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12 February 2010

AskMecha! My husband hasn't found metachat yet, and I used my askme question anyway, so I am asking you!
A definite maybe.
posted by Ardiril 12 February | 01:05
I wish Johnny Carson were here to tell us what the question is.
posted by amyms 12 February | 01:07
"Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball."
posted by arse_hat 12 February | 01:12
Now I can't go to bed until this mystery is solved. If I'm tired in the morning, it's all your fault, desjardins!
posted by amyms 12 February | 01:17
posted by Daniel Charms 12 February | 02:21
I'm guessing the question was something along the lines of "How do you keep a website full of dummies in suspense?"

posted by Atom Eyes 12 February | 02:33
You need a lawyer to answer this question I think. And a haberdasher.
posted by cillit bang 12 February | 05:11
Well, first of all you need to establish just how stuck it really is, then we can help you figure out the best way to get it out.
posted by dg 12 February | 06:09
You say you're asking us, but actually you're not.
posted by Obscure Reference 12 February | 06:40
[less inside]
posted by fleacircus 12 February | 07:01
I think you should eat it, it's probably safe. Did you check Craigslist? IANAL.
posted by Kangaroo 12 February | 07:34
It's clearly your husband's fault.
posted by danostuporstar 12 February | 07:43
Definitely that dress. No, the other one makes you look bigger than normal.
posted by TrishaLynn 12 February | 08:26
You need to work on your communication skills. I recommend seeing a therapist! Your husband should go too. And I should go. We all should go.
posted by flex 12 February | 08:38
posted by iconomy 12 February | 09:05
posted by JanetLand 12 February | 09:08
posted by Miko 12 February | 09:18
posted by Daniel Charms 12 February | 09:32
I forget the name, but it's a Ray Bradbury story.
posted by box 12 February | 09:46
Do you have a pair of haz-mat gloves? In a pinch, oven mitts will work, but I'd recommend dipping them in a latex and saltpeter mixture first, and then rolling them in crushed walnuts.
posted by julen 12 February | 09:53
crap. I wasn't drunk, just tired.

Anyway, here goes: My husband's been unemployed for 4 months, he starts a new job on Monday, and I'd like to do something special to mark the occasion (plus as you know, Sunday is Valentine's Day). Is there any one thing you would have loved to have on your first day at your new job? He's going to be in project management for an IT department. This is really, really significant because it means we can live together again (backstory). He is stereotypically mefi - late 30s, progressive, geeky, NPR-listening, chai-drinking, outdoorsy. He's also Christian and would welcome something with that theme. I am not, so I have no clue along those lines.
posted by desjardins 12 February | 09:55
But, yeah, do you want him to find it? I think I remember you saying before that you kinda don't. Do you guys talk about it. Does he show interest? I mention it occasionally to my wife, but just like 'I read it there' nothing in deeper. She is uninterested and I think I like it. But if he had an askme account you could just like appropriate it at times like these.

on preview, dangit. Umm, an email about halfway through the day? Nothing I'd have to respond to, just a 'thinking of you/you can do it' kinda thing. Something dirty would be even funner.
posted by danostuporstar 12 February | 10:02
I'd get him a hand stress toy, a bottle of aspirin, and a bottle of gin.

Seriously, though, when I was doing management, I liked having a variety of felt-tip or highlighter pens in different colors than you can typically get from an office pen supply. Having a lot of different colors was very useful when dealing with printouts of project plans and I was trying to balance resources. Also, excellent for doodling.
posted by julen 12 February | 10:17
Buy him lunch! If you know the address of the company, you can do a search for restaurants that deliver and arrange for a really nice mid-day surprise.
posted by TrishaLynn 12 February | 11:57
Well, darn, that wasn't as exciting/salacious/scandalous a question as I was hoping for after such a long wait!

But anyway, tuck a note into his briefcase (or messenger bag, or whatever he carries to work) letting him know that you love him and you're proud of him.
posted by amyms 12 February | 12:07
First days at new jobs are typically overwhelming, bewildering and plain old anxiety-provoking. I vote for something recognizing these feelings,inspiring confidence and optimism and reminding him of your support.
posted by Obscure Reference 12 February | 13:43
If he drinks coffee, a nice travel mug. Or make a work kit of tea bags, sugar packets, gum, peanut butter crackers, plastic cutlery, etc., to keep at his desk.
posted by theora55 12 February | 14:38
A nice pen.
posted by dg 12 February | 15:11
origami roses?
posted by flex 12 February | 19:08
A martini shaker, martini glasses, a bottle of gin and a bottle of vermouth. Send him a link to this page at work, and have the ingredients ready when he gets home.

If he's not really into the straight martini thing, get some Triple Sec and some peach schnapps and make something like fuzzy navels instead.
posted by Doohickie 12 February | 22:22
This is how email chain forwards start.... || Photo Friday : Asleep