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11 February 2010

Bad news: Rabbits are smarter than me. Good news: I am about to seriously fuck up a FaconLT.[More:]I spent so many god damned hours building a rabbit enclosure for my daughter's bunnies, and one of them already figured out how to climb over the top of it!! I am so going to drown my troubles in an F.L.T. now. You?
The weather has finally improved around here, and my dog is nuts to go for a nice long walk. Sadly, I haven't been able to shake a cold & flu one-two punch that has had me for over a week. I can barely drag my ass out of bed. I'm sure the dog is shredding the carpeting in the family room as I write this as my punishment for not taking her out.
posted by msali 11 February | 15:37
I read that as "Falcon" at first. Mmm, falcon, lettuce, and tomato.
posted by amro 11 February | 15:38
Falcon, lettuce and tomato, served with a side of Spotted Owl pate!
posted by serazin 11 February | 15:42
I saw FalconLT too, and assume that you were going to go out and wreck a classic car. It was puzzling.
posted by mudpuppie 11 February | 15:50
Had to bury a bunny (daughter's) that was partially eaten by a raccoon.

Girls and bunnies. . .much grief when it all goes wrong.
posted by danf 11 February | 16:15
Just cover the top of the enclosure with rabbit wire. Then they can't go anywhere, even if they do climb. Loads of people in the UK have these little covered enclosures. Means that you can move it around on the lawn, as they eat all the grass in one spot. And yes, people do feed them, but they seem to like eating grass - being a bunny must be very boring ... :-)
posted by Susurration 11 February | 16:30
I have no idea what FalconLT is but mudpuppie's comment is #3 on the Google search of the term.
posted by danf 11 February | 16:42
Thank you Susurration! As mentioned earlier, I am not as smart as your average rabbit, apparently.

danf, I'm glad the FaconLT has reached this level of fame already. Know that I did not eat a falcon, or crash a Ford Falcon, but instead ate a delicious BLT, only with Facon instead of Bacon, on whole wheat toast with aoli... mmmmm....
posted by serazin 11 February | 17:11
posted by serazin 11 February | 17:13
Whoops, meant chicken wire (Leporidan slip - got bunnies on the mind).
But SRLSY, FLT? Try Facon and Avocado: the only sandwich you'll ever want to eat again (and I do mean ever!)
posted by Susurration 11 February | 17:29
Oh Facon. . .not Falcon.

Well here's this for your trouble.
posted by danf 11 February | 19:02
I don't feel a need for Fakin' Bacon, but have never been a Lettuce fan ... much prefer Cabbage, Green or Red, but for the B*T, I'd rather substitute thin slices of sweet Onion, making it a BOT ... add some Avocado (my father's second great love of his life, after my mother, is the Bacon, Onion & Avocado combination) and you have a BOAT (he doesn't like any Tomato that hasn't been Ketchuped, so he does the BOA) ... If I ever tell you I'm going BOATing, it probably isn't on the water.
posted by oneswellfoop 11 February | 21:02
One of my daughter's favor games is to play B. _. _. Like, one of us will say an acronym (B.B.B for instance) and the other will guess what it stands for (Bacon, Barley and Brains!).

And danf, that poem was awe inspiring. I just looked up Theodore Cogswell, who I'd never heard of, and he seems to have been awesome! Fought in the Spanish Civil War! Wrote the one Star Trek novel I ever read! Writes insane anti-religious poetry about Falcons!
posted by serazin 12 February | 11:46
“Homescholer” replaces retard from now on. || Alexander McQueen is dead.