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03 February 2010

Humpday 3-point update. [More:]
1. I had to have a mammogram today. Damn, those things are painful. I just love having my tits clamped between two sheets of perspex.

2. A new cat is visiting my yard, a very handsome sandy-coloured boy. He has a strange yowly meow.

3. I still have a crush on Bobby Flay.
1. I need a nap, and lucky for me I am home from court and can take one.

2. Lost had better freaking make with the answers before this season is over.

3. I am totally impatient to get started on some plans I have for the autumn. Guess I have a while to go.
posted by amro 03 February | 15:17
1. I could use a nap, but I won't be getting one.
2. Tonight I'm doing Church Sex Ed. I love Church Sex Ed the most. They're also feeding me dinner. Gotta love progressive churches!
3. Tomorrow's my birthday, and I'm rather 'meh' about it. Normally I'm more excited. I hope I don't get sad tomorrow because I haven't planned anything special.
posted by Stewriffic 03 February | 15:23
1. Heading out to run a load of errands

2. had a good run today

3. I was supposed to spend my afternoon off relaxing, not cleaning and running errands
posted by gaspode 03 February | 15:24
1. Work. Work work work is driving me crazy.

2. This morning when I looked at myself in the mirror I said "It's Schlumpy, the Frumpy Lumpy Dumpy!" Then I invented an entire cast of characters including Humpy, the Bumpy Lumpy Dumpy and Grumpy, the Umpy Lumpy Dumpy and so on. I crack myself up. Amazing, really, that I'm still single.

3. It's supposed to snow again this weekend. This shit is ridiculous and the entire town has had it.
posted by mygothlaundry 03 February | 15:31
1: I took Specklet to Gatwick today so she can go and see her grandfather.

2: My team is being restructured tomorrow; all of us have 30 minute meetings booked in with HR so we can discover our fates. I'm first-up at 9:30. *Really* not looking forward to tomorrow.

3: LovebloodyFilm sent yet another damaged disc that I've had to return as faulty.
posted by TheDonF 03 February | 15:37
1. I have a sinus infection. My head feels like it's filled with slowly expanding concrete. Doc gave me some antibiotics and lectured me about taking cold medicine. (I'm not supposed to.) So, time to pop another Mucinex.

2. Zuzu is itchy. I don't know if the bumps on her legs are bites, or if she's chewing on herself. Frontline hasn't stopped it, so I don't think it's fleas. I'm really hoping it's not a food allergy, because I finally found a food that doesn't give Turtle the poops, and I don't want to have to switch again. Am somewhat worried that it's OCD, and that they'll suggest Prozac or something. Will take her to the vet later this week, when I'm feeling better.

3. Leftover Indian food for dinner. Woo hoo.
posted by mudpuppie 03 February | 15:40
1. Down for another two weeks with bruised ribs
2. I have a whole lot of beer and Entenmann's cupcakes
3. I get heartburn a lot
posted by jonmc 03 February | 15:41
1. My injured right arm is still hurting in the morning after I sleep on it wrong. My favorite sleeping position is wrong.
2. The microwave I ordered online arrived THREE DAYS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE and I am once again using it to reheat damn near everything I cook anywhere in the kitchen because my eyes ARE bigger than my stomach, which makes me an Anime character. I am semi-ashamed where I bought it from, but it was the best price I could find for a 1.1CuFt 1100watt micro by almost $10 AND it came with almost-free shipping, which got here the day after they shipped it from 2000 miles away (they apparently accidentally sent it FedEx Overnight, which killed any profit margin they had so I'm kinda glad I bought it from a store I don't respect). It is a GE Microwave, so I named it Jack Donaghy.
3. The weather outside is delightful; another storm coming late tomorrow, hopefully AFTER I hit a supermarket '8-hour sale' for some decent deli-counter meats for $3 a pound! Does deli turkey freeze well?
posted by oneswellfoop 03 February | 16:30
1. At the Charlotte airport, exhausted. Flying to Ft. Lauderdale in an hour or so to see my ailing grandfather.

2. Very sad about my grandfather. I think he's getting ready to leave, which is why I'm on my way in such a hurry.

3. On the up side, a tax refund from the IRS allowed me to buy my ticket and I had vacation time at work, so I'll be in Florida for two weeks.
posted by Specklet 03 February | 16:54
1. @TheDonF and Specklet...very sorry to hear about your grandfather. I have gone through similar recently. And I know how hard it is to make these difficult, milestone-type trips. And also how lousy it feels, and difficult it is, to have to wait at home. My best to both of you.
2. Today, my job is requiring of me the types of things that make me realize that far too many days just evaporate. A ridiculous misuse of precious, limited time on the planet.
3. My daughter has early release today. Which is exactly the antidote for #2.
posted by Nick Jadlowe 03 February | 16:54
1. Who the hell decided it would be a good idea to announce drastic space policy changes the week before a shuttle launch?

2. Layoff city, here I come (September at the earliest, if we finish flying shuttles on time).

3. It would be nice, but probably too much to expect, for people to hold off with the gloating for a while.
posted by casarkos 03 February | 17:17
1) Just started a new job. Needed the money so I took a casual job with a school photo place doing the back-end sorting and proofing. It has a steep learning curve and my brain hurts. I feel old.

2) School photo's are not kind to anyone. Really. Why do we do this to our kids?

3) Poofy, rag-mop hair apparently is in if you're between 10 and 18. Grow hair, dry upside down, tousle until sufficiently bird-nested, apply emo glue as required, leer into camera with patented rapper sneer, look utterly ridiculous.
posted by ninazer0 03 February | 17:20
1. Totally can't figure out why I like cooking shows so much. If I had my choice I would eat macaroni and cheese every day for lunch, and probably a hamburger or spaghetti for dinner; am certain I couldn't stand all the things that are actually being cooked, with all the weird spices and such. I guess it's just the process of creating something that's interesting.

2. Doing a huge freelance project, transcribing a 500-page music textbook into braille music notation. Imagine having to type into the computer a 500-page French textbook, in small print, and you can't use the spellchecker or a scanner for about 3/4ths of it.

3. Cute guy at work who rejected me last year is now staring at my butt a lot and initiating conversations about my weight (he sees my lite frozen lunches in the break room): "Hey, you're dieting again! I should lose weight too..." He ignored me for many months, but just this week has started up again for some reason. I so wish I could get rid of the need for (of?) wanting someone!!
posted by Melismata 03 February | 18:14
1. A productive day, including getting a work website off the ground that had died on me previouly. A struggle, but it's live now!

2. Some intense volleyball this morning. . .doubles. . .including a game that went to 36-34 (you need to win by two and usual games are to 21.) My team lost, but a great game.

3. Garlic soup tonight. . .been simmering stock (a chicken carcass and a bunch of garlic and onions and veggies) for two days now. It should be pretty good.
posted by danf 03 February | 18:38
1) I want a Tardis.

2) I need an intern

3) I wish I had a sandwich. *gnaws arm off*

Melismata if it's any comfort, Annoying Chemist Guy at work (who would be omg!cute, if he weren't so fucking Annoying, on top of which he's a manipulative prat) has been playing the lets-use-lfr's-office-as-a-hidey-hole game to avoid his boss quite frequently of late, so maybe it's just more of the winter crazies?
posted by lonefrontranger 03 February | 18:39
1. Great day at work! Store manager AND my direct manager were off - peace.

2. More snow coming this weekend which will mess with my plans!!!

3. Met someone to have plans with!!
posted by redvixen 03 February | 19:22
1. I had a massive session of being yelled at by pops last night. Made me feel completely like utter shit. Now doing research in how to work on developing better boundaries than just curling up in bed and crying because that shit is weak. Blah blah blah I'm failing at setting boundaries and being an adult.

2. Work opened an hour late today but I was still the third one in even though I live the closest. I hate it when that happens. Unfortunately, dance class was canceled tonight which was really sucky because I could've totally used it due to the shit ass phone call. At least the box lady was really nice about all the work I'd done for the boxes and has given me good instructions about the next few steps to keep me occupied for a while.

3. I had a good time with my homie last weekend, but I fear we may be growing apart and I think she wasn't as thrilled about the overall weekend as I was. (I'm not much of one for bars aside from the fact that there's ONE in my entire town and I'm not really someone who goes out...ever and she goes out every.single.night.) I also felt like shit because I lost the weekend in terms of doing work and so am now playing a shitton of catchup this weekend for school and board stuff and all the other little things that I'm failing at doing.
posted by sperose 03 February | 19:30
1) Humpday Dumpday sat on a wall
2) Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
3) Halles des qui ne sort six, et halles des qui ne se mene, qui donc peut En Petit tout gaie de regenne.
posted by Hugh Janus 03 February | 19:49
1. My mouse at work died
2. Went and got a replacement mouse.
3. New mouse didn't work. then it did. Dunno why. Half a day shot. I'm fried.
posted by warbaby 03 February | 19:55
1. It's my birthday.

2. A friend remembered that it was my birthday and sent me birthday wishes even though I really wish I hadn't heard from her. Since it's my birthday and I don't feel like being an ass today I didn't respond with, "You don't seem to be aware that there were reasons that I removed you from my life."

3. I got a new purse! And some monies! And I bought myself some new nail polish and I'm gonna use the monies for new clothes!

3b. Going to have cake later. (Triple chocolate cake, middle is frosted with cream cheese frosting, outside is frosted with chocolate frosting.)

3c. We might get snow this weekend! And and and I'm going to try to get some shopping in while that football game is going on since everyone else here will be watching the game (I live just south of Indianapolis.)
posted by fluffy battle kitten 03 February | 20:52
Happy Birthday @FBK!!!!!

1. I've started meditation and managed to integrate it twice daily into my generally hectic household/life. Hoping it's heading me on a good path to health/wellbeing.

2. I'm starting to adjust to this level of medication. Hoping it's heading me on a good path to health/wellbeing.

3. I made beef/veg pot pies with my 3 boys for dinner. 1 version with puff pastry and one grain/starch free version. It's nice to have 3 boy chefs working in the kitchen. They were all really proud of their work and how they all turned out. I was too.
posted by kch 03 February | 22:04
It's not Humpday any more, but never mind:
1. Had two cups of very strong coffee yesterday morning, which seem to have sent me into a tizzy of anxiety for the rest of the day. It all seems stupid now, as there was nothing really to be anxious about. I shall try to avoid that today, as it wasn't pleasant.

2. Very impressed and pleased that so many people took time out of their day to advise me about glasses on AskMe yesterday (including you, ej - thanks!)

3. Playing at "ladies who lunch" today! Makes a change from my normal solitary work day.
posted by altolinguistic 04 February | 04:34
*hugs specklet*

1. I haven't slept well in over a week.
2.Put what's going on with me up on Facebook. I don't want to go into it here.
3. Still don't know when I'll get my rugs back.
posted by brujita 04 February | 04:50
1. My SO won't talk to me and I have no idea why, apart from apparently I'm "fucking clueless"
2. She also changed her facebook relationship status to "it's complicated" and I don't know what that's about either
3. Clearly I am fucking clueless.
posted by dg 04 February | 07:25
posted by gaspode 04 February | 09:38
1. Wearing a new shirt for a big meeting today and I feel spiffy
2. Going to a cool art exhibit tomorrow
3. Looking forward to the weekend- friend of a friend's book reading, superbowl party which I am cohosting, catching up on household crap like emptying the dirt from old flowerpots
4. Have been spending more time with my first ever bf, who now lives in Brooklyn. He came over for dinner last night after his move and it was weird seeing him at my door again when I've hardly seen him in 10 years. We still get along very well.
posted by rmless2 04 February | 12:40
Yeah, not Humpday, because I took half of it off. I considered it "FUCK YOU, WORLD!" personal time.

There doesn't seem to be a code for that on the timesheet.
posted by lysdexic 04 February | 12:54
Getting Stoned with Bea Arthur & Rock Hudson. || Guys are not going to want to f**k her