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03 February 2010

NSFW A few weeks ago Taz asked why we use the NSFW warning. Here is an example.
Man, I had the same thing happen to me once except instead of a banker I was a kid at an ice-skating rink and instead of looking at cheesecake I was skating back and forth behind the reporter filming his bit and instead of it being an accident it was on purpose and instead of lasting like fifteen seconds I did this for like five minutes straight.

Our stories converge however at the point where it did in fact end up appearing on a newscast, but the stories diverge again furth of that point as nobody cared that I was skating around behind a reporter in the shot because I was a kid at a skating rink and that's pretty much what you'd expect to see.

So I'm still working on that whole being-on-the-front-page-of-The-Daily-Mail angle.
posted by cortex 03 February | 10:16
Evidently it's NSFW for bankers to let on that they don't really work for all that money.

Yesterday, I had a discussion with my bank manager about the "which shoe" thread. He'd talk about it for nearly ten minutes, but he wouldn't point his browser at it.

So I'm thinking it's a banker thing.

(BTW, he was right, left.)

MeCha, NSFW.
posted by warbaby 03 February | 10:52
I'm a bit surprised that the camera dude just panned away to zoom in on the nsfwness (wasn't this live at some point?). At first I couldn't really tell but it was obvious after the zoom it. Wonder how he explained it to his/her producer.
posted by special-k 03 February | 10:56
That wasn't the actual camera dude, special-k; it was just the youtuber camcording the footage and zooming in on that part of the screen for emphasis.
posted by cortex 03 February | 11:02
ah. That makes sense.
posted by special-k 03 February | 11:13
The worst part is that he's having a casual conversation with his co-worker (who's on the other side of his monitor and can't see what he's doing) the entire time. Depending on their relationship, that next day at work must have been really awkward for the both of them.
posted by Atom Eyes 03 February | 12:37
When I worked in call-centre hell I was in the background of a news piece on call centres. Or at least, that's what my fellow drones told me the next day. I hadn't noticed the filming, being engrossed in a book at the time.

That said, people who think bankers work for the money are only fooling themselves.
posted by pompomtom 03 February | 17:42
posted by pompomtom 03 February | 21:35
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