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17 February 2010

Tuna salad: sweet or salty? [More:]Lately I've been making mine with lots of diced celery and carrots - for a very "salady" effect, but I still have a soft spot for "sweet" with extra relish.
If you want sweet, use Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise. You are welcome to it. All those fake sandwich spreads are way to sweet for my taste. Blech.

Not my son though, for him tuna is not complete without Miracle Whip, sweet relish and a large pinch of sugar.
posted by Ardiril 17 February | 17:27
Salty. And NO onions, k?. Relish is alright but it can't be sweet relish.
posted by Kangaroo 17 February | 17:49
Sweet, but not TOO sweet. I like replacing the sweet relish w/ diced apples.
posted by BoringPostcards 17 February | 17:57
Miracle Whip, minced dill pickle, minced celery, salt, pepper. And tuna, of course.
posted by initapplette 17 February | 17:58
I love dill pickles, but dill relish is an abomination!
posted by serazin 17 February | 17:59
No. Just tuna and Miracle Whip. That's it. Nothing crunchy, nothing green, nothing.

The mister likes his similarly plain, but prefers mayonnaise.
posted by rhapsodie 17 February | 18:44
Salty/savoury. Mayo, dijon mustard, onions (doesn't matter what kind), dill relish.

Miracle Whip is an abomination and should be nuked from orbit.
posted by deborah 17 February | 18:50
You sweet people are crazy. Mayo, mustard, onions, red bell pepper or olives or dill pickles, cayenne, black pepper, garlic powder.
posted by Specklet 17 February | 18:58
I've been known to use aoli and capers - I'm sure it's people like me who'll be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes.
posted by serazin 17 February | 19:06
My roommate adds just a teensy bit of dried ginger and lemon juice to his, as well as the more common mayo, salt, pepper, and relish. It is phenomenal. it doesn't taste gingery, just like it has a little extra something you can't place.
He cooks SO rarely, and knows how to do so few things in the kitchen beyond basic BachelorChow, but the higher end stuff he can do is amazing.

Which, come to think of it, makes me want to ask him to make his sausage asparagus pasta this weekend...
posted by kellydamnit 17 February | 19:23
Dice up a some cuke really fine, add some scallions, mayo and a few capers and call it good.
posted by danf 17 February | 19:39
mayo mustard maybe some hot sauce. no vegetables.
posted by jonmc 17 February | 19:56
tuna, mayo, capers, salt, tobasco and a bit of lemon juice.
posted by gaspode 17 February | 20:31
When I lived in NYC my roommate dated a taxi driver who was born and raised in Paris, and he insisted on making our tuna fish sandwiches, because roomie and I (and all Americans...) were apparently unschooled in the ways of tuna. He used mayo, minced yellow onion, salt, pepper, and dijon mustard. He just flat out refused to add relish or chopped pickles but would begrudgingly serve my pretty little sandwich with a pickle on the side if he felt like humoring me that day.
posted by iconomy 17 February | 20:43
deborah: I thought Miracle Whip was the result of something that had been nuked from orbit.
posted by Ardiril 17 February | 21:12
Mayo, Dijon mustard, green apple, sweet onion, sweet relish, dill, lemon juice, salt & pepper.

Or: garlic, capers, evoo, roasted red bell pepper, jicama.

Or: open can of tuna, drain, dump into pan of Kraft dinner, eat in underwear directly from pan while sitting on couch watching daytime tv. Only valid in cases of hangover/sickday.
posted by BitterOldPunk 17 February | 22:10
None of my roommates have ever had tuna salad with relish in it and they think I'm crazy every time I make it (which is often).
posted by CitrusFreak12 17 February | 22:18
Salty. It's fish, people. Does the idea of fish candy sound appetizing? No? I rest my case.
posted by treepour 17 February | 22:58
My idea of fish candy is an anchovy on a saltine.
posted by Ardiril 17 February | 23:54
Salty. It's fish, people. Does the idea of fish candy sound appetizing? No? I rest my case.

Yep, swedish fish sounds disgusting.

Also, I had to google this miracle whip. But it's a moot point because I hate tuna. Yech.
posted by moonshine 18 February | 01:18
What is evoo?
posted by serazin 18 February | 02:32
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Brits put corn in tuna instead of celery.
posted by brujita 18 February | 02:36
Tuna, miracle whip, shredded carrots, finely chopped celery, finely chopped onions, pepper.

Also, the tuna should be chunk white in water, smushed and shredded as much as possible, so that it's almost pulplike.

Yes, my tuna salad is gross. But it's also awesome 80s Korean Mom tuna salad, which means it came from a crazy Korean cookbook about American food. Which makes it awesome and delicious.
posted by brina 18 February | 09:53
CORN?! Apples is one thing, but corn?

And brina, I think you should scan the Korean cookbook about American food for all of us to enjoy!
posted by serazin 18 February | 11:01
I'm quite surprised at the vast numbers of you who like miracle whip. I'm also floored that anyone would like tuna salad sweet. Blech!

My tuna salad tends to be:
Albacore solid white tuna
Olive oil
onions or shallots, finely minced
capers or chopped up dilly beans with a slug of their brine.

posted by Stewriffic 18 February | 16:18
yea no, no sweet for me and I hate mayonnaise or any of it's slimy relatives. I was thinking about posting this as my next Ask, in fact. There was some Onion article about how Man Spends Twenty Minutes Making Tuna Fish Edible or something, because it seems like you have to go to so much work to make the stuff actually taste like something you want to eat.

ANYHOW, I typically only eat tuna either when I'm broke as fuck or reminiscing for those days (which isn't often). So my tuna fish recipe goes something like this:

- Plain old 55-cent junk tuna-inna-can
- tsp of olive oil
- tsp of dijon mustard
- pinch of salt
- pinch of cayenne
- couple shakes each of dill weed & parsely flakes
- tablespoon each of finely minced celery, dill pickle, onion
- squirt of lemon juice

Mix well and spread onto the rye bread you got on sale 1/2 price manager's special and that you gotta use up before it molds or goes stale; alternatively use up the leftovers from that nice sourdough loaf someone brought to the party last weekend. Add a slice of whatever cheese you have on hand, slap onto a skillet and brown on both sides. Nom.
posted by lonefrontranger 18 February | 16:50
HA! BOP, my x called that tuna-mac hangover/sickday recipe of yours "White Trash Tuna Casserole", and put green peas in it, too. It smelled so disgusting I never even bothered to try it.
posted by lonefrontranger 18 February | 16:57
Stewriffic reminded me that I only buy albacore tuna because the price difference now is small enough to be worth it.
posted by Ardiril 18 February | 18:00
Miracle Whip preference is based on What_Mom_Used. My Mom, correctly, served mayo, and mayo is the only option. Finely chopped celery, a tiny bit of chopped onion, pepper. It's already kind of salty.

Capers - nice idea. A tiny bit of wasabi, definitely.

I like tuna melts, on whole wheat English muffin. I hope y'all approve.
posted by theora55 18 February | 18:55
Relish, yuk. Reminds me of my Ohio days. Couldn't get a decent tuna salad there for nothin'. And what's with the shaved cold cuts? Just try and get a whole slice of turkey or roast beef in Cinci.

My mom's tip for great tuna salad: mayo with lemon juice and onion powder. Truly yummy. And if you like veggies, add finely chopped celery, black olives, and carrots. And a spoon of Miracle Whip never hurts (more tangy than sweet, I say).
posted by Pips 18 February | 21:41
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