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21 February 2010

Sketchy Santas is doing an actual paper book and possibly wants to put my photo in it. Should I let them make some money off me? I didn't really think mine was all that sketchy. I'd rather have a drawing in a Bad Spock book, if they'd do one. [More:]
I guess maybe I just feel stupid giving something away to someone who had an idea I wish I'd thought of. And chances are most of the books will be sold to people whose photos are in it. I'm not shelling out.
I've been approached by publishers putting together photo books and wanting to include one of mine. I've felt comfortable with it because: 1. The request came from a reputable publishing house, 2. I would be given full credit for taking the photo, and 3. I would receive a complimentary copy of the book.
posted by rhapsodie 21 February | 21:23
Heh! None of the above, rhapsodie. That's what I thought: Can I at least get comped a copy?
posted by shane 21 February | 23:56
You have no obligation to say yes and very little to gain. I'd ask for money.
posted by cillit bang 22 February | 09:59
See if they're going to give you money. Say something like "This is a very personal photo, and I'm not sure how comfortable I feel about having it out there in the world. I didn't feel this way when I submitted it, but I do now, having had time to give it serious thought. So I'm not sure I'm willing to do this without some compensation."

They will probably say no, but if they say yes, awesome!

Assuming they say no, let them use your photo for giving you credit. Being credited in a photo in a print book -- pretty damn cool, and possibly useful in the future.
posted by treepour 23 February | 00:49
Hmmm, photo credit! Thanks, treepour, there's an idea! That and a comped copy of the book might make my day. I drive a hard bargain.
posted by shane 23 February | 11:26
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