook, I have some tutors lines up.
posted by rainbaby 06 March | 16:05
Crayola crayons rockets || фотографии