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24 November 2009

30 years [More:]That's how long it's been since my mom has been on a serious vacation. Yeah, sure she's made the trip home a thousand times, and travelled abroad, but she's never had time for herself without the three of us always tagging along. And I never knew how much that had an effect on her. It's not that she doesn't like us, of course she does, but she would also like some time to herself. And so when my mother joins my sister up in Calcutta they're going for a mini vacation of sorts, to meet my Grandmother, but at least my mom will get some much needed time for her self.

Anyway, I've got to log off now (sister has to use the computer) but I was wondering how many of the Metachat ladies feel the same way. Oh yeah, and the side bar is looking way cool man! Really arty.
My mother and father started to travel in earnest after their retirement. One time, my mother came back from a trip, and was talking excitedly about the Hermitage and the paintings she saw. She was speaking in Cantonese, and I had to ask her to slow down. Even when she slowed down, I didn't understand her because she was using words I was unfamiliar with - words about ***art***. It was both a sad and happy day for me. I was sad that in all my childhood, my mother and I never had the opportunity to speak about art in Cantonese, thus I never learned that vocabulary. But I was happy, because with her retirement, my mother was finding joy in an old passion.
posted by typewriter 24 November | 08:45
My dad is one of those people who doesn't really believe in vacations. He thinks they're a waste of time when you could be doing something useful and productive. (Travel for the sake of travel is not productive to him, blech.)

Mom on the other hand, loooooooooves to travel, but only when she can stay in those behemoth air-conditioned coaches. Which makes me cry every time she has dragged me on these trips with her (along with her usual batshitness).

Of course, they never travel together. They can barely be in the same room and not take snipes at each other.
posted by sperose 24 November | 09:42
How timely, my parents just got back from a five-day trip to Madrid for their 25th anniversary.
posted by unsurprising 24 November | 19:44
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