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02 March 2010

wait. I have received enervatingly mocking feedback to the effect that grown men aren't supposed to be having lollipops. Who came up with that rule?! I shall have whatever I want while watching Legally Blonde who's with me? [More:]

(Plus how am I otherwise supposed to follow Lil Kim's dictat to act like I'm in rehearsal for a tootsie commercial?)
" enervatingly mocking feedback to the effect that grown men aren't supposed to be having lollipops"
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Says who?
posted by arse_hat 02 March | 23:48
I'm with you - since when was food age-related? Eat whatever you want - if nothing else, eating like a kid makes you feel younger. If you feel younger, you are younger.
posted by dg 03 March | 05:57
I'm way more concerned about you watching Legally Blonde. Do whatever you want with your sugary breast substitute, old man.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 03 March | 07:07
Following up on arse's comment: No one ever accused Kojak of not being manly. And not only did he suck the sweet ones, he was bald as an egg.

So suck on with your bad self.
posted by Joe Beese 03 March | 09:35
Lipstick Thespian, I had to do a double take there before realizing you mean like freudian-nipple-attachment-kinda-thing. It's a poor substitute otherwise. It followed Silence of the Lambs! Does that help? Silence of the Lambs, then Legally Blonde, then Teaching Mrs. Tingle where the lollipop situation occurred.

You know when I watch these old(er) movies I 'get' the whole deal re: sexual harassment legislation. "We get a lot of detectives here, but I can't ever remember one as attractive." Seriously, man in Silence? STFU.

So, Legally Blonde, yeah. It's stupid from beginning to end but it makes me want a manicure coz that's a whole motif in there. I'm actually going to try getting one. Plus my soles could totally use some pumice-stone-love you know?

You know what bothers me? Okay so in Legally Blonde there's this sexy stereotypical hispanic pool boy dude aight. His 'uniform' is a tiny speedo style thing. Now this lady, his employer, is trying to tell this other chick that she didn't sleep with him because she "would never sleep with a man who wears a thong!"

Which strikes me as a bit problematic. I mean, if I said men shouldn't wear that thing regardless of what the lady thinks then that's the male gaze at play where society makes women wear sexier things. aight. If I mocked him for wearing it then I'd just be being judgmental and hetero-normative or whatever. aight. But then *she* turns around and *told him* to wear it coz she found it sexy but she wouldn't fuck him?!! Head asplode. That's even less rational than the madonna/whore complex.

P.S. When is it time for ask LT anything? Can we do an ad-hoc one in here? "I'm trying to work the term 'shorty' into my language but it's not going smoothly. 'I want to break shorty off' or 'so I'm looking at shorty sitting there talking…' just doesn't sound right! What to do?"
posted by Firas 03 March | 12:17
Also, I wanted to sock Hannibal Lecter in the face the third time he snarked about Jodie Foster's shoes. **** YOU TOO JACKASS!!
posted by Firas 04 March | 05:28
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