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26 November 2009

Thread for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live commentary [More:]I'm watching via livestream here. It comes with some stupid commentary, so be warned.

My folks are at the parade today, and for a while I thought I would be too, but the travel plans got all fouled up in a couple of directions. I LOVE this parade and have since I was a kid. It's a fantastic tradition.

The balloons look funny being carried so low these days, but on the other hand, you can see them better. I understand they are height-limited after the couple of balloon-related accidents that have happened over the last couple decades.
I watched a hunk of it this morning before my kids and husband switched to a Madden Football video game. I'm turning it back on now. I love the parade too. It is a great tradition.
posted by LoriFLA 26 November | 11:11
Some of these Muppets, I've never seen before in my life.
posted by box 26 November | 11:14
YAY, Sesame Street float! There's Bob! There's Gordon! Oh dear, Luis is looking older. Maria cut her hair.
posted by Miko 26 November | 11:15
box, they've added a lot in a few years, and I feel the same way. I opposed Elmo way back when. They say that the Sesame Street audience is skewing a bit younger, so they have these new younger-seeming muppets. Abby Cadabby drives me nuts...why does the girl muppet have to be a magical fairy? Why?
posted by Miko 26 November | 11:17
posted by Miko 26 November | 11:17
That one kid in the cop outfit is really into it.
posted by box 26 November | 11:19
Lip-syncing to auto-tuned vocals is somehow less than convincing.

That's Jason Alexander's voice doing the voice-over for the Hamburger Helper commercial.
posted by Miko 26 November | 11:21
I'll forgive the CTW people a lot, but it seems like in this case they're just kinda going along with the general trend in kids entertainment of aiming it completely at the kids. And yeah, I understand that's the most educationally-effective stuff, to the best of our current understanding, but I wonder if that understanding reflects kids being plopped in front of the tv instead of watching shows together with their parents or other adults. A hundred years ago, Sesame Street's biggest innovation was that it was meant as something for kids and parents to watch together. I can understand that that's just not as common a reality these days, but it still bums be out a little.
posted by box 26 November | 11:23
Kidling and husband just got back from it while I did some food prep and some work. Baby was most taken with the Kermit balloon.
posted by gaspode 26 November | 11:24
Pikachu? There's a blast from the past. Who's next, Howdy Doody?
posted by box 26 November | 11:27
Nope--George Washington.
posted by box 26 November | 11:29
Yo Gabba Gabba!
posted by box 26 November | 11:53
I wear I did not know what that meant until two seconds ago. Sigh.
posted by The Whelk 26 November | 11:57
Boo, we didn't get RickRolled this year. That was the best part of the parade last year.
posted by msali 26 November | 12:15
We were there live in person! Oh, what a great time we had. I'll write a full report for my blog later, right now I need a NAP.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 November | 12:23
I believe Al Roker should be turned into a balloon when he shuffles off what remains of his mortal coil after his gastric bypass surgery.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 26 November | 13:14
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