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15 November 2009

Some encouraging news from Matt, in case you didn't catch this in the super-long MetaTalk thread.
thanks taz!
posted by dabitch 15 November | 09:49
Such a scary experience - such an encouraging outcome! And Matt is such a funny writer. He's a good sport and taking this about as well as a person can. Keep us posted!
posted by Miko 15 November | 09:56
Glad to hear it turned out less scarily than I thought it would.
posted by sperose 15 November | 10:14
It's excellent news. The neuroendocrinologist in me cringes mightily at the catch-all use of "hormones" when there are so many with so varied functions. But a prolactinoma is one of those "if you must have a tumor in your head it may as well be this" kind of things.
posted by gaspode 15 November | 10:28
I haven't read the giant thread, but surely somebody there mentioned the irony of Matt having a cat scan . . .
posted by JanetLand 15 November | 10:32

We'll have to ask him if that went through his head.
posted by taz 15 November | 10:38
I didn't realize what a good writer Matt was, I've never really read much of his blog. That was really scary but it sounds like things are on the right track.
posted by octothorpe 15 November | 10:40
Glad he ended up at OHSU. . .they do some amazing things there.
posted by danf 15 November | 11:21
gaspode, seconded!

I felt really weirded out reading about his past problems though as I remember telling my SO when I met Matt that he seemed acromegalic.

He's going to feel so much better in himself, he'll win those bike rides and lose that extra weight! and lots of other enjoyable things!
posted by Wilder 15 November | 11:50
Thanks for the link, taz. It is good to hear from Matt and that the prognosis is good.
posted by birdherder 15 November | 12:13
That is great news, it's funny to have spent the past few days worrying so strenuously about someone I have never met. Luckily my meatspace friends understand that my internet friends can mean a great deal to me as well.
posted by msali 15 November | 12:26
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