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05 February 2010

1. Public financing of elections
2. An end to corporate personhood
posted by Joe Beese 05 February | 11:26
Did you actually read the article?
posted by NucleophilicAttack 05 February | 11:33
A Constitutional Convention is a concept that is long, long overdue.

Gore Vidal (from a 2003 interview w/ LA Weekly):

MARC COOPER: But Jefferson had the most radical view, didn't he? He argued that the Constitution should be seen only as a transitional document.

GORE VIDAL: Oh yeah. Jefferson said that once a generation we must have another Constitutional Convention and revise all that isn't working. Like taking a car in to get the carburetor checked. He said you cannot expect a man to wear a boy's jacket. It must be revised, because the Earth belongs to the living. He was the first that I know who ever said that. And to each generation is the right to change every law they wish. Or even the form of government. You know, bring in the Dalai Lama if you want! Jefferson didn't care.

Jefferson was the only pure democrat among the founders, and he thought the only way his idea of democracy could be achieved would be to give the people a chance to change the laws.
posted by Atom Eyes 05 February | 12:10
I totally agree with Lessig (who is one of my heroes) that campaign-funding dependency is the core problem. But I am not sure that a 2/3rds of the States convention would achieve anything, given that 2/3rds of the States seem to be dominated by TeaPartiers who just want to impeach Obama for anything that someone in the media suggests -- and who would happily trade democracy to Big Business for the chance to do so.
I am unutterably depressed by the Citizens United case outcome. I genuinely wonder if US democracy will survive this. When the CEO of a single multinational can wield millions of times the influence of a single citizen, without any checks on how they wield that influence, democracy has gone the way of Adam Smith's vision of a free market. The latter requires a large number of suppliers and a large number of consumers, all with equal power, to function effectively. Market distortions by monopolies and oligopolies distort the "market" so that it can no longer be considered free when one company wields disproportionate power. The "invisible hand," that keeps the market in balance, ceases to function. So it is now, with US democracy.
posted by Susurration 05 February | 12:24
There's a fundamental problem with asking a dysfunctional, corrupt and incompetent Congress to reform itself.
posted by warbaby 06 February | 12:06
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