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19 November 2009

NEED MOAR PODCASTS What do you all listen to?[More:]I subscribe to This American Life, RadioLab, Stuff You Should Know, 60 minutes, Savage Love, and a few Buddhist podcasts. What do you like that I would like?
You have, of course, listened to all of the MetaFilter podcasts, right?
posted by ColdChef 19 November | 22:06
I listen to a couple comedy podcasts:
Never Not Funny
Jordan, Jesse, Go!
WTF with Marc Maron

Not sure if you'd like those or not. But the combo of TAL + Savage Love makes me think there's a chance.

Also, you might like You Look Nice Today, but I don't listen to it personally.

posted by mullacc 19 November | 22:08
I listen to:
Comedy and Everything Else
Comedy Death-Ray Radio
The Ethicist
I Love Movies
Jordan, Jesse GO! (Oh, the stories I could tell)
Le Show
The Moth Podcast
My History Can Beat Up Your Politics
Never Not Funny
NPR: Fresh Air
NPR: Story of the Day
Slate's Culture Gabfest
Stephen Fry's PODGRAMS
The Sound of Young America
They Might Be Giants Podcast
This American Life
Today in the Past
WTF with Marc Maron

Needless to say, I have a lot of free time to listen. Fresh Air and Story of the Day can start to feel like homework, so you have to delete the ones that don't sound interesting.
posted by ColdChef 19 November | 22:13
Definitely Not The Opera from the CBC. Like TAL, but with Sook-Yin Lee and more music.

White Coat, Black Art, also from the CBC. A half hour on various medical issues.

I also really like A Skeptics Guide to the Universe (not the CBC!) and Quirks and Quarks (CBC!) for SCIENCE!
posted by maudlin 19 November | 22:21
Five Hundy by Midnight : Las Vegas news and visitor reports, hosted by an endearing husband and wife couple.

CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast : Regular interviews with figures of interest to independent musicians. An adjunct of the online music store.

Angry Marks Podcast : Bracingly candid discussion of the week in professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. Judging by the professional new polish on their web site, they may be heading for the blogosphere big time.
posted by Joe Beese 19 November | 22:32
I listen to audiobooks.
posted by Obscure Reference 19 November | 22:39
Keith and the Girl.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 19 November | 23:02
I schedule download a whole bunch of these.
posted by arse_hat 19 November | 23:56
I second the Skeptics Guide to the Universe. Other than that, most of my podcasts are WFMU podcasts. I recommend:

The Best Show on WFMU
Best Show Gems
Seven Second Delay
The Media Squat with Douglas Rushkoff
Night People
The Dusty Show

posted by treepour 20 November | 00:46
I think that I found this linked somewhere on Metafilter though I'm not certain -- a guy named Dan Carlin with a podcast named Hardcore History. Lots of interesting topics -- maybe thirty shows archived thus far, covering a very wide range of topics. I've currently got a huge Russian -- German WW2 thing going*, reading a lot about it (Guy Sajer -- The Forgotten Soldier is a great read), and his four shows on the topic (and his one earlier show on Hitler in general) were really interesting for me. Maybe to you hardcore historians out there he may (or may not) have some details a bit fuzzy and may slant this way or that but I don't care, a tremendous story told well. IMO -- YMMV of course.

*hint -- don't go into Russian to fight the Russians
posted by dancestoblue 20 November | 01:39
BBC Friday Night Comedy from Radio 4. Every few months, they cycle between "The News Quiz" and "The NOW show". I adore the News Quiz; the host Sandi Toksvig is a wonderful dry wit.

If you've ever lived in or visited San Francisco, Sparkletack is a fantastic local history podcast. The producer has mostly curtailed doing audio podcasts, but the archives are still available, and I've enjoyed the entire series.
posted by Triode 20 November | 12:06
1996 me is dying of jealousy. || Another radio set at midnight ET.