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19 February 2010

What Do You Use For Photo Editting or Viewing ? I finally dug out my camera so that i could take some pics at the Olympics (i hadn't taken any pics in a year & a half)[More:] Having just upgraded to Windows 7, my old copy of Photoshop is not compatible . I normally don't do a lot of pic editting, so i don't need anything too fancy

The one key feature i would really like to have is a Web Gallery Generator for posting pics to my photo page . even something that does batch thumbnails and resizes would work

I'd also like recommendations for a pic viewer . IrfanView is really slow on my computer and i need something faster

Thanks in advance for your suggestions

Irfanview's really slow? Try to uninstall it, then reinstall a minimal version (e.g., no video, support for only the file formats you actually use (for me, that's .jpg and variants, .png, .gif and .bmp), few if any plugins). If that doesn't work, install an old version.

Um, please forgive my enthusiasm for Irfanview--it's one of my favorite pieces of Windows software.
posted by box 19 February | 11:26
Yes, if irfanview is slow, something's wrong. Get a fresh copy.

Is picasa something you'd like? I use it to browse my big collections and make quick editing changes. I use photoshop cs for more extensive editing.

I often use a very old copy of viewprint to look at individual photos or browse through small collections. It has some editing/cropping features. Lots of the photos I've posted at metachat were edited/cropped/resized with this. It's quirky and I mainly use it out of habit, and the keystrokes are second nature now. It's not something I'd necessarily recommend.
posted by DarkForest 19 February | 11:50
Irfanview's great. I use for editing, it's free and lightweight, useful for the minimal editing I do, and also seems to work well (the interface makes sense) for heavier projects, too.

I don't know anything about gallery generation or thumbnailing, though, so it could be useless on that score.
posted by Hugh Janus 19 February | 12:00
I have used Photoshop and Paintshop Pro for years. Now with the Mac, I just use iPhoto, which I don't like much but I am considering Aperture 3 or Photoshop for Mac.

The only reason I keep Paintshop Pro around (and I have used the same old install disk for, like, 6 computers now) is that it thumbnails a lot better than Photoshop. It'll put up thumbnails of every file in any folder, really fast, and for what I do, it's gold. There are probably better ways to do that nowadays but I am just used to doing it on PSP.
posted by danf 19 February | 12:30
picnik is free and powerful, and most useful if one has a fast Internet connection.
posted by terrapin 19 February | 12:44
nthing irfanview and
posted by Obscure Reference 19 February | 12:53
Another fan of Irfanview.
posted by Miko 19 February | 17:23
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