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25 November 2009

Cross post! I have nine Google Wave invites. Gmail me (it matches my name) if you want one.
Er, I meant to link to the whole page, not specifically to my post....
posted by aniola 25 November | 19:06
Oh yeah! I should do what I do with craigslist posts.

A note: I will let y'all know when I've run out of invites. Until that time, you can assume that it's worth asking.
posted by aniola 25 November | 19:32
I fixed the link, aniola. As soon as I find out what Google Wave is, I may want one ;)
posted by iconomy 25 November | 19:33
I have some too. Gmail me (james.wenn) or memail me at mefi.
posted by elephantday 25 November | 20:13
This is fun! The occasional email that has turned up in my inbox today followed by a brief visit over to the wave website has been a nice series of little breaks to my day, in which I feel like I have accomplished many tiny projects. I'm down to five.
posted by aniola 25 November | 20:17
I have some invites left. E-mail's in profile.
posted by Eideteker 25 November | 20:39
I haz invites too. If my email's not in my profile, I'll put it there in a second. Bonus points if you can tell me what the hell Wave is good for.
posted by octothorpe 25 November | 21:25
I read a review of Wave that called it "the conference call that never ends." That killed my interest right there.

And I say this as a bit of a Google geek. I even use a Googlephone (the G1).
posted by BoringPostcards 25 November | 21:37
three left! and I even got the promise of a firstborn child out of it. but now I'm taking off for the weekend, and it looks like lots of other people seem to have plenty of invites to throw around, so i'm calling mine quits so the inbox doesn't get flooded by a steady trickle over the next few days. Eat lots of delicious food, be thankful for wonderful things (just like all year long, right?) and all that jazz. night!

re: conference call
there's this one wave that freezes up the browser any time I try to click on it because it has like three dozen people testing out all the features in it.
posted by aniola 25 November | 23:48
I've made a public wave for metachat. Just search for metachat on Google Wave and say hi.

Yes, the comparison with an interminable conference call is very damning.
posted by jouke 26 November | 01:40
Well, I'm so cool I have 16 invites. Anyone who wants one is welcome.
posted by dg 26 November | 07:13
Somebody be my friend on google wave. I can't wave all alone.
posted by special-k 26 November | 16:42
OMG! Trippy Hamster || NO TURKEYS RADIO is on the air