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24 February 2010

Humpday 3-point update [More:]
1. I'm on tenterhooks waiting for a letter. I was told it would be sent out some time this week. It wasn't in today's post.

2. Despite the crushing disappointment and HR lies/ineptitude of previous attempts, I've decided to apply again for a promotion at work.

3. This evening I'm representing the residents of my street at a council planning meeting. I get 3 minutes to speak. I've timed my speech and if I talk really quickly, I'll finish in time.
1. My (younger) son turned 17 today.

2. I'm trying to learn a little Japanese.

3. I have to give 2 exams today and (shudder) grade them.
posted by Obscure Reference 24 February | 08:12
1. Weather damp and gloomy.
2. A contact lens I thought I put into my eye instead vanished from the face of the earth. Wearing glasses today.
3. I hate wearing glasses.
posted by JanetLand 24 February | 08:25
1. I got a dremel grinder to keep my dog's claws under control. I didn't realize how cool dremel grinders are, and now I want more grinding projects. Dog nails aren't that fun.
2. Like JanetLand, our weather is also damp and gloomy, and I have had just about enough of winter this year. If spring doesn't come soon, I am going to lose my mind.
3. Cancer continues to be the specter that haunts us, and now ANOTHER person in our family (another beloved relative) has been diagnosed with a really nasty form. From an epidemiological standpoint, it seems unlikely that I could be related to so many people that have cancer. The mind boggles.
posted by msali 24 February | 09:24
1. I love the kid I am tutoring in Latin now, he is 12 and hilarious. I always get nervous to go over there and then feel great once the lesson is over.

2. I get to go shopping for a party for work today, so I'll be the one buying champagne at 10 am. It's a thank you party for our production staff who've been working crazy hours recently (so have we, but we get to keep our jobs while they are laid off soon).

3. My plant is blooming hot pink and the great bf got me orange tulips so my apartment is very colorful and floral right now.

4. I am switching sadness meds again and I already feel better on these new ones, as evidenced by my first 3 pts I guess.

EJ- good luck!
msali- I'm sorry about your relative. Does it make you worried for yourself?
posted by rmless2 24 February | 09:37
1. Glad for yesterday's snow, glad for today's sunshine

2. Slogging along on the project that will not end

3. My keyboard drawer is squeaking.
posted by lysdexic 24 February | 10:02
1. My gaming laptop died on Monday, after I spent all day waiting for the washing machine repair guys to make their third trip to my house, which they did NOT make, without telling me, and so I enter week eight of no washing machine.

2. On the other hand, I leave today to spend a week in Tahoe, skiing with guy, with a possible side trip to see friends in San Francisco, assuming we don't get snowed onto the mountain, which would be okay with me, cause it makes the skiing better.

3. Also, my job is AMAZINGLY fantastic.
posted by crush-onastick 24 February | 10:03
I am back

I split up with my husband about a month ago

Things are going pretty well and I love you all :)
posted by By the Grace of God 24 February | 10:05
posted by essexjan 24 February | 10:19
1. Had to go to a Social Media workshop last night because my boss (who is sweet but dumber than a post) just discovered Facebook and thinks it is Really Cool and also that we are not Maximizing Our Social Media Presence. This despite the fact that I've been on Twitter for a year and a half AND, to add insult to injury, I know and do NOT like the woman who was giving the workshop. Hell, I met her because of blogging for chrissakes. The fact that we are not Maximizing our Social Media Presence is not because I don't know how, it's because I'm a lazy burnt out sub par employee and I don't feel like it.

2. The workshop was just as bad as I thought it would be - I could have taught it - BUT the woman giving it was actually completely friendly and pleasant to me so perhaps I can erase her from my enemies list, which would be very nice, since I never could figure out why she disliked me so much.

3. My son had me in hysterics before I left, though, because he said, "What you do, Mom, is you go to your boss and you say, Yo, Big K, I can't be doin' this here workshop because J and I be beefin'. There be a big beef wit' me and J and so it all gonna go down bad I go to this workshop, nome sane?" This would have been most excellent. dear goddess I need a new job a new job a new job okay because this one is driving me batshit insane.
posted by mygothlaundry 24 February | 10:19
Glad to see you back, BTGOG, I am sorry to hear about the split. ((((By the Grace of God))))

rmless22, no, I am not afraid for myself. Some of the relatives are through marriage, but not all of 'em. I expect to get cancer some day, and I already have testing performed that most people don't have at my age. Fuck cancer.
posted by msali 24 February | 10:20

1. Work-free day! But I have a lot of errands to run so I will be busy most of the day. Still, will feel good to get them out of the way.

2. The ongoing cold is ongoing.

3. Just booked flights to Florida for the end of March. Yay! Some warmer weather, and the kid's introduction to the beach :)
posted by gaspode 24 February | 10:22
1. I have a physical-esque appointment today and need to get some labwork done. They weren't particularly specific. If it turns out that I didn't have to fast after all, I will be annnngryyyyy.

2. I want to apply for a job today, but my brain is not letting me reformulate an existing cover letter in ways that are sufficient to my liking. Bad brain! No cookie!

3. Apparently I am so capable that my boss didn't think I needed the guidance of a tech person to put a blog together. Which is more or less true, except that we now have to create anywhere from 150-300 users and give them security access on like three levels, and our main Web/IT guy (out of three) is on paternity leave as of yesterday. Me? I am trained to write press releases. And now, every time I create a user, it e-mails them their password and encourages them to log in, which they can't yet do. FML.
posted by Madamina 24 February | 10:58

I miss anyone?

posted by lysdexic 24 February | 11:02
I am OK guys, I am MUCH better now! Really! It was sad but for the best.
posted by By the Grace of God 24 February | 11:20
Welcome back, Gracie!!

1. My friend last night kept on ranting about "the good old days" when people didn't divorce at the drop of a hat and kids were respectful. I kept trying to convince him that things weren't better back then, only different, but he wasn't convinced.

2. Raining buckets at the moment. 16" of snow an hour west of here.

3. Again housesitting for cats who don't like me because I'm not Mom. Still, they might be thawing a bit; they now camp outside the (open) bedroom door at night, sneaking occasional curious glances.
posted by Melismata 24 February | 11:43
1. The aunt that I don't care for (and she doesn't like me either, so we just stay far away from one another) passed out and knocked her head good enough to need 4 stitches last night. I'm not looking forward to my parents being all 'bawwww, you should go see her' because I seriously doubt she wants to see me, so there's no point in me wasting my time or gas money to drive all the way over to VA. (Said aunt just celebrated her 95th (I think) birthday and had a similar incident less than a year ago but then she only had some really serious bruising. This time she doesn't remember falling over, just waking up on the kitchen floor, going into the bathroom to clean herself up, and waiting for my other aunt (90 years old and still driving and who was out at bridge or something) to come home and take her to the hospital.)

2. I am having an incredibly slow brain day today. It took me 2 hours to research 2 not as cited articles this morning, which is just sad. Normally, when feeling like this, I'd go play in my boxes for a while so I can avoid doing any real work, but the box lady who is running that project is coming down this afternoon (just telling me that this morning, argh) and so I really need to bust my ass to get shit done because I haven't really done much work on those boxes since her last visit before all the snow.

3. I've been thinking a lot lately. I'm still processing the events of Monday (where I went to a ballroom dancing session thing and didn't have a complete meltdown but cried later that night) and have been trying to speed through Feeling Good so I can put it back on the shelf at work since I can't actually check it out to myself.
posted by sperose 24 February | 12:01
1. I put a sweet new drawing from my 4 year old on the office wall behind my monitor.

2. The ride into work felt like I was dragging a dead mule behind me the whole way.

3. I am dreading my squat workout tonight. Ugh.

Also: hi everybody!
posted by palindrome 24 February | 12:25
(then consider the hugs retroactive for when you needed them, BtGoG, or bank 'em for some future time :) )

hi, palindrome!
posted by gaspode 24 February | 12:28
god, msali, I am so sorry.

1) kid's 2nd birthday is today, which he is celebrating by CRYING ALL DAY. What was supposed to be happy cupcake birthday playgroup turned into a giant suckfest.

I didn't realize the terrible 2s started ON THE ACTUAL BIRTHDAY! criminy.

2) other than that, all I have are first world problems. heh.
posted by pinky.p 24 February | 12:57
Hi yall

A cold is kicking my ass. I left early Monday, didn't come in yesterday. My coworkers are giving me the evil eye because I sound just hideous but what are you gonna do when there are only so many sick days you can take?

Spring Break plans for a family vacation are falling through. Blah. Money and family obligations always have to muck things up.

I'm enjoying the Olympics a lot. I can't wait to see the women's hockey finals.
posted by toastedbeagle 24 February | 12:58
pinky- that sucks. I felt the same way when my daughter turned 13. She went to bed a sweet 12 yr old and woke up an eye rolling teen. Have a nap with your 2 year old. You'll both feel better.

Happy Birthday pp's kid and OR's kid. Yay cupcakes!
posted by toastedbeagle 24 February | 13:08
Crap, I just accidentally deleted my response. To sum up:

Hugs to those that want 'em! Hi BtGoG, hi palindrome!

It's rainy, no walk, darn. Tomato sauce. I want wine, but am not drinking due to some stupid healthy notion. Come on spring!
posted by Specklet 24 February | 13:38
1. I got a haircut
2. I turned in two papers today. No more (major) papers due until a week from tomorrow!
3. I joined a new gaming group. we're doing the dragon age rpg now. I'm the only girl, but the guys are all older than me, married, some have kids, etc so it's pretty chill without a boys club atmosphere.

bonus: I'm listening to Placebo now and feeling shock that this album came out more than ten years ago.
posted by kellydamnit 24 February | 13:52
1. Woke up feeling tired and draggy.
2. Free lunch! That always brightens a girl's spirits.
3. Tonight I get to vote for my high school pal Big Mike on American Idol! I'm so excited!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 February | 14:10
1. There is a note taped to the wall across from the sink in the women's bathroom here at work, about 18" off the ground, that reads, "A cleaning request has already been submitted for the blood splatter."

2. I'm looking forward to my lunch -- curried chickpeas that turned out really yummy.

3. There is no 3.
posted by mudpuppie 24 February | 14:18
3. Our business manager, who intimidated the shit out of me when I first started, but with whom I now have a good, no-bullshit relationship, just came into my office and asked, tears in her eyes, "Am I scary?" Apparently a couple people have complained about her brusqueness, and she got a talking-to. I felt really bad for her. (But she does need to learn how to answer questions without a tone that implies you idiot at the end of every sentence. And I told her so.)
posted by mudpuppie 24 February | 14:30
1. Farm use vehicles are not supposed to get on the interstate and drive 20 miles to a Cracker Barrel, especially if said vehicle is not capable of going more than 40 mph.

2. In the state of Virginia, an archaic law on the books makes it illegal for anyone other than political candidates to engage in "corrupt practices of bribery".

3. It takes a very talented dog to idle away the time in a parked car by picking out noise patterns on his horn. Beep. Beep Beep. Beep Beep Beep. Beep. Beep Beep Beep. Beep. Beep Beep. Beep. Beep. (Freaked the little old ladies walking by right out! You wouldn't expect a poodle manicured within an inch of his life to be so musical!)
posted by julen 24 February | 14:51
1. Heard Jane's Addiction "Magic Girl" on the car radio at lunch, and can't get it out of my head. I'm rememberig lying on my bed without a frame on the top floor of a student group house and listening to that cassette and feeling magic and tragic. Tramagic?

2. I'm cutting out meat (day three) and it's not that I miss it, but I'm having trouble figuring out what to eat instead. My cooking skills are not strong.

3. Hi everybody, esp. those new and/or returning.
posted by rainbaby 24 February | 14:59
1. I may finally have a job - however temporary it may be - lined up. Waiting for the employment agency that the company insists I use to deign to call the employer back and get things moving.

2. My on again, off again relationship that finally felt stable after almost 2 years of trying from both sides has fallen out from under me. Among other things, it means that I won't be moving after all, or at least not where I had planned.

3. I've been celebrating 1 and coping with 2 by spoiling myself with the money I was about to spend on plane tickets. So hooray for ice cream drumsticks, tasty beer, and a decent pair of studio monitors!
posted by sysinfo 24 February | 15:09
1. I still have Shingles - over 3 weeks, now. It hurts like heck, but at least my head is clearing.

2. Trying to get back to the hard part of my work. I can work at home, but I have used my illness as an excuse not to do any serious paper writing for the last few weeks. So now I really have a backlog -- and I'm scared of starting again.

3. I have to report to my funding agency at the end of this month (5 days and counting). I have written my report, but it is less than stellar. I have come up with some pretty significant findings, but have not yet published many of them. Now I feel like a failure.
posted by Susurration 24 February | 15:34
1. I just got back from the council meeting where I gave my 3-minute speech, which would probably have taken five minutes in normal talking, but I needed to get all our points across. Most of the neighbours went, a motley mob of us, but we left the burning torches and pitchforks outside. We lost. A property developer can now squeeze a 4-bed house plus parking for two cars on this plot.

2. I was very nervous before making my speech, and instead of sitting down at the table, I needed to stand up, a throwback to the days when I used to speak in court. Nobody minded though.

3. The meeting was recorded on webcam for later upload onto the council website so I will be on teh intarwebs at some point, reading my speech.
posted by essexjan 24 February | 16:05
Jan- the council and developer are asshats. Psssh!
posted by toastedbeagle 24 February | 16:18
1. New people! And old people coming back to us! Welcome all.

2. Back in Rockhampton for the second time this week :-(

3. Don't know where life is taking me at the moment, relationship-wise, job-wise, everything-wise, really. Feel like I'm in limbo.
posted by dg 24 February | 16:28
BTGOG, are you going to move back to the US or stay in Scotland?

1. Frigging Quaker rice cake cheddar snacks added MSG to their recipe. Realized that when I had an allergic reaction.

2. Going on a cruise to Bermuda in June! SO excited!

3. Picked a sperm donor!
posted by amro 24 February | 16:48
amro, how exciting!!
posted by gaspode 24 February | 17:01
Yes, I am really happy about the choice!

On another topic...
4. I am really sick of people asking me for free legal advice then not even saying thank you.
posted by amro 24 February | 17:39
1. Spent the first half of the day up in Salem in an entomology workshop, to learn how to identify insects. Taught by an OSU entomologist who LOVES insects, and she was infectious (in a good way!) about it. Much fun.

2. Back still hurting, but now only at night, rather than only during the day. Why it switched, who knows but another chiro visit tomorrow.

3. Got these boxes of slides from a childhood friend, and creating a flickr site of her dad's photos. There will be some of his hard news (he won the Pulitzer) pics also, before I am done. The old fried is very appreciative of this.
posted by danf 24 February | 18:09
1. I can't get enough Olympics coverage, even if it is the crappy slice-and-dice tape delay kind.

2. Finally, my iPods and hard drives and various other music repositories are all functional again and I'm back to my music-gathering ways.

3. Giant red zit on my nose. Very depressing. I thought adolescence was done when I was in my twenties and I rejoiced. Here it is 20 years later and still with the zits. WTF Nature??
posted by initapplette 24 February | 18:51
1. Some wino fouled himself on the subway this morning. A few days ago some homeless person got on the train and they smelled like they had been marinated in sewer water for a week (I work with stinky homeless guys on a daily basis to the point where I don't notice which should tell you something about these fuckers' ripeness). It must be Nasal Assault Week.

2. I'm working on a weird fun lot at work, lotsa neat finds.

3. Edging towards 30000 in the mp3 collecdtion
posted by jonmc 24 February | 19:26
1. work today (at my retail job) was ok, though i got sexually harassed and still feel icky about it.

2. work was slow b/c of the rain so i finished the book i was reading (the postmistress), but it wasn't very good.

3. then i got to hang out w/ pinky p and her cheerier birthday boy, which made things much better!
posted by leesh 24 February | 21:02
1. I am really truly exhausted. I've been taking a class that runs 6-10pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, on top of regular work, and then I was sick most of the weekend, and I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed and under rested.

2. My low back decided that it doesn't want to work any more. It did this a few weeks ago, too. I wish it would stop doing this.

3. I got a stellar evaluation from a former client today, which my supervisor said was read aloud at the therapy agency's Executive Board meeting. Which is pretty awesome.
posted by occhiblu 24 February | 21:08
1. Got very unexpected good financial news at work today.

2. Partner is taking the death of our dog as hard as I thought he would. It hits me every now and then, but he was daddy, and his patterns here at home centered around her. He's dealing, but I hate the sadness.

3. My mom's car is giving us fits. I have to limp this damn car along for another year, then it's gone. Please, automotive gods, please, don't call her car home before we're done with it.
posted by BoringPostcards 24 February | 22:22
It is actually Thursday here!
1. The weather is AWESOME today and has been for most of this week, but it's supposed to start raining tonight and continue for a while. The sunny just-barely-warm weather makes me happy like nothing else can, though. Really, giddily, ridiculously happy.

2. I want to figure out how to transfer to my company's German subsidiary company. This may be easy, hard, or impossible, and I am not sure exactly which it is. If I could manage it, it would be totally awesome however. Working on figuring out how to butter up my supervisor to at least put in a good word for me or something. "Manager" is not so helpful.

3. I think I really suck at office life. My biggest problem is motivation, and I have no deadlines most of the time so motivation is hard to come by. I wish so many times I could do telework. I am ready for the (telework) revolution.
posted by that girl 24 February | 23:18
1. Put a large number of big plants on freecycle with the proviso that they come dig 'em up themselves and SCORE: I have a new soft fruits patch ready for planting with zero digging by me! (I Heart Freecycle)

2. Working remote really rocks when you sow carrots on your coffee break.

3. Met someone a work yesterday who is a throwback to the old hidebound traditional formal approach (for those who dont know me those wouldn't generally be words those who do would use) He tried to introduce/use certain procedures to slow down or control a project I'm working on. I told him I'd be delighted to pilot these for the project and returned by by the end of the day fully completed and with "suggestions for improvement". I just heard from someone in the central office who said he spewed his coffee when he open his mails this morning. This is a sweet, sweet feeling :)
posted by Wilder 25 February | 06:57
1) I've got 12 new photovoltaic solar panels on my roof and they are running the electric meter backwards as I type! So exciting.

2) My dog is really old and had diarrhea all over house yesterday and my wife says it's my fault. So ugg.

3) A woman I knew in grad school (early 1990s), tracked me down on facebook and we've had a few IM chats. Yesterday she was reminiscing about the (5-6) times we went swimming together. This has me still freaked out today because I have *absolutely no recollection* whatsoever of ever even setting foot in the building where all this swimming supposedly took place. Not with her, not with anyone. She is either fucking with my head (less likely) or *I've* fucked up my head much more than I thought (more likely). So disconcerting.
posted by danostuporstar 25 February | 09:27
dano, the third possibility is that maybe she has you confused with someone else. That seems most likely.
posted by amro 25 February | 09:36
We discussed that possibility and she seems quite certain.
posted by danostuporstar 25 February | 09:45
I had a bizarre exchange with my best friend once where she absolutely insisted I had gone with her and another friend a couple of years ago to see this particular movie, and I equally insisted I hadn't. We ended up going out to rent the movie, and indeed I had never seen it before, but she still insists I was there. Memory's weird.
posted by JanetLand 25 February | 10:39
1. Frigging Quaker rice cake cheddar snacks added MSG to their recipe. Realized that when I had an allergic reaction.

amro! I am someone else who is peeved about this exact same thing! They were my kid's favorite snack, but when I saw msg on the label, I was like....let's not buy those anymore. He did get cheese powder EVERYWHERE so I don't miss them all that much. Also, congrats on the donor!

and leesh, it was very nice to see you! some things that work my nerves pretty much only you can understand :-)
posted by pinky.p 25 February | 12:16
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