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04 February 2010

The worlds largest super bowl commercial archive , now has 38 years of regional and national ads, and all are spiffy embeddable flashy films. That is all. [More:] I don't sleep much this time of year, not many ads this year are looking to be much fun at all to be honest (I have quite a few Im not allowed to show you yet). Tip: Go for beer runs early, ads worth to watch are in the 4th quarter.
*hugs* Kudos to you for hosting all of these for the rest of the world to see.
posted by TrishaLynn 04 February | 08:18
*hugs&highfives* Thanks! I'm superexited right now, as I *just* spread out on a cluster of servers and solved a whole bunch of technical issues way beyond my ability so I feel like king of the worrrrrllllld. Bring on the traffic, whoohooOooo!

yes I go a little nuts this time of year, but I'm also exited that we've begun to receive more ads for the way back when, perhaps i'll make it to 44 bowls soon after all? Tracking down the right people to get perms for years like 68 has proven to be very hard....
posted by dabitch 04 February | 08:34
Good grief girl - do you ever sleep?

May all servers hold together!
posted by gomichild 04 February | 09:27
I do in march. ;)
posted by dabitch 04 February | 09:30
ooOoOoOooOOoooo ... now to carve out some downtime!!
posted by initapplette 04 February | 15:38
I like the summary for each year, as well as the commentary. Cheers on your efforts!

Does anyone remember the old adserver site, cirac 2000? I think everything was QuickTime formatted, and I remember it died in the dot-bomb bust.
posted by filthy light thief 04 February | 17:03
When did commercials aired durng the Super Bowl become SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS?
posted by kirkaracha 04 February | 17:10
filthy light thief ah, you mean Peter & "" which he sold to and bought a nice house big for the money. They had the url with some sign about it changing up for a log while, and then creativity-online unveiled a new sleek look and much better commercial archiving than they had before.
All the ads in adland are QT underneath as well, but only super adgrunts can get to them.

kirkaracha, probably around the time masterlock spent their entire budget on one single ad every year. ;)
posted by dabitch 04 February | 17:17
I hope you don't mind me posting this to mefi, i thought it was too good to pass up.
posted by dead cousin ted 05 February | 03:34
Awesome. No I don't mind! :)
posted by dabitch 05 February | 05:03
dead cousin ted, I just learned ten new apache-tweaking tricks thanks to you and that metafilter link, thank you!
posted by dabitch 05 February | 09:50
no problem :D
posted by dead cousin ted 05 February | 22:39
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