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11 February 2010

Power Napping for Increased Productivity, Stress Relief & Health, a Shinier and Brighter Smile.

I added those last two, but you never know. I wish I could take naps at work. I've laid down on the breakroom couch for a moment, but I felt too guilty to really relax.
posted by filthy light thief 11 February | 18:09
Many, many years ago, I worked at a company that actually had little napping rooms with little cots and timers. It was wonderful. You could go in there on your lunch hour and get a little quick nap, leaving 20 or 30 minutes later refreshed and ready to face the afternoon. The company's still around, sort of, having been acquired/merged a couple of times, but the napping rooms are long gone.
posted by marsha56 11 February | 18:10
Power Napping for Increased Productivity, Stress Relief & Health, a Shinier and Brighter Smile.

... and a healthier, shinier coat!
posted by Elsa 11 February | 18:11
I did this when I was doing inventory. (It was actually really common and everyone would look out for one another by tapping on doors and whatnot to make sure people weren't gone too long to get in trouble.)

That job was just miserable. Naps were the only thing that made it halfway tolerable, especially since they often scheduled you for 24 hours shifts and crap. (And learning ghetto Spanish was a hoot.)
posted by sperose 11 February | 19:40
I've never had the time to nap at work, but I do take extra long in the bathroom because it's the only place I can find peace and quiet.
posted by redvixen 11 February | 20:52
Grrr...there was a guy I worked with who never got anything done, and in fact would push off all of his work on junior people (at that point, my friend Jess and I). We seriously had to implement most of his projects, and he'd try to take all of the credit. After he did that to me once, I took a lot of care to document *exactly* what I did for the projects I worked on.

He used to sleep in the toilet every day. For an hour or so. He only worked 7 hours / day, and at least one of them would be asleep on the toilet. The other 5 or 6 would be spent schmoozing.

Gah. I'm still angry thinking about what he'd try to pull. I'm so glad I don't have to work with him anymore.

I'm all for spaces to nap and taking a break to rejuvenate at work, especially for folks who have to work obnoxiously long hours (IT, for example). I think it should be built into things. But not at the expense of other people.

Yikes, sorry /derail
posted by Sil 11 February | 21:34
I bet this is way more common that people think. Way back when I was building boats for a living, we sometimes used to cover for someone who had had a big night out by shutting them under the floor of the cabin (dusty, but dark and quiet) for a couple of hours sleep and making sure that the foreman didn't come in and open the hatch.
posted by dg 12 February | 06:04
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