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03 February 2010

Is something wrong with this photo? [More:]
In the photo below, from this NYT article about Vancouver food, the colors in the reflection don't match the colors in the Olympic rings. I can't tell if it's 'shopped, or if this is a plausible optical illusion/reality. Drivin' me crazy.

What say you?
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posted by mudpuppie 03 February | 16:21
'shopped to beat the band.
posted by Joe Beese 03 February | 16:24
posted by The Whelk 03 February | 16:31
but Photoshop does...

Here's a good observation from a mediocre webcomic.
posted by oneswellfoop 03 February | 17:07
I just assumed the reflection was inverted because it's in Canada.
Like how toilets flush counter-clockwise in Australia.
posted by Atom Eyes 03 February | 17:11
This is a great example of additive color. Look at how the green and the red overlap to create yellow, and how the blue and yellow overlap to look nearly white.

Contrast this with subtractive color, which usually happens when you mix paints and that sort of thing.
posted by Madamina 03 February | 17:27
A long time exposure will give almost any scene a "false color" look but the waves are very defined which would indicate a relatively short exposure, so that's kinda wrong. They may have combined a long exposure and a short one, using the long exp to color the short one. Or they could have just painted it in or just cranked up the saturation. There's a lot of ways to get there and considering it's not a "news" photo in the sense that it's a scenery shot, they may have taken liberties.
I would argue that currently, virtually every image you see in any publication has been retouched in some way. If not just corrected for exposure or color, almost all people shots will have some details removed. So if you think it's been messed with, it probably has been. Whether it's ethical to do so is another issue all together.
posted by doctor_negative 03 February | 19:20
Vij's, Tojo's and Chen's are excellent restaurants
posted by rollick 03 February | 21:44
It's pretty standard for even "authentic" photos to have their light levels, colour saturation and blur/sharpness heavily tweaked. They may well turned up the brightness and saturation of either the reflection or the whole image.

But if you look on Flickr there are quite a few similar photos, so it's probably quite like what you'd actually see if you were there.
posted by TheophileEscargot 04 February | 04:16
It looks like they've cranked up the saturation in specific areas (reflection, lit-up sails in background), but I think the colours are OK when you look how the circles overlap. The big give-away to me for the extreme saturation is that the reflection is brighter than the original lights. This probably exacerbates the weirdness in the colours of the reflection.
posted by dg 04 February | 06:39
My main problem is that the order of the colors in the reflection isn't the same as the order of the colors on the rings. Why is yellow next to red in the reflection, while green is next to red in real life?
posted by mudpuppie 04 February | 11:11
Have a look at Madamina's link - see how red and green combine to make yellow.

It's confusing because the rings overlap, so the colours combine. If they were arranged in a neat row, you would see a much more defined reflection, with maybe a tiny bit of overlap between the colours. Also, some of the rings are brighter than others, so they dominate the reflection.
posted by dg 05 February | 20:28
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