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24 November 2009

this is a good list of the decades albums, but i'm not sure if i'd put The Strokes as #1
posted by rollick 24 November | 12:02
I looked through this when it was posted on mefi. I have no idea who should be in the top 100 albums of the last decade (The Strokes shouldn't be at #1, I know that much) but I am pretty sure that when I know, and own a lot of the stuff in the top 50, then NME are probably a bit off-base.
posted by gaspode 24 November | 12:04
It's a very British list, and it's filled with rock and pop music to the exclusion of pretty much everything else (to be fair, I only looked at the top 50).
posted by box 24 November | 12:05
Whoa. I love Primal Scream and "Xtrmntr" is a cool album, but #3 in the decade? NO way. It's not even their best album of the decade.
posted by BoringPostcards 24 November | 12:25
I AM Happy to see Spiritualized's "Let It Come Down" in there, though. American critics don't like that album much, but I think it's my favorite one from that band.
posted by BoringPostcards 24 November | 12:27
My comment probably sounds more dismissive than I'd intended. What I mean it that I don't listen to a lot of rock or pop music, so I don't feel very well-qualified to comment on this list.

And saying that my own list would've had more William Parker and Nomo and Town & Country, yeah, that's probably not helpful.
posted by box 24 November | 13:01
This is a very hipster-esque list, right down to the inclusion of Jay-Z's "The Blueprint" ... not saying that Jay doesn't belong, but "The Black Album" is so much better overall. And without "The Black Album", you've no "Grey Album" from Dangermouse, a release that is so representative of the decade in its own right.
posted by grabbingsand 24 November | 13:02
Wow. What a horrible decade it's been.
posted by jonmc 24 November | 19:45
What a horrible decade it's been. - Especially since the Yeah Yeah Yeahs got two mentions, and I kind of like that band.
posted by Ardiril 24 November | 20:55
Dear sweet 10 lb. 6 oz. Baby Jesus - where to begin to catalog the Sheer WTF on this here list:

1. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs with 2 albums in the top 100?
2. The Libertines AND Babyshambles in the top 100?
3. Radiohead twice?
4. Why were The Rapture/Interpol/Broken Social Scene/Delgados/The Horrors/Wild Beasts/The Good, Bad and the Queen even ON this list, ANYWHERE??

5. The Streets mentioned twice? Dizzee Rascal?
6. Queens of the Stone Age TWICE?

Where were the Fleet Foxes? Band of Horses? New Pornographers? Neko Case? Calexico? Even freakin' Wolfmother would have been better than a third of the bands on that list.

The only good I got out of it was discovering The Coral and The Golden Virgins. The rest of that list was an exercise in sheer incredulity. Even REM had better records in the last ten years than half of these mooks.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 24 November | 21:11
I only vaguely know almost all of this stuff, which means I'm getting old.

Also, "decade"? WTF? The decade still has over a year to run. It pisses me off that these list-makers always try to get in first by declaring the "best-of" before the [insert time period here] is even close to over. This decade finishes at the end of 2010, people! It's simple! Can't you even count to 10?

See, now you've got me started, damn you!
posted by dg 25 November | 00:50's best of the decade list makes a little more sense, but also has lots of glaring omissions and WTFs.

(Also, y'all, it's 2009- music writers can quit reminding us that "everybody collects MP3s these days!" aaaaany time now.)
posted by BoringPostcards 25 November | 09:17
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