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23 November 2009

Closet Cooking is one of my favorite food blogs. I just made these Japanese pancakes for breakfast, and it was pretty scrumpdillyicious. [More:]

I've been meaning to try this one for a long time, and I think it's going to be a big fave, once I work out a few bugs.

One, his big pan and my big pan must be totally different bigs. I need to either halve the recipe, or cook it in two batches, because by the time the outsides were perfectly golden and nice, the inside was still quite batter-y.

Two, this is really, really, really hard to flip. HARD. The best thing would be one of these double-sided frying pans. But since I don't have one of those, I'll just have to figure it out. By the time the first side is cooked, that frying pan is very hot, so it's quite impossible to do the most obvious plate-pan-flip thing.

Also, I didn't use bacon because I wanted to keep it light(er), and I didn't have green onions, but it will definitely be better with the onions. Of course I didn't have any of ethnic ingredients, so I used water instead of dashi - but there was some left over beer sitting around in a bottle, and I added that with the water, which seems to have been a good idea.

Instead of mayonnaise, I mixed some thick yogurt with some lemon juice, and that was very nice as a topper.

I look forward to trying this with all sorts of different veggies... and if I can figure out the pan flip, it will be a seriously handy recipe for using up odds and ends.
post by: taz at: 04:12 | 8 comments
Ok for the flip YOU NEED TWO SPATULAS. Usually these are cooked on large flat teppanyaki style grills. You dig in from either side with a short handled spatula in each hand and flip. You can't flip like normal pancake in pan.

Actually they are usually pretty batter-y.

These pancakes are actually never eaten at breakfast. But that doesn't matter considering the Japanese like to eat grilled fish and salad and rotted soy beans for brekky.
posted by gomichild 23 November | 04:50
Heh. I almost never eat breakfast (and hate most healthy, cerealy-y breakfast foods), but I was hungry this morning and figured it could be my dry run for trying this out - but it's definitely better as a regular-meal sort of food, for sure.

I did try a two spatula sort of deal, and that probably would have worked if I split it into two pieces or something. The teppanyaki grill would be excellent.
posted by taz 23 November | 05:01
Oh I guess I wasted that all caps phrase then. This is a pretty handy guide to how it's done and the short type of spatulas used btw.

And the name "okonomiyaki" means "grill what you like" so you can run wild.

Actually we hardly ever cook this at home - I guess it's just easier to go to an okonomiyaki restaurant and have someone ese clean up (~_^).
posted by gomichild 23 November | 05:31
Oh, that's a great guide! tx!
posted by taz 23 November | 08:47
How to flip with just one spatula and one pan.

Get a large plate, slightly larger than the pan.

Get one spatula (which we call a 'fish slice' in the UK.

Slide the spatula under the pancake.

Ease it out onto the plate.

Invert the pan over the plate.

Hold the handle of the pan with one hand and slide the other hand under the plate.


Take plate away.

Cook other side.

This is how I flip frittatas.
posted by essexjan 23 November | 12:25
Okay, I'm going to try that... I sort of made motions beginning to try something like this, but the pan was so hot, and I was so sure I was going to burn myself that I chickened out right away.
posted by taz 23 November | 12:45
Those look really good. I sent the recipe to the mister.
posted by deborah 23 November | 19:05
Perfecting my "technique" again today... If you guys could see the plate-flip thing I just tried, you'd laugh yourselves silly.
posted by taz 24 November | 07:44
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