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07 February 2010

Not Watching The Superbowl Thread This is where we talk about Not Sports, Not Commercials, and other Not Things.
uuuugh NPR is being stupider than usual right now uuuuggggh
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 10:32
Did he seriously just call something "Pulp Non-fiction"? Why am i torturing myself this way? Offa radio. Onna History Of Rome podcast.
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 10:41
I'll be working today, and I can only hope everyone will forget about the mall for today and go do something sports-related.

Is there no more Puppybowl?

Ohhh... It's still around.
posted by gc 07 February | 10:49
I just want to add this from the Puppy Bowl Wikipedia page:

Puppy Bowl VI will air on Animal Planet on February 7, 2010.[4] This year's event will include rabbit "cheerleaders" as part of the activities, as well as a "blimp" piloted by a crew of hamsters.[5]

I wish I had cable =(
posted by gc 07 February | 10:51
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 10:58
I was thinking about seeing if I could find an online feed of PuppyBowl, but then I remembered that we watch it at work on Monday, and therefore, that would be cheating.

(My boss has a thing for cute animal videos.)
posted by sperose 07 February | 11:29
Cute animal videos are never cheating.
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 11:34
I won't be watching the superbowl. I quickly become tired of the barrages of marketing and advertising that TV sports, especially the superbowl, subject me to. And as usual I'm not interested in either team.

But I enjoy sports in general and football in specific, so I'll be listening to the superbowl radio broadcast while I putter around, practice guitar, and sack Polish cities in Mount & Blade (1257 Central Europe mod).

When I play RPG-style video games where you can modify a character, I usually choose to be female, partly because I like my fantasies to take me as far away from myself as possible, but mostly because in these games the plupart of enemies are male, and in the thick of a fray, it's easier to tell if I've been hit when my voice sounds different from everyone else's. I named my warrior, Kunhata, after the Hungarian princess who in 1261 married the Iron and Golden King of Bohemia, Otakar II. Instead of being sold off as historically accurate diplomatic marriage chattel, Kunhata now leads a company of soldiers a hundred strong on expeditions against Poland and the Holy Roman Empire. So far she's led her men to sack Wroclaw, Salzburg, Munich, and claim them for the Hungarian crown. Also she's made a mint trading spices, oil, and velvet to the Russians and Bohemians.

Általad nyert szép hazát Bendegúznak vére!
posted by Hugh Janus 07 February | 11:43
I have to do a two hour drive today. I think I am going to plan to do it during the superbowl to minimize traffic.

sperose, your boss is awesome.
posted by desjardins 07 February | 11:44
Are they still airing that Tebow Focus on the Family pro-life commercial? That's a good excuse not to watch.
posted by amro 07 February | 11:50
and CBS refused to air an ad for a gay dating site, Man Crunch (although they said it was for money reasons .... still, grrr)
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 11:53
Was it this year they refused to air the PETA ad with all the hot vegetables? At risk of going on about commercials in a thread specifically designed to discourage such things, CBS couldn't make it any clearer that they've chosen to side with the bad guys.
posted by Hugh Janus 07 February | 11:59

I'm gonna go down to my local pub and hope it's not *too* footard-filled and enjoy my traditional 3-Guinness and fish-n-chip Brunch.
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 12:01
cause I'm fancy like ketchup.
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 12:04
We will spend the day watching episodes of Battlestar Galactica, eating the rice pudding that I made yesterday. The dog will be walked, and f******l will not be discussed because the Steelers came nowhere close this year.
posted by msali 07 February | 12:05
Oh yeah! I forgot, I bittorrented the movie "Android" (1982), which I saw in the cinema when it came out but not since; I'll watch that sometime today. I remember it having been a pretty great low budget real sci-fi (not space opera or -western) flick. Plus Klaus Kinski is always good for a shudder and a laugh.
posted by Hugh Janus 07 February | 12:09
I dislike the way cheerleading objectifies rabbits. So while others are ogling them shake their tails, I'll be trying to Not Kill my Not Adult cat who is Not Able to keep from noisily batting things that are Not Toys.
posted by Joe Beese 07 February | 12:21
≡ Click to see image ≡

I'll show myself out.
posted by ColdChef 07 February | 12:25
Why is it on the scanner and not on the fridge hmmmm?

(t-minus 10 min to fried fish injection)
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 12:28
Yeah, they're still showing the Tebow ad. NARAL is trying a sort-of-viral 'Focus on Something Else' campaign.

Also, CC, that's a great picture. I just hope that person with the ball in the foreground isn't Manning. Something about that smug endorsement machine rubs me the wrong way. Um, maybe this should go in a Super Bowl thread.
posted by box 07 February | 12:43
We're going to see Avatar.
posted by Obscure Reference 07 February | 12:51
Today's Superbowl Sunday? Really?

Oh, shit. Shows you where my head is at.
posted by jason's_planet 07 February | 13:05
The Superwhat? Oh yeah, it's an American thing.
posted by essexjan 07 February | 13:15
I don't have a working television anyways (no converter box or antenna) so I suspect I'll spend today tidying up my house from the shithole I've turned it into while hibernating.
posted by sperose 07 February | 13:20
[does not qualify to post in this thread because although she hates commercials she enjoys watching sports.]
posted by JanetLand 07 February | 13:21
I just got back from sitting in a co-op lobby for an hour because the co-op is so fancy that you need an assistant to show people up to the apartment whenever you do an Open House. I'm now at the office just about to type up the notes from the Open House and will set up "Thank you" and follow-up emails to go out tomorrow morning.

Last night was poker night, and I made $30 over my $20 buy-in by doubling up with pocket rockets and scoring the third ace on the flop. My rockets held up and I ended up busting out one of the players. Last hand of the night was also a sweet score because I busted the host's rockets with my trip 3s.

So... good weekend so far.
posted by TrishaLynn 07 February | 13:26
In honor of the day, here are some Superb (rescue) Owls and other magnificent handicapped raptors.

...okay, Mount & Blade looks sweet (1257 Eastern Europe? Can I be Nevsky? 'Ogniem i mieczem' version, seriously? I want wings.) I'd never have known about it- thanks for mentioning, HJ.
posted by notquitemaryann 07 February | 13:32
(Oops, I said Central Europe when the wording of the title is Middle Europe, it's a sub-mod of the 1257 mod, which is Western Europe)

You can't actually be Nevsky, but you can fight on his behalf. It's the most fun I've had playing a video game in a long time. Some of the dialog is repetitive, but the scope of the game is just right, it keeps getting bigger and more complicated: holding onto a fief, making improvements to castles, repelling sieges, managing your lieutenants' personalities, all that good stuff.

Also in this mod the troop tree is all in the local language, which is fun (not difficult) to figure out.

Oh and this is neato, too.
posted by Hugh Janus 07 February | 13:49
Those owl pictures are absolutely awesome, nqma. Thanks.
posted by essexjan 07 February | 13:57
So I had my Brunch, complete with light political comedy from the bar courtesy of the democratic owner, the communist barmaid, and the right-wing elderly German (I cannot make this up). And then i tried to buy a bag but the line at the store was like 50 people deep, wuh? So i turned around and bought some smokes and now I'm digesting with coffee and answering e-mails and found out I missed a friend visiting the area by 2 blocks. Oh well.

Now I am looking at owls and am content.
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 14:29
posted by TrishaLynn 07 February | 14:49
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 14:50
Brian Eno is God!
posted by Ardiril 07 February | 14:58
Brian Eno is Dog!
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 15:07
What's the Superbowl? Is it something I should stop watching porn to pay attention to? If so, please explain.
posted by treepour 07 February | 15:17
treepour: It's a form of gay porn, but we're NOT talking about it.
posted by Ardiril 07 February | 15:19
Spandex, tight ends, you know the drill.
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 15:21
Whelk's Law:

As the length of an online discussion I'm taking part in increases the likelihood that I'll turn it into a discussion of gay porn approaches.
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 15:46
*Runs into thread wearing a beer helmet, waving a terrible towel and yelling "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?" Runs out.*
posted by octothorpe 07 February | 16:12
I don't need to sack Polish cities since I live in one. (PS: If you sack us, can we have a Trader Joe's, please?)

Went out for coffee, grocery shopping, talked to mom, and have no idea who is playing or where it is.

Also: have you seen this folk-y cover of Hey Ya? It's cool and kinda shmoopy.
posted by mdonley 07 February | 16:46
I'm playing my way through Baldur's Gate 2 as a total bastard.
posted by The Whelk 07 February | 17:24
Whelk's Law:

As the length of an online discussion I'm taking part in increases the likelihood that I'll turn it into a discussion of gay porn approaches.

How is that not a good thing?
posted by treepour 08 February | 02:00
I dunno, some people are just difficult you know.
posted by The Whelk 08 February | 07:57
Back home and can download at last. My Cossack host and I shall set a course for Toruń directly. Trader Yosyp's opening soon!

(pdf ahoy) And here is some Not Porn (gay or otherwise, sorry): small online version of the Hooters Calendar. Proceeds benefit OWL, with which I am not affiliated, merely in love.
posted by notquitemaryann 08 February | 09:25
well I didn't know where else to put it so yeah, but I sent my parents some Superb Owls since they are off in forrin' parts and missed the big day. And so today my mother sent back a detail from a mural in the private rooms of Eleanora di Toledo at the Palazzo Vecchio that they visited yesterday: ≡ Click to see image ≡
...I love my parents.
posted by notquitemaryann 10 February | 18:21
What are you NOT wearing today? || Sinatra song often strikes deadly chord