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21 November 2009

MetaChat and Twitter As Gomichild just mentioned, we're hoping to use Twitter as a way of keeping folks in touch. That said... do you know who registered MetaChat as a username on Twitter, and would you be willing to give it to us as a feed for the site?[More:] We would love to use this as a way to give updates on the site for infrequent visitors, status updates, etc etc.

If we don't get the MetaChat name on Twitter, we'll come up with something else. But it would be cool to have this as our MetaChat presence on Twitter.
I threw a bunch of potential passwords at it but nothing broke through. If no one comes forward soon, consider posting this in MetaTalk.
posted by Ardiril 21 November | 05:27
I've followed the account in the hope that they'll get an email that gets their attention.
posted by chrismear 21 November | 06:39
I figured, okay, I'll sign up for this twitter thing.

But Doohickie was taken. :(
posted by Doohickie 21 November | 09:09
Does anyone know who has eideteker? I threw a bunch of potential passwords at it but nothing broke through.
posted by Eideteker 21 November | 10:14
Also, I registered an account for #bunnies which I would be willing to donate if you'd like it.
posted by Eideteker 21 November | 10:18
Has someone made a list yet of MetaChat users?
posted by The Devil Tesla 21 November | 14:44
I've seen a bunch of Twitter lists containing individuals' personal selection of MetaChat twitterers, but the definitive list is probably the one on our wiki.
posted by chrismear 21 November | 14:57
There's a partial list of twitter users in the mecha wiki. I'm sure it's a pretty limited list, though. (I say this because I just added my twitter name last week so I'm sure there are tons of people who haven't added their names - either because they don't know it's there OR because they don't know how.)
posted by fluffy battle kitten 21 November | 15:21
Or, ya know, what Chrismear said. Hi guys.
posted by fluffy battle kitten 21 November | 15:22
If you stumble across me on Twitter, don't bother following me. I signed up only so I could check up on the Twitter streams of my nephews, and I never ever tweet myself, which makes me a useless addition to the Twit-o-sphere.
posted by Elsa 21 November | 15:36
You can also add it to your profile.
posted by arse_hat 21 November | 15:39
I just added my name.
posted by Stewriffic 21 November | 15:44
I'm theora55 on twitter. I tried searching on metachat, but it came up empty.
posted by theora55 21 November | 16:14
Yeah that's a crappy list on the wiki, cos I'm not on it.
posted by goshling 21 November | 16:46
Now it's a much better list.
posted by goshling 21 November | 16:58
Okay, on Twitter I'm D00hickie (zeros for the o's).

Of course, I have no idea what to do with this account, but at least I have my territory staked out.
posted by Doohickie 21 November | 17:23
Hmm, the metachat account just updated with a link to a Posterous account and hints of something 'coming soon'. Perhaps it's not one of us?

Possible alternative name: metachatorg? Mecha is already taken.
posted by chrismear 21 November | 17:27
Ah, I spoke too soon! The current owner of the metachat account has just got in touch with me and kindly offered to donate the account to us, since they are probably not going to be using it. Let's send good vibes in their direction for being so cool!
posted by chrismear 21 November | 18:09
Yay awesome! Thank you mysterious generous stranger!
posted by gomichild 21 November | 18:13

Now, lets hope this works for eideteker too!
posted by dabitch 22 November | 09:34
That is incredibly cool!
posted by Miko 22 November | 10:46
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