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03 March 2010

DINNER AT 8 Liveblog: Lets call it Chicken Satay? Have leftover peanut sause and some stir-fry chicken. Cane we make this a big meal?


So, working from some online recipes and my own wild hair, I've gotten a whole packet of stir-fry chicken that I'm gonna let soak in a coconut milk, basil, ginger, chili powder mix for and hour. I've shredded a ton of spinach and am now slow cooking it in peanut oil as a garnish for later. I have no idea what to do with these mushrooms or how to really cook the chicken without wood skewers.
I avoided the temptation to put lime juice into the marinade cause it hit me ...dairy plus acid....bad. so the chicken is chilling in the coconut milk and I've got a huge metal pot on with a bit of peanut oil to fry the spinache in. It takes forever so I want to do it now while I'm marinading/ emptying the dishwasher-etc. I'll use the same pot to sear the chicken and I'm getting out all the various THINGS I'll need on hand.

NO IDEA about side dishes yet tho.
posted by The Whelk 03 March | 19:09
and I used up by whole huge bag of spinach kinda by accident. Fuck it, I like fried spinach, and it's not like it'll keep. Reduced heat to med while I empty out/clean kitchen and grab a glass of wine. The chicken is marinading away. Maybe some snow peas or mushrooms or grilled tomato for the side dish? gah. Trying not to use the box of basil rice marked FOR EMERGENCIES.
posted by The Whelk 03 March | 19:13
Okay, turns out the Pre-made Peanut Sauce Of Shame is actually a marinade. Whoops! Threw a fork-full into the coconut ilk marinade and wished for the best. Tried a taste tastes like commercial peanut dipping sauce, so I'm gonna treat it like that. Set it out on the counter to warm up while the spinach is on low ..I don't want to crisp it until I'm ready to cook the rest of the meal. Someone hand me a lighter, I need to think of a side dish that isn't just chopped sauteed onions. Gotta be careful about the seasonings, BF doesn't like it too spicy (but I'll garnish it with lime juice so that could cut a lot.)
posted by The Whelk 03 March | 19:32
I avoided the temptation to put lime juice into the marinade cause it hit me ...dairy plus acid....bad.

You know coconut milk comes from a plant, not a mammal, right?
posted by mudpuppie 03 March | 19:47

(it made sense at the time)
posted by The Whelk 03 March | 19:51
I was scrolling down to point out the same thing, pups :)

our apartment is just about to witness me wolfing down a big plate of spinach and pancetta penne. It smells great, although I have never made it before so it may taste like ass, who knows.
posted by gaspode 03 March | 19:59
the whole kitchen smells like peanut oil and spinach right now and it is WONDERFUL
posted by The Whelk 03 March | 20:06
Okay chopped up some white button mushrooms, will fry them in the leftover peanut-spinach oil and serve the chicken on top of them. Crisping spinach now and removing.
posted by The Whelk 03 March | 20:17
So I took the chicken (picked out with tongs) and just dumped it, without patting or drying or letting it sit, into the pot which you SHOULD NOT DO, so now it looks more like a curry. With mushrooms.
posted by The Whelk 03 March | 20:28
Found a sad small head of lettuce in the fridge and laid it out on the plates. pretty much ready to serve but the BF is on a Very ImPortant Phone call so I put the heat down to wait for him (and cause This Is A Curry Now and I want it do reduce and concentrate). Put out the peanut dipping on the plate, delt with a bottle of wine that somehow got a leak, refused to work with the mini-tomatoes (I'll fry them up on top of tast tomorrow for breakfast, along with the leftover mushrooms, in the fat I render from the bacon. )
posted by The Whelk 03 March | 20:35
Still waiting, added some chopped garlic cause I CAN and it looks like he'll be a while.
posted by The Whelk 03 March | 20:41
The result was "interesting" but not "good"... half a curry, half a stir-fry, with odd tastes. Not a super winner, but it DID use up a ton of stuff that would otherwise go bad.

I was always told to never buy pre-made peanut sauce again. I think I'll stick to breakfast.
posted by The Whelk 03 March | 21:37
Now I'm hungry.
posted by IndigoRain 03 March | 23:24
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