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02 March 2010

Ask MeCha. [More:]

What's a good way to get the grout in the shower nice and sparkly white?

Is there any way to do it without resorting to oven cleaner-like chemicals? And if not, what sort of product should I use?

Don't forget I'm in England.
Comet, a stiff-bristled brush, and elbow grease.
posted by Miko 02 March | 08:55
Kim & Aggie are your gurus!

101 Household tips!

How to clean grout

Basically start off with an old toothbrush - vinegar & bicarb of soda and as Miko said some elbow grease.

You aren't likely to get it sparkly right off - you might need to add it to your weekly list and work away at it over time depending on the grot level.

Sugar soap - is another possible option.
posted by gomichild 02 March | 09:11
Yeah, baking soda is pretty amazing.
posted by Miko 02 March | 10:07
Thanks, guys!

I've tried baking soda and vinegar before, but yeah, I think it's going to take a few sessions before I can say the grout "sparkles".

I'll try a couple things and see which requires a palatable amount of elbow grease.
posted by Specklet 02 March | 10:35
I've been doing this little by little in the shower this week. I've got an old toothbrush and a big ole bottle of clorox. I dip the toothbrush in the bleach and then scrub scrub scrub. Rinse the toothbrush, rinse my hands, and get on with the shower. Makes me feel a little less guilty for dallying under the water.
posted by Stewriffic 02 March | 12:11
And this is why I want a magic wand.

Too many pots to wash? *swish* Done!
Grout all cruddy? *swish* Sparkly!
Beer gone too warm? *swish* Cooled!
posted by Specklet 02 March | 12:51
I wonder why grout can't be coated with something much less porous (and easier to clean), like a clear or white two-part epoxy resin? Epoxy isn't very expensive, it would go a long way on thin lines of grout, and the project would save massive time over the long run. I'm not talking about JB Weld glue here, I'm talking about a resin specifically made as a super-hard coating.
posted by shane 02 March | 12:54
Yeah, there's a thing for exactly what you're describing, called grout sealer. Generally speaking it's only used in commercial application. I don't know why...
posted by Specklet 02 March | 13:15
Buy one of those Colgate Sonic toothbrushes in Superdrug, and they'll take away the need for elbow grease.
posted by essexjan 02 March | 13:37
every bathroom I've worked on in several home remodels, we've sealed the grout with a clear sealant expressly for this purpose. Mind, if you don't squeegee sealed grout surfaces and/or gently clean them on a regular basis, they'll still get grotty, but it doesn't stain and comes off with way, way less effort.

I think this is a somewhat recent general practise in homebuilding / remodelling tho. So depending on the oldness and/or crappiness of your bathroom and/or general laziness of the DIY homeowners / landlords who installed them, ymmv.
posted by lonefrontranger 02 March | 14:55
Well, I'm cleaning it only because we're selling the flat soon and I want it to be sparkly for viewing, so in all honesty I prolly won't mess with the sealer.

Might try one of those sonic toothbrushes, though...
posted by Specklet 03 March | 06:45
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