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05 February 2010

Good news, Bad news [More:]

Good : It was my air-head trainee's last day today. Mentoring her was akin to trying to play the piano whilst wearing oven gloves.

Bad : I will miss her in the office - she's a really funny, lively young woman.

Good : All is quiet with Hell Neighbour at the moment.

Bad : A new cat in the street likes to wander round the close yowling very, very loudly in the dead of night. He's beautiful though, a pale sandy-coloured tabby.

Good : The insurance loss adjuster has approved my claim for the flood damage caused by Hell Neighbour on Christmas Eve so I can now go ahead and redecorate.

Extra Good : The insurance company is going to look to Hell Neighbour for full reimbursement. :-D
Good: Friday night (tonight) is my dog sitting night where Hank, the 1 1/2 year old Mastiff, stays over my house 'till Saturday afternoon.

Bad: He will be sleeping in my bed. Did I mention he's a mastiff?

Good: Hank is very sweet and loves scratches.

Bad: Hank likes to sit on my chest when being scratched.

Extra Good: I wouldn't have it any other way.
posted by MonkeyButter 05 February | 22:06
Bad: It's snowing tonight and I don't have any plans.

Good: It's snowing tonight and I don't have any plans.

Good: Just watched The Cove. Good movie.

Bad: Just watched The Cove. Poor dolphins.

posted by amro 05 February | 22:10
bad: The roads are pretty horrific out there;
good: but I don't have to drive home from work
bad: ...because my relief called off...
good: but this means I get overtime.

So many crashes. Everybody please take care.
posted by notquitemaryann 05 February | 22:14
Good: Going to see friends out of town tomorrow!

Bad: Dramapocalypse at work.
posted by mdonley 05 February | 22:14
Good: friends called to ask a favor, and I suggested they come over so I could help them out. They stayed an hour or more for a drink and a chat, which was a lovely impromptu get-together.

Bad: The place was a bit of a mess, and they called from two blocks away. I had just enough time to look around, shrug, and decide that good friends won't turn up their noses at a little clutter. Or even a lot.

Good: Mmm, cozy!

Bad: Oh, ow!

Good: French toast for dinner. Smoothie for dessert.

Bad: Nope, nothing bad about that!
posted by Elsa 05 February | 22:38
Good: My annoying downstairs neighbor moved out.

Bad: Landlords are renovating her apartment, and I have to listen to circular saw and hammer sounds for who knows how long.

Good: It's raining here in L.A. We really need the rain, and I love the rain.

Bad: No one in L.A. can drive in the rain (other than the few of us from the rainy north). Traffic is awful, and there are accidents everywhere.
posted by charleena 05 February | 23:05
Good: I did my taxes today and I'm getting a decent refund from the Feds.

Bad: I have to pay $250 to MD.

Good: I've been having a fairly productive weekend and I hope to continue this trend tomorrow with working on school assignments and making ricotta gnocchi.

Bad: I wish I knew definitively if I had to go into work on Sunday yet or not.

Good: I'm getting more and more confident with the 3 choreographies I'm learning.

Bad: Learning these choreos makes me want more (like this one) when I've still got 2 other DVDs to master entirely plus the fiddly bits of one that is a New Years Resolution for me.
posted by sperose 05 February | 23:17
Good: I got all kinds of stuff done today.

Bad: I spent all kinds of money.

Good: Went out to dinner and a movie with the boyfriend.

Bad: The movie (Crazy Heart) was fairly mediocre.

Good: Popcorn at the Angelika

Bad: Men with tall hair at the Angelika
posted by brina 05 February | 23:38
Bad: Shared bathroom in housing, shower so narrow the curtain keeps wanting to do a wrap-around me in the shower. Yuck!

Good: Got a pay raise this year.

Better: Got a seniority type pay raise this month.

Best: Get a promotion and another raise on the 16th.

Sooperist! Mississippi in February.
posted by buzzman 05 February | 23:44
Bad: my LP-to-computer recording software isn't working.

Good: I got my performance review the other day, which was very good. (Boss said I was probably the best editor in the whole company.)
posted by Melismata 05 February | 23:48
Good: went to see the Residents tonight with BitterOldPunk, my partner, and another friend tonight and it was freakin' AWESOME.

Bad: elizarde wasn't able to join us tonight.

Good: on vacation for a week.

Bad: there is nothing else bad. Good.
posted by BoringPostcards 06 February | 02:37
Bad: I have been completely unmotivated to do anything for the last few days.

Good: I have still been able to do most of the high-priority To Dos on my list.

Bad: I threw my back out a week ago and it's been cranky ever since.

Good: It's definitely been getting better, and it prodded me to check out the new yoga studio in town, which seems pretty good.
posted by occhiblu 06 February | 02:42
Bad: I got some form of stomach bug on Wednesday: projectile everything, fever, grossness abounded. Ick.

Good: it only lasted 36 hours and I feel completely fine now, albeit considerably lighter.

Very Bad: my son came down with the same thing a day and a half later and is slogging his way through it now :(

Good: I've done a lot of laundry in the past 10 hours (good because the alternative of mountains of dirty laundry under these conditions would be very bad).
posted by jamaro 06 February | 03:24
Bad: I stubbed my toe yesterday and this morning it's a horrible shade of purple. I did the Hoppy-Fuck-Fuck-Fuck dance around the bedroom yesterday.

Good: It doesn't hurt to walk on it, and it's hardly open-toe sandal weather so nobody will see it.

Bad: It's really foggy here today so driving will be hazardous - some people think that just because the clock says it's meant to be daylight they don't need to drive with any lights on even though you can't see more than five feet in front of you.

Good: If I put a little serum on my hair to stop the frizz, fog always makes my hair go into the most gorgeous ringletty curls.
posted by essexjan 06 February | 04:04
Good: I have a great fence picture.

Bad: But I can't use it, 'cause I didn't take this picture, just found it here.
posted by marsha56 06 February | 05:58
Good: The promised 15" of snow didn't materialize.
Bad: It turned into horrible cold rain instead.
Good: But I got yesterday off anyway.
Bad: Yet I failed to accomplish one damn thing other than drinking beer with two of my closest friends.
Good: And that was really fun.
posted by mygothlaundry 06 February | 11:29
Good: Tomorrow is the start of my last week of work.
Bad: I want it to be over now.
Extra good: Sitting around time, visiting friends and loved ones, multiple paychecks after the quitting.
Doubleplus Extra Good: I leave for Japan with the boy at the end of March, and we will be assigned close together.

(Life is looking up right now)
posted by gc 06 February | 22:10
OMG! Baby pandas! || FRIDAY NIGHT, people