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04 February 2010

Need Some Feedback Regarding Possible Job - I have been a volunteer moderator for a very popular game for 3.5 months. There's an opportunity to become a paid moderator and that's where it gets sticky.
- it's a US company (based in California), I live in Canada
- I think I would have to pay US taxes as well as Canadian taxes (pain in the arse)
- it would bump the mister and me into the next higher Canadian tax bracket
- I haven't worked in several years (last permanent job was in Seattle in 2000, worked temp jobs here in Canada but not since 2003/2004)
- this would mean I can't do what I want to do during the day, yet I know the job would be fun and I can work at home
- I have health issues that need fairly frequent doctor appointments
- the extra money would be nice*, but I'm afraid of taking a job from someone who really needs it
- I haven't talked to the mister yet, but will later tonight

Am I missing things I should be thinking about?

I've almost talked myself out of even asking about it because of the tax thing.

Any thoughts on this would be quite welcome.

*We're comfortable, but there are things we can't do due to lack of funds (visit long-distance family, fix up the house, stuff like that).
- Aren't there "Border worker" solutions like the ones Sweden/Denmark Sweden/Norway has? Though you Canucks had special arrangement with US re work (the fact that you can take a US job without speaking of "green cards" already indicates this)
- See first point
- When you reach a higher tax bracket, and work from home requiring puters and whatnot, can't you deduct yoyr machines and work space [rent/util]
- Is it full time?
- aren't you doing it already?
- hmmm.

yeah, I'm spent with cross-questions. Did you talk to the Mr yet?
posted by dabitch 04 February | 01:28
- it would bump the mister and me into the next higher Canadian tax bracket

What's the negative consequence of this? Surely you only pay the higher rate on your extra earnings?
posted by cillit bang 04 February | 05:53
Apart from the tax thing (and I can't believe they would make you pay tax twice), I see none of those points as even vaguely resembling a reason why you shouldn't do this. Even if you anticipate needing regular time off for appointments, your employer should be OK to negotiate around that.
posted by dg 04 February | 06:29
and I can't believe they would make you pay tax twice

Oh, they do. US citizens are required to pay fed income tax regardless of where they are living.
posted by gaspode 04 February | 09:19
Actually, gaspode, I believe a US citizen working in another country has to file for taxes, but that up to a certain amount is "free" from taxes? Something like $70K, iirc.
posted by Stewriffic 04 February | 09:33
US citizens are, but only after they make more than (I believe) 80K USD in another country.

Anyway, deborah, looks like you'll only pay Canadian taxes - have a look at this Google Answer.
posted by flex 04 February | 09:34
Oh yeah. Oops. I knew that, just forgot. It would be the case with my husband (came up in our various plans to move to NZ).
posted by gaspode 04 February | 09:36
Oh, and when we bumped up a tax bracket, the only consequence was getting less in GST cheques and baby bonus - more than offset by a higher salary and better professional opportunities. You're only taxed at the higher rate on the earnings you make above the tax bracket cutoff, as cillit bang said.
posted by flex 04 February | 09:40
I'm afraid of taking a job from someone who really needs it

Oh, piffle! They really need YOU - that's why they asked. There's no telling who would get the job if you didn't take it, and whether they would pass your needs test.

I don't see anything in the reasons why you shouldn't take it, either.
posted by Miko 04 February | 10:04
Give it a try. If it's awful you can always quit. I mean, what the hell, why not? You're basically already doing the job; earning money feels good; having extra money is all double plus good and when you get your first check you can buy yourself some weirdass luxuriant thing that you would never otherwise consider.
posted by mygothlaundry 04 February | 10:56
Give it a try. If it's awful you can always quit.

That's what I was going to say. It's not a colostomy bag; you can opt out later if you find it's not working for you. And it sounds like you'd enjoy it, so stop worrying about it!
posted by mudpuppie 04 February | 11:09
What ? And leave a city where we have to truck in snow so people can ski on it in winter ? :p
posted by rollick 04 February | 12:48
Thanks so much for all the feedback.

I have talked to the mister and he basically said go for it provided it pays enough money to pay the extra taxes. And that, if it pays enough, we would be able to afford to get the taxes done for us. And dabitch - I hadn't thought about the ability to deduct "working at home" stuff. Thanks!

I know there is stuff I would have to do beyond what I'm doing now, and thats fine, I just don't know what it is yet. I also don't know if it would be full or part time.

Between you bunnies and the mister, I am going to let them know I'm interested and ask some questions.

Thanks again, Mechazens; you really are an awesome bunch of folks. :-)
posted by deborah 04 February | 12:58
Good luck!
posted by occhiblu 05 February | 02:26
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