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19 November 2009

ethical/legal/philosophical concept? It turns out that google hated my site for a while coz some douchebag hax0rz put a subtle thing in there that returned a bunch of spam links to googlebot (I find this list kinda amusing)[More:]
Anyway so I discovered it much too late, removed it and submitted a reconsideration request. And I didn't really care but because google is taking its sweet time to reindex everything I'm a bit annoyed at the peeps that did it thinking something is really unfair here. But I can't quite wrap my head around what the.. philosophical issue.. is here (besides the "don't put stuff on my site that I didn't want.") Do you see what I mean? What's another example of a malicious third party ruining your trust with a second party? is there a general category for this type of move? *ponders*
I think it's just the Golden Rule. The third parties did something with the obvious consequence of souring your relationship with the google. In placing the thingie on your site--knowing it would affect how you were treated by other people--the third party hax0rz did not treat you with the sort of respect everyone deserves.

It's like being a killjoy.
posted by crush-onastick 19 November | 14:00
Iago syndrome?
posted by Obscure Reference 19 November | 14:01
Aaargh, I wish I knew what that word is because it's soooooo aggravating. I was banned from the google (0 links in, went from PR 6 to 0, and 0 returns on searches for my site, also 0 sites in "similar results" where I used to be hanging with all my likeminded suspects - how awesome did that feel? Not awesome at all. None. Nu-uh!)

I can tell you this, having just been through it myself, you need to not only have removed the bad stuff (= time spent) if there was any on your site, you also now need friends with blogs mention yours once in a while so that googlebot finds you from "nice places" during its wanderings.. By the next googledance you should see a difference. They'll get you back pretty fast after a reincluson request but that's just bandaid back, not really back-back. You only come back proper after the next google dance.

Did I get this right though, they put stuff on your site or did they do the extra evil which is link you but there's nothing like it on your site? I had folks do the latter to me, which was extra annoying. There I am battling spam all day long on my site and all it took was a farm of them linking me to get me in trouble. Double-u-tee-eff?
posted by dabitch 19 November | 18:04
That sucks dabitch. Yeah nothing that extreme happened with me, I was still ranking for queries etc. I used to hang out in the techy blogosphere in the 2004-2005 era so I have a lot of juice from back then. That sucks that just sending links to you made google think you were up to something fishy and ban your site altogether :(
posted by Firas 20 November | 01:15
Bamboozle? Deceive? Slander? Something from spycraft, perhaps: Agent provocateur? Blowback? Yellowcake letter? Saboteur? Snake? Serpent?
posted by dhartung 20 November | 14:01
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