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26 November 2009

What have you done that opened your eyes to a whole new world? I finished NaNoWriMo! I have a new found respect for authors everywhere. Even the hacks. (You know who you are, Stephanie Meyers...)
I learned so much about pacing and plot and character development - even though I was writing total crap. It was a fantastic lesson!

What have you guys done that opened your eyes and made you think about things a whole new way??

Ponying up and taking a dance class (specifically, belly dance) as an adult. (Anyone who reads my LJ has seen my various chitchat on it, heh.) I'd last done anything like that in middle school and I have such fond memories of it.

It's gotten me to view things in a different way that I would ordinarily scorn and glare at, but now I have been forced to view them in a different way. It was scary as fuck, going to the very first class, but I'm glad I faced that fear down because I really enjoy it, even if it is rapidly becoming an expensive hobby. (I also hate the fact that I have to be cagey about it around my folks, but what else is new?)

I'm unusually introspective tonight, considering last night was the last class of this semester and it doesn't start back up again until mid-January. And we got to play with veils tonight, which is something I've long wanted to try out. :) It's a positive force in my life, which is a nice change.
posted by sperose 26 November | 05:21
OOH! well done! I'm so jealous. I'm at 37k, and keep distracting myself from actually finishing the bloody thing. I blame #bunnies and iChat for that.

le sigh.

Yay for ninazer0!
posted by jonathanstrange 26 November | 05:28
We can ban you from #bunnies for the rest of the month if you want? For your own good.
posted by goshling 26 November | 05:33
What have I done? A lot of pot, nitrous and acid in the 70s.
posted by Ardiril 26 November | 05:57
I had to give up on NaNoWriMo this time, but I am finishing knitting a scarf, re-entering the meat-eating world after many vegetarian years, and raked up 25 bags of leaves.
posted by JanetLand 26 November | 07:42
Congrats on finishing Nano. I learned a lot when I did it in 2001 and 2002.
posted by Obscure Reference 26 November | 08:19
Congrats to you and all Nano vets. Wow.
posted by rainbaby 26 November | 19:52
I'm in awe of everyone tackling NaNoWriMo. What a huge undertaking.

Sperose, dancing really changed things for me, too. Specifically, swing dancing. I started thinking of myself as completely unco, and it's totally changed my awareness of my body and the way I move. It has also made me realise that while there is such a thing as innate talent, a lot of what I consider to be innate talent is just a learned skill.
posted by nicecupoftea 27 November | 06:19
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