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17 November 2009

Exfoliate. I'm sure their skin really suffers under that armor. They probably polish their armor too. And they go out for beers and shoot some pool, maybe do a little line dancing.
posted by Specklet 17 November | 08:10
White armor. My god. Every little thing shows on white armor. Do you know how much time I have to spend polishing this stuff? Soap. Rinse. Wax. Buff. It *never* ends.
posted by Wolfdog 17 November | 08:22
I think OR meant to post a link. I know the link he's thinking of, and it's fabulous but I won't steal his kudos and will leave it to him to post it.

I am assuming OR is a male. My apologies if I'm wrong.
posted by essexjan 17 November | 08:38
I hope not. It's more fun to speculate.

A little-known fact about the Empire is that they sponsor a very nice series of chamber music evenings for the troops. The formal attire (it's that silly helmet, really) makes it difficult for them to appreciate the hors d'œuvre table beforehand, but it still sets the right atmosphere.
posted by Wolfdog 17 November | 08:47
They read management books.
posted by Daniel Charms 17 November | 09:26
They squeeze in those extra hours they need if they're going to finish NaNoWriMo this year.
posted by Wolfdog 17 November | 09:34
Some of these are exquisite.
posted by essexjan 17 November | 09:39
Yeah, many of those are EXCELLENT.
posted by richat 17 November | 10:13
The link is great, but I like speculating too. (And hey, there's one with a bubble bath, so I was right about the exfoliating!)

I wonder if they get a chance to date at all. I can picture a jerry-rigged picnic in a seldom-used storage hangar.
posted by Specklet 17 November | 10:24
They get a wax, inside and out of the carapace.

Also, they build little wooden tie-fighters in bottles.

I'm taking half a day off from my stormtrooperness to get trained to do pro bono stuff with a prison reform group where a friend works. I am very excited!
posted by crush-onastick 17 November | 10:39
I thought they practiced firing their blasters, so they can miss better.
posted by dhartung 17 November | 11:42
It's a shame they didn't post pictures of them walking their dogs. Or reading to kids' at the local library. Even stormtroopers have hearts!
posted by redvixen 17 November | 11:46
They drink cappuccino in Italian restaurants with oriental women.
posted by Wolfdog 17 November | 11:51
They take pandas to the park to play on the slides.
posted by Wolfdog 17 November | 12:09
Awe. Some.
posted by deborah 17 November | 13:10
Ha. I posted this originally to the Front Page a few weeks ago. Here is the full flickr stream.
posted by lutoslawski 17 November | 19:08
They drink cappuccino in Italian restaurants with oriental women.
posted by Wolfdog 17 November | 11:51

Really? I wish a stormtrooper would take me out for a cappucino! (Except I am lactose intolerant.)
posted by typewriter 17 November | 21:02
In case anyone needs cheering up today, I give you: || UPDATED AGAIN! 2 second panels done! EmCee Stuff.