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25 February 2010

Today's good, bad, and awesome? [More:]

I'll start.

Good: This guy I kind of like just asked me out

Bad: By TEXT

Actually bad: I'm stressed out about returning to school next year because I'm not super confident in my abilities to succeed.

Awesome: I've just gotten through a pretty stressful week, and I feel good about how I handled it. Today and tomorrow are going to be all about rewarding myself.
I'll try!

Good: I think a cute co-worker might be sorta flirting with me

Bad: She's kinda young, and well, I'm terribly leery of co-workers. Seems like a road to trouble.

Awesome: Got a bonus night with Sophie tonight. We were working on her Olympic project. It's awesome partially because I sort of miss being able to spend one-on-one time with each of the girls since we started the shared custody dealio. Also awesome because Sophie is pretty awesome.
posted by richat 25 February | 19:57
Good: My kid thinks it's funny to take off all his clothes and run around naked. It's pretty cute when he does it. He's three.

Bad: He peed once on the carpet and once on the floor. Maybe he did it more than that but that's all I found.

Awesome: There are some incredibly kind, generous and good people in the world, one of whom did a very nice thing for me yesterday, just because he thought it was the right thing to do.
posted by Kangaroo 25 February | 20:48
Good: My work week is finished.

Bad: I may need to pop 10 extra mgs of Citalopram. [You bequeathed me many wonderful things, Dad. Brain chemistry was not one of them.]

Awesome: A woman who loves me will be walking through my front door in 15 minutes.
posted by Joe Beese 25 February | 20:57
Good: I'm slowly figuring out how to execute this pivot turn so I wind up having my right foot free in order to make a step that starts one of my favorite sequences in the AS choreo I'm learning.

Bad: My back has been spasming all day which is probably due to me being sloppy with my posture while dancing. Goddamn mayas fucking up my shit.

Awesome: I love this dancing stuff. So much cheaper than therapy and I can really tell that it's made a difference. I'm glad I took the plunge last summer and signed up. Now, if only I could get my proper amount of sass down for the end of this choreo...
posted by sperose 25 February | 21:00

Good: Kid seems like she is FINALLY getting over the latest cold. Aaaahh daycare - her little immune system can probably beat up most kids immune systems...

Bad: Snow. Trying to work a lot tonight in case NYC schools are closed tomorrow

Awesome: I played a Deschapelles coup today at bridge. I felt, like, skilled and stuff. (my partner and I also won, yay!)
posted by gaspode 25 February | 21:09
Good: Have a steady, full-time job for the first time in almost two years.

Bad: The increase in socializing and human contact connected to point one above has been driving me a little wacky. I'm the classic introvert and having six strangers in my personal space and talking all the time for eight hour stretches is a little much to deal with after two years of spending most of my time by myself.

Awesome: I have an interview on Monday for a job that's not only full-time, but PERMANENT, with grown-up benefits and health insurance and all that shit. And it pays more too!
posted by jason's_planet 25 February | 21:31
Bad: [...]and well, I'm terribly leery of co-workers. Seems like a road to trouble.

That was always my feeling. I only ever had one person who seriously tempted me to break the "no dating co-workers" rule, but in general I was always a "no fishing off the company pier" kinda guy.

Good: Chinese food is here! We kept waiting for dinner to materialize and it never did, so we ordered out.

Bad: I think I've got a cold or some other infection in the lymph nodes in my neck. (I'm prone to this, but it usually comes w/ sore throat, which I don't have. Weird.)

Awesome: My dad sent me a check for my birthday, which I spent on the Kraftwerk box set. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting for it to show up. EEeeeee!
posted by BoringPostcards 25 February | 22:02
Good: I woke up on the right side of the bed.
Bad: They're finally giving me a new computer and monitor, now that I have a week left with the company.
Awesome: Our department meeting today was "optional." Guess which option I chose?
posted by desjardins 25 February | 22:09
I think I've got a cold or some other infection in the lymph nodes in my neck.

Zicam, immediately. Almost always works for me.
posted by desjardins 25 February | 22:11
Good: making progress on my RPM Challenge album, due in four days.

Bad: It's been crazy raining all damn day. I have monster cabin fever.

Awesome: But now I have Sour Patch kids. Bring it.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 25 February | 22:16
Good: I had the day off.

Bad: I had the day off because my back is spasming so much that I can't really walk.

Awesome: Muscle relaxants.
posted by occhiblu 25 February | 22:34
Zicam, immediately. Almost always works for me.

Thanks, desjardins... I'll try that.
posted by BoringPostcards 25 February | 22:46
Good: Work offered to start paying for my cellular modem, which I only ever use for work.

Bad: train hit a minivan this morning, which caught fire. No one hurt. Then tonight, train hit a pedestrian, who was unfortunately a fatality.

Awesome: cooking a nice dinner for my sweetie.
posted by Twiggy 25 February | 23:05
Good: Getting a treadmill for my birthday.

Bad: Clicky jaw, also have a swollen lymph node, also prone to them!, but I think mine are allergy related. Had big bad allergy problem yesterday.

Awesome: Getting a treadmill means an excuse to buy new gear for my new "hobby". Hellooooo, fancy synthetic fabric shorts, so nice to meet you. Also, if you have recommendations for running gear, I'd be grateful to hear 'em.
posted by birdie 26 February | 00:23
Good: My lawsuit against the breadtruck that hit me four years ago is finally coming to a close. I go to the lawyer's tomorrow to sign the final paperwork. Not going to trial! Yay!

Bad: Starting to think that the reason I'm tired all the time may have something to do with unresolved issues I have because of my father's death and the depression that comes from realizing that this is probably the career I'll have for the rest of my life.

Awesome: Some very kind MeFites sent my girls some books, completely out of the blue. Here's my five-year-old reading The Monster at the End of this Book.
posted by ColdChef 26 February | 00:38
Good: I'm poor enough to qualify for a debt relief program my bank offers that will ease my current financial strain a bit.

Bad: I'm that poor.

Awesome: I have a job interview lined up on Monday, so all that good and bad stuff might not really matter so much.
posted by Hugh Janus 26 February | 01:02
Good: The guy I had a date with the other week is still in the frame.

Bad: The letter that I was promised would be sent out this week has not yet arrived. If it doesn't come in today's post (around midday), I have to let them know but will not be told what's in the letter over the phone.

Awesome: My builder starts work on Monday to re-do the renovations that were ruined in The Great Christmas Eve Flood.

Bad related to Awesome: I have to pack everything up again this weekend.
posted by essexjan 26 February | 03:47
Jan, what's "in the frame" mean? (Oh. Wait, I think I just figured it out. I are a genius.)

Rich, not to encourage you, but I once date a cow orker and it worked out fine, even when we broke up and stuff. It was a big firm, though, like 80 people.

LT, I really really wish I were there with you so I could whuffle you and steal your red Sour Patch Kids.

Good: It's Friday and that mean it's PIZZA NIGHT!

Bad: I have a headache because we broke our no-drinking-during-the-week rule last night. But it was in celebration of TheDonF getting laid off which is

Good: because he was going to quit soon anyway and this way he gets a big severance package!
posted by Specklet 26 February | 04:12
"in the frame" is that we are talking on the phone and trying to fix up another date, which is being scuppered by other commitments on both sides, mostly work-related, and, for me this weekend, by the need to pack my life up and put it in the garage again.
posted by essexjan 26 February | 05:18
posted by By the Grace of God 26 February | 05:22
Bad: The letter arrived. It was the outcome I had anticipated, but was not the result I wanted.
posted by essexjan 26 February | 05:30
Good: The big new england storm was only rain here, so I don't have to shovel.
Bad: I am all the time tired.

Sorry about your letter, Jan.
posted by JanetLand 26 February | 06:36
Sorry about the bad letter, Jan. I was gonna ask you what "scuppered" meant but then I figured that out too.
posted by Specklet 26 February | 07:22
Good: I have a date tonight. I believe this is my first date in roughly 2.5 years. Has dating changed dramatically? Are there new dating rules I should know?

Bad: You do not want to know. Let's go with something small: son wants to get a puppy! May have already promised owner of momma dog that he will take puppy! We have 3 - count them, THREE - big dogs already. YARGH!

Awesome: I might - kind of probably might I think - be going to San Francisco next weekend. If so I will call a meetup via Meta. I am TERRIFIED of flying but this is a free ticket, so, well, what the hell?
posted by mygothlaundry 26 February | 10:27
Good: cute guy at work has decided to start talking to me again.

Bad: he probably just wants to have a closeup look at my chest, nothing more.

Awesome: The Body Shop has temporarily brought back my favorite cucumber oil. YEE HAH!!!! I'm going to buy a gallon of it tomorrow.

Mythgothlaundry: not really. Dating doesn't change much. The aggravations brought about by new gadgets (i.e. someone talking on a cell phone during the meal) might be new, but the process is always the same. Good luck!!
posted by Melismata 26 February | 11:30
I might - kind of probably might I think - be going to San Francisco next weekend.

This is exciting! If you do this, I will try very hard to go. It would be fun to meet the MGL!

I don't think I'm going to do the good/bad/awesome, because I'm crabby and right now all I can think of is bad stuff.
posted by mudpuppie 26 February | 12:02
Good: It's sunny and I got into the garden on a work day

Bad: article just published on the super-successful Bariatric conference I initiated and organised did not mention my work once! Our press office tried to take all the credit, hrmph!

AWESOME it was warm enough today to wear some really sexy peep-toe Bluish green high-heels that go perfectly with a buiness suit I got on Freecycle. Felt spectacular!
posted by Wilder 26 February | 12:40
Sorry bout the letter Jan ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))
posted by Wilder 26 February | 12:41
Hmm. I posted on this yesterday right after richat and it's gone..bad?

Good: I finally was able to have my car fixed; it's needed it for ages and I finally got my income tax refund so I could afford it. Plus, the mechanic was wonderful (came highly recommended), and said my car needs nothing else for a long, long time.

Bad: Fixing it cost $800.00. Ouch.

Awesome: My new guy is coming for the weekend! Yay!!! I'm making dinner; he's bringing the wine. I feel like I'm in my 20's again..
posted by redvixen 26 February | 19:11
nsfw-ish probably* || Snow in Giza?