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11 February 2010

3-Point Status... SQUIRREL!!!
1. Got Shingles, so I'm snoozing over technology instead of using it for anything purposeful.
2. The snow is up to my knees, so I'm not going anywhere.
3. Must feed the squirrels. Can they eat it filter: is 15-month old Squirrel food still edible? Given that they probably can't find much else, in 3 feet of snow.
posted by Susurration 11 February | 16:17
Sus, is the food seeds and nuts? Then it's likely A-Okay.

1. Cleaning old hard drives to make space. I've gotten rid of 2k files already.
2. It was a sunny 40 degrees today and we got no snow in NH so I am feeling positively enthusiastic.
3. Chicken soup for dinner. Yea! Warm and tasty.
posted by MonkeyButter 11 February | 17:50
1) I have had my sis and bro-in-law in town the last month, so not been around much. It's been really lovely having them here, and I'm going to miss them a lit when they fly out tonight. I'll be going to the UK to visit them in 14 weeks (today, not that I'm counting) and that will take some of the sting off it.
2) one of my colleagues resigned this week. I think the next few months here will bring lots of changes. Not least of which
3) I got offered her role immediately after she resigned, and begin my new role as a development editor in two weeks. It's been a huge year for me in terms of work, and I'm unbelievably excited about this promotion.
I'll be developing the tertiary texts in nursing and education, making sure the books hit the market, researching their strengths and weaknesses to help determine if we do new editions, and heaps more. It's a great job, and I can't wait to start.

posted by jonathanstrange 11 February | 18:05
1. Today, I've been trying buckle down and get some darn work done, both on and off the computer, but I have the attention span of hey do you want some some popcorn? Me, too!
posted by Elsa 11 February | 18:10
MonkeyButter - Yes, a mostly-full bag each of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds that were overlooked in the (dry) pantry. Now I feel better about not being responsible for even more squirl deaths in the snow(!).
Elsa - oh do I know the feeling ... see Singletasking: Just One Thing at a … Oooh, Shiny!
posted by Susurration 11 February | 18:32
1. More condo association drama. I am so very glad that there is an end date on my involvement in this crap, even if that means I'm going to have to have a serious talk with pops about not being a part of the board anymore and that is not going to go over well. I'm tired of being a puppet.

2. I made couscous with a ramen packet tonight. It is delicious. (And cheap!)

3. I'm feeling the urge to spend money. This is not helpful in my mission to become financially independent, damnit. I already bought a dance top earlier this week in the hopes that would get rid of this feeling, but it's not helping.
posted by sperose 11 February | 19:50
1. I was able to dig out and get to work today. Drove veerryyy slowly and got there safe.

2. Got my taxes done! Yay!

3. Planning a romantic weekend, but BlueEyes isn't feeling well. Keeping fingers crossed.
posted by redvixen 11 February | 20:42
1. Not good - Had food poisoning which has left me a bit weak.
2. Not ideal, but not terrible - Keyboard on ole ibook now gone, using an external.
3. Pretty good - Going to the Philippines for a short holiday.
posted by typewriter 11 February | 20:45
1. Scamper scamper scamper.
2. Twitch!
3. Blink blink.
posted by BitterOldPunk 11 February | 20:54
1. There are very pretty black squirrels on the Fordham campus in the Bronx, which I walk by each morning on my way to work. I look forward to seeing them. Sleek black coats and bushy brown-black tails.

2. Must be tough to blend in with snow.

3. Tails are warm.
posted by Pips 11 February | 22:27
EEEE, sperose! There's no way I'd want to be on the board of where I live. I've made it clear that if I'm ever elected, I'm turning the post over to one of the people who was voted off a few years ago.

I remember chupahija screaming "Shame on you!" at a squirrel who pissed on her from a tree in the front yard.

1.Saw the Man Ray exhibit at the Jewish Museum with gaspode Tuesday.

2.My neighbors sent me an email asking that I not take my trash out late at night because there aren't two doormen on duty then. WTF!!! There's nothing in the bylaws saying I can't.

3.Was told new laptop has been fixed. Need to get old emails off this one and hope hard drive won't be damaged when I bring it in.

posted by brujita 12 February | 03:09
What do you do with/for a sneezy cat? || “Homescholer” replaces retard from now on.