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14 February 2010

Happy Year of the Iron Tiger! It will affect us all differently. Find out your sign with these fabulously written Chinese horoscopes. I am a Water Rabbit and the Neon and Glitter People admire me. What are you?

Cool! I am a Wood Rabbit.
posted by amro 14 February | 11:12
Evidently us Wood Rabbits are "lifelong members of the Legendary Rendezvous for People in the Arts"... Who knew?
posted by amro 14 February | 11:20
(Wood) Dragon people are the most eccentric in the Chinese Zodiac.

Well, that would explain my stopping the car so I can check out shiny things on the side of the road.
posted by MonkeyButter 14 February | 11:36
I am a Water Dog...our profile seems to read totally the opposite of the standard Dog personality.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!
posted by casarkos 14 February | 11:47
posted by The Whelk 14 February | 11:51
There is something incredibly awesome about the phrase "the Year of the Metal Tiger." \m/

Apparently I'm a Wood Snake, who "have 'abundance' through other means, such as good health, wonderful friends, strength of character, an elegant lifestyle, and resilient spirit." Which counterbalances this other (true) tidbit very nicely: "Even though they are strongly career minded, they have trouble making goals and too many opportunities pass them by."
posted by BoringPostcards 14 February | 11:59
I am a Wood Dragon. But most of the things they describe don't seem to describe me.

Every time someone says Year of the Tiger, this runs through my head.
posted by JanetLand 14 February | 12:11
Earth Monkey here....

Love the part about being a great mentor and very attractive to the opposite sex.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 14 February | 12:24
The mister is a Metal Tiger, and he's married to a Fire Horse.
posted by deborah 14 February | 14:46
I am a Fire Snake and the other half is an Earth Horse. Those horoscope descriptions are very exuberant! Apparently he will have an excellent year; me, not so much, but not too bad. I can live with that. This post made me smile; the jolt of positivity is uplifting.
posted by flex 14 February | 15:38
Metal pig, aw yeah.
posted by Stewriffic 14 February | 15:41
I am an Earth Rooster and it sounds pretty accurate. Thanks, I never knew about the elements!
posted by Miko 14 February | 18:26
Earth Lamb. Baaaaaaaah.

they make the best of traveling companions. Earth Lambs are honorable in all their dealings; they roll up their sleeves and do whatever it is that must be done.

Well, I'd like to think so.

They know true contentment because they can think of yesterday without regret and tomorrow without fear.

Heh. My psychiatrist would be happy to inform you otherwise.
posted by ufez 14 February | 19:03
Fire Horse here. Very accurate. And if I'm not mistaken, deborah here is the same as I am.
posted by redvixen 14 February | 20:33
Oops, missed your post, deborah! My new guy, BlueEyes, is an Earth Rooster.
posted by redvixen 14 February | 20:34
Metal Ox is me.
posted by arse_hat 15 February | 00:28
I am a Fire Dragon. (And a fire-sign Leo on the Western horoscope. There may be just a leeeeeeetle bit of tendency to go overboard, there....)

The horoscope said that I probably felt stymied in my career last year (which I did), and that this year would be better. That alone is the best news I've heard, like, ever.
posted by occhiblu 15 February | 00:37
Earth Monkey too.
posted by brujita 15 February | 01:14
This was fun to see. I especially liked the food recommendations for good health.

Another Earth Monkey here. (Leo)
Duck soup and rice.

posted by lilywing13 16 February | 04:20
I'm a metal rooster, which sounds like an item at a yard sale that I'd pass on.

Apparently I am moody, self-centered and too outspoken. I don't think this is me! Oh, I see I am also brave and talented and capable, that sounds better.
posted by rmless2 16 February | 23:16
How to cook an omelet (part one). || HUGE ME KISS ME LOVE ME RADIO WHELK!