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20 February 2010

any idea what this guy wants to do in Queens (nsfw audio). He wants to get some bread and ____ ?
Got it, he's going to "stop in Queens and get some bread in Bed-Stuy"
posted by Firas 20 February | 13:15
Oh, so that's it. I listened to this yesterday and couldn't figure it out. Listened to it again, and yeah, I agree. Now, I can hear the "Bed-Stuy", but would have never figured it out if you hadn't gotten it first.
posted by marsha56 20 February | 16:11
I dunno, Bed-Stuy's in Brooklyn, and the emphasis on the second syllable would make it bed-STUY which is a weird enunciation, even when stretching to fit meter... plus it sounds like there's a final consonant sound there, like he's saying "puh-STOCK" which of course doesn't make sense but I got nothing, except that Bed-Stuy doesn't seem quite right.

Unless you got a lyric sheet or some other inside dope in which case, sure! That's exactly what he's saying!
posted by Hugh Janus 20 February | 16:31
He wants to rhyme Stuy with NY, Chi, etc. Plus he's from Nashville and you know Southern rappers can't pronounce anything :p

This guy is going through a lot of trouble in his life right now (50 cent not releasing him from contract & not clearing him to do songs etc.) so his can-do on this track made me smile when he alluded to B.I.G. at the end of that list of locations with "going going, back back, to cali cali"
posted by Firas 20 February | 17:03
Check out this hilarious set of shout-outs to the midwest by NY rapper Camron:

Waddup, Midwest?
THey forgot about the fourth coast
Uh, it ain't nuttin though
Waddup Arkansas, Minnesota, Kansas
Kentucky, Missouri, everybody in the Lou'!
Everybody in the whole Midwest, Indiana
Nebraska - Omaha, what's happenin?
Err'body in Denver, Iowa, Illinois
Chi-Town, Ohio, you know what it is
I'll be home soon, Killa!
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Waddup, Leche?
Yo Happy, I'ma drop another package off
Duke on that Westside of Chicago [*laughs*]
Waddup everybody in Columbus? [*fades*]
posted by Firas 20 February | 17:14
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