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16 November 2009

Thanksiving Hey guys, if there's anyone in New York that doesn't have plans for Thanksgiving then come on over! I am cooking a turkey anyway, and at the moment it's my husband, kid and I and possibly a couple of casual drop-ins. For reals, it'd make our day :)
Oh gosh. . .how wonderfully generous. . .

We have always struggled to find community on Tgiving, and usually don't. And this year, no daughter even!

It's great of you to offer this and if we were there, of course we'd come over.
posted by danf 16 November | 18:16
How late will you be having people over? I've got family in the Bronx and can swing over afterwards since my family starts stuff in the afternoon?
posted by TrishaLynn 16 November | 18:17
Oh wow, I wish we were nearby! That's really kind of you, gaspode.
posted by BoringPostcards 16 November | 18:32
We're in (we being Marc, my sister and myself)! If only for dessert; we do have our All Potato* Feast at some point.

*We have allowed a few non-potato dishes to enter; namely stuffing and Goldfish crackers.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 November | 18:33
TrishaLynn: probably not so late, with our kidling who sleeps contiguous with the living room and goes to bed around 6.30. When will you wrap up?

Awesome, TPS. You three will make our apartment nice and full! (I'll move any further details to email)

and actually... that might be as many as our apartment can take...
posted by gaspode 16 November | 18:46
And, aw. If you guys were in town, BP and danf... totally!
posted by gaspode 16 November | 18:47
Don't let us take seats away from anybody looking for a home to feast in! Our plans are still up in the air. We were talking about going to the parade that morning, too (though I don't know if we have what it takes to get up that early). But we'll definitely make it to Chez Pode, if only for a little pie.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 November | 19:01
If I lived a teensy bit closer to NYC, I would definitely come! As of now, I'm doing Thanksgiving solo.
posted by amro 16 November | 19:12
Oh not at all. Like I said we have some other drop-ins as well, so we will be pushing it regardless.
posted by gaspode 16 November | 19:12
un-preview: Aw, amro! You're really too far away? :( If you change your mind let me know.
posted by gaspode 16 November | 19:13
Thanks gaspode, I will! If I get ambitious, I may see if there are any other Princeton/Lawrenceville Thanksgiving orphans and host something for them/me at my place.
posted by amro 16 November | 19:15
What a nice offer. Looks like we'll be Jersey for dinner with my family -- but we may end up with the parade on our agenda, too.
posted by Miko 16 November | 19:16
You're so awesome 'Pode. I would love to come hang out with you guys AND MADDIE! Alas, damn my leftcoastness.
posted by special-k 16 November | 19:24
Aww, I wish I could be in town for that! Maybe Southwest will offer surprise last-minute cheap tix.

(Management told my group at work that everyone would have to be present for Thanksgiving since that's the scheduled day before landing...then right before the mission they tell me trainees won't be allowed to work weekends and holidays. So I can't get overtime to compensate for being stuck here. Grrrr.)
posted by casarkos 16 November | 19:47
I'm doing my traditional Post-Thanksgiving Brunch on sunday. It's all thanksgiving food re-done as a brunch buffet. Maybe some Internet People?
posted by The Whelk 16 November | 20:30
I'll be there...Thank you!
posted by brujita 17 November | 00:51
When we can, we usually take in strays for Thanksgiving and it has always been so fun! This year, it's looking like my husband and I are going to be strays for some friends of ours and that's going to be fun, too.

Long story short, Yay! Have fun! Someone should bring Apples to Apples or some other easy fun game. Games, movies, naps.

I so much prefer Thanksgiving to the nightmare Christmas has become. Thanks for doing this, gaspode, even though I won't be anywhere near NYC.

posted by lilywing13 17 November | 05:10
Yay! We have a full apartment!

off to fresh direct to order a turkey...
posted by gaspode 17 November | 07:23
I don't want to be putting anyone out either, but I'd like to stop by for a bit as well and say hello to folks. It's the holidays! Visiting people! Woo!
posted by kkokkodalk 17 November | 15:47
This is Photobomb! || Bunnies! OMG!