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28 November 2009

Bad news, Good news [More:]

Bad news: My heatpump motor went, and I have to get it replaced. SCREEEECH!

Good news: The technician and I got into a conversation about hunting, and he's going to drop by and give me 1/2 to 3/4 a deer's worth of meat.

How about you?
Bad news: I paid for a company to come diagnose ($159.99), though my home warranty covers it. I'll be paying another $55 for the home warranty deductible or co-pay or whatever that's called.

Good news: The $55 should be the last I'll have to pay for it.

I really hope the venison guy follows through.
posted by Stewriffic 28 November | 13:44
Bad news: The people I bought this house from apparently did some cheapo (but nice looking) plumbing fixture updates. So...I've had to lay out WAY more money to my plumber than I'd expected.
Good news: I now have some top quality plumbing fixtures which should last me UNTIL I DIE.

Bad News: The listing agent doesn't seem to come get her stupid sign, and I've been in the place for almost 4 weeks.
Other Bad news: Apparently the garbage men won't take it away, which I learned on garbage day, after getting tired of waiting.
Good news: Well, there isn't any on this front yet. I'd like to understand a) WHY I STILL HAVE THIS IDIOT'S FOR SALE SIGN IN MY YARD, and b) why it seems to irritate me so much.
posted by richat 28 November | 14:39
Bad news: It's Saturday, and I have a ton of work to finish by Monday.

Good news: I'm going out to lunch with one of my best friends.
posted by unsurprising 28 November | 15:11
richat: when we bought our house, the agent took 3 months to come get her sign. We stashed it in the basement until then.

Good news: We're going over to some friends' house tonight for beer, dinner, and movies.

Bad news: I am lazy as hell today and am not getting anything on my lengthy "to do" list done.
posted by BoringPostcards 28 November | 15:25
BoringPostcards....I fear, at this rate, that the sign will end up through her windshield before 3 months is done! New house, and jailtime! Heh.
posted by richat 28 November | 15:41
Good news: I put out a request for some firewood on the listserv and had a guy deliver a pile probably 2 feet high and 3 feet long, with kindling AND a space heater to keep. He also did a quick check of my chimney to make sure it was clean (mostly!) and instructed me on its use. What a place!
posted by Stewriffic 28 November | 15:45
Good news: I scheduled an appointment with a junk company for later this month to haul away a bunch of junk we have around, some of which we brought with us from our last apartment six years ago and never got around to unpacking/cleaning out. I've been feeling rather claustrophic with it all lately, and if we ever have to/want to move, it'll make it much easier. (Jon's even promised to thin out the book collection. Music's still in negotiation.)

Bad news: It'll likely cost in the neighborhood of $500, which may give me cold feet and cause me to call and cancel (would it be cheaper to do it ourselves, rent a truck and hire someone to help?). It would be great to clear a lot of this stuff out, though. And we can get rid of some stuff ahead of time (break down boxes, throw out bags of clothes, bag up old papers, sell some books) to lessen the load. We'll see.
posted by Pips 28 November | 16:24
Times being what they are I'll let you, the reader, assign the "good" and "bad" qualifiers to this news:

-After weeks of crunch time I got Thanksgiving and Friday off.

-Back to work today.
posted by kodama 28 November | 17:06
Bad news- I discussed it already, but I acquired 5 stitches in my thumb on Thanksgiving.

Good news- It's not really bothering me too much and seems to be healing well. Coulda been a lot worse.
posted by Doohickie 28 November | 17:36
Good news: I had a productive day of shopping where I picked up some fantastic fabric to make pretty veils for dance out of. (And some bags to store the amount of bellydance stuff that I'm rapidly accumulating.)

Bad news: My dancing actually sucks (for anything speedy and/or in time with music).
posted by sperose 28 November | 18:10
Bad news : I heard today of the unexpected death of an online friend. Quite a shock. I'll miss his emails.

Good news: Last night's meetup was awesome.
posted by essexjan 28 November | 18:10
Bad news: our roof is leaking. The mister has fixed some of it, but it looks like we're gonna have to call in a roofer.

Good news: saw 2012 and thoroughly enjoyed the disaster porn.
posted by deborah 28 November | 21:05
Bad news: my house smells like smoke from the fireplace.
posted by Stewriffic 28 November | 21:06
Stewriffic - is the fire spewing smoke into your house? If so, a trick one of our chimney guys taught us is to twist some newspaper up (a section, not the whole newspaper), light it, hold it up the chimney for a bit and then put it down to start lighting the fire. He said that until the chimney warms up a bit, you will have smoke inside due to pressures.

YMMV, I-am-not-a-chimney-guy, but it seems to work for us.

posted by Sil 28 November | 21:47
Oh, it's not spewing in. The fireplace is drawing, no prob. It's kind of more like leaking in a little bit. We did the newspaper thing. I think it's more due to the fact that the window screen thingy isn't tight. Or maybe not enough of the air from the house is getting into the fire. I don't know. I just know it's warm enough inside and I doubt I'll die tonight. :-)

Also, the guy who brought the firewood over heats his house with wood and was spent time verifying that the chimney was safe.
posted by Stewriffic 28 November | 21:54
Good News: Mrs O and I went out for her (40th) birthday to a very nice little restaurant where they don't print the menus and the dishes are all very complicated. I got her a pendant made from salvaged depression glass and a book of poetry about Darwin.

Bad News: Hmm, actually not much. Life is very busy but going OK.
posted by octothorpe 28 November | 23:05
Bad news: Holidays are emotional rollercoasters for me these days...

Good today I did yardwork in the beautiful weather; made a small turkey for myself and my sons; met my sister-in-law and my niece and nephew at a local park. It was so beautiful out that I didn't want to waste the day.
posted by redvixen 29 November | 20:49
Good: I was able to watch the parade from most of my windows. Pictures up on flickr soon.

Bad: The floor people didn't do the job properly and caused damage.
posted by brujita 30 November | 01:42
Bad news: I'm tired.

Good News: I began my new job today! (same as old but with more money and a slightly more impressive title), AND I won NaNoWriMo!


Looks like the good news side is winning.
posted by jonathanstrange 30 November | 01:55
Bad news: I'm in Chinchilla.

Good news: Leaving in the morning.
posted by dg 30 November | 03:21
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