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14 November 2009

Up and at 'em! A Post For Saturday Goals And Fun Events. [More:]


Clean kitchen (again!)
Laundry away
Sweep and swiffer house
Charge drill and put up curtains in office
Rake leaves? They're wet. I may put this off.
Caulk windows.
Figure out how to caulk base of bathtub
Deal with the porcelain chip in the other bathtub. This may involve a quick fix called duct tape.
Consider a new antenna for the TV so I can get PBS.

Not sure. Still housebound.

What do you have on your plate?
goals: refrain from banging head against wall; finish up project
fun: wait for promised callback from the chick with the inexplicable accent
posted by Firas 14 November | 11:38
goals: scrambled eggs and toast
fun: scrambled eggs and toast
posted by Hugh Janus 14 November | 11:47
Stay sane while husband is at a meeting and kid is in uber-clingy phase. ("up! up! UP! UPPIES!!" is what I hear All Day)

Fun stuff: The zoo? Favourite diner for lunch. I am getting a black and white shake, dammit, screw the diet.
posted by gaspode 14 November | 12:09
goals: smoothly facilitate a big Thanksgiving-themed Slow Food potluck and author talk, and then drive the author to Boston in crappy weather to catch the train.
fun: not anticipated.
posted by Miko 14 November | 12:17
Portland, ME!
posted by Eideteker 14 November | 12:42
goals: Pick up food donations and deliver to Second Harvest, football practice, clean a little, laundry, supervise piano practicing.

done: picked up food donations and delivered, football practice

fun: going to dinner this evening with in-laws and uncles. I wish I didn't have to go. I'll put on a happy face. Now I'm watching Forensic Files and just ate two pieces of cherry pie. I don't know if that's fun or deviant behavior.
posted by LoriFLA 14 November | 12:56
Goals: Now that Ida has finally left us alone, to get at my yard, rake leaves and pick up sticks. I had a five year old over earlier, and I was unsuccessful in making a game out of picking up sticks. Five year olds suck as little slaves.
Fun: Husband is an assistant basketball coach this year at an alternative high school for kids who don't learn well in a traditional academic environment, and tonight said high school has their first home game. I will be attending my first high school basketball game in twenty years. Go Pirates!
posted by msali 14 November | 12:58
Goals: CostCo, drop off bag at Goodwill.
Fun: Maybe movie?
posted by Claudia_SF 14 November | 13:13
goals: laundry, breakfast, tidy bedroom, go say "go joe" 'cause he's announcing that he's running for city council today and 'cause go joe!, abuse punctuation, study date at a new coffee shop. go home and study by myself. That last part will entail way too much time on distractions like metachat, so if you see me here tonight, tell me to go away. I'm not allowed to procrastinate any more this weekend.

fun: sprinkled on all of the above except for the laundry, which is my least favorite chore of all time.
posted by aniola 14 November | 13:25
Goals: Memorize a stack of math formulas for Monday's midterm. Knit a scarf for a Christmas present on a car ride.

Fun: Get to go look at the snow on the Rockies for a bit today. Also dinner out with my pseudo-grandma, should be a great night!
posted by Sil 14 November | 13:26
Goals: Get my kid through this long day, keep him engaged and happily occupied. Try to maintain my patience. Hubby needs a little chill time to himself after a grueling week.

Fun: Well, it's 60 degrees out in Chicago in the middle of November so I am really happy about that. We can play outside and that's always fun.
posted by Kangaroo 14 November | 13:28
- ugh, clean the apartment. Or at least clean the kitchen. Or at least do the dishes. The designated task keeps getting smaller.
- figure out what's for dinner, maybe make a run to the neighborhood market.
- keep writing. This would be at least half under "fun," but I'm having a little writer's block.

- play with new haircut! I, uh, like it? Not sure yet.
- date night at home: dinner and a movie.
- schedule a time to go rummage through my sister's basement full of STUFF before the antique-shop guy comes.
posted by Elsa 14 November | 13:29
Also, gaspode, now all day I'm going to wander around cheerfully and insistently saying UPPIES!
posted by Sil 14 November | 13:35
* get together all my paper recycling, which includes ripping out articles I want to keep from all the magazines I've been reading this week
* fold and put away laundry from Thursday
* put fancy cloths back on bookcase and vanity (my mother stole them and ironed them because she thought they looked unsightly)

* plan outfits on Polyvore, to head off the serious 'must-spend-money-I-don't-have' desires
* snuggle back in bed since I've been in a chair for just over 2 hours, which is a no-no considering my back is still a bit twingy
posted by sperose 14 November | 13:40

Rake leaves? They're wet. I may put this off.
Mowed lawn (added)

In progress:
Laundry away

Not Done (yet)
Clean kitchen (again!)
Sweep and swiffer house
Charge drill and put up curtains in office
Caulk windows.
Figure out how to caulk base of bathtub
Deal with the porcelain chip in the other bathtub. This may involve a quick fix called duct tape.
Consider a new antenna for the TV so I can get PBS.
posted by Stewriffic 14 November | 13:42
Goals: Finish a draft of this manuscript and get it off my desk
Start working on job applications for next year.
Outline a proposal for a fellowship application due in January.

Fun: I have a date with my lovely lady friend tonight. And I am not going to do any work tomorrow! We're going to hike a lovely trail that goes from ocean to summit.
posted by special-k 14 November | 14:14
VVork (alas)
posted by kodama 14 November | 14:19
Finish installing panels & doors on new kitchen cab'ts
Haul cardboard to recycling. Again.
Laundry. I have no underwear. Or jeans.
Wonder aloud if the Space-a-ghetti sheetrock contractor is actually going to return to tape & mud. & retrieve his ladder & bucket-o-screws.

Football zombie time.
Repeat last night's date night at pub with severe street construction outside that pub owner strung up many strings of teeny lights on & it was as fun to drink Guinness as it was to cross the temporary bridge & pretend there was a canal under it.
Take a nap.
Order some lights.

posted by chewatadistance 14 November | 14:20
Goals: Gore-tex up and get out of house, treat hilly neighborhood as a training opportunity.
Clean and vacuum room.
Switch over to studded bike tires.
Realize that getting out of house and doing exercise is my #1 cure for dumpy feeling.

Fun: Ride bike to liquor store, purchase beer and celebrate getting out of house.

Avoid: Opening laptop outdoors and letting snowshower mist into machine.
posted by buzzman 14 November | 14:22
Goals: Working (trying to make up for a major lack of productivity so far this month), trying to figure out how I can ever afford to have a baby on my own, cleaning my apartment, paying the $35 cancellation fee for the grooming appointment my cat missed this morning because he's sick.

Fun: Thinking of going to see A Serious Man. No one wants to see it with me so it would be my first time going to a movie alone, which I am not thrilled about. Later, working on a new stained glass piece. Maybe going to a party.
posted by amro 14 November | 14:57
I have no goals for the day. I took a few days of vacation this week, during which I was uber-productive on household stuff, specifically so that I could actually relax this weekend. So that is the plan. I do plan on running out to the butcher shop to get some steaks for dinner tonight, though.

(And it's very sad that one has to take time off of work in order to get things done so that one actually can relax on the weekend. I do not really approve.)
posted by occhiblu 14 November | 16:00
Oh, I was so lazy today... slept late and didn't bother to do my laundry (for which I am penitent as it has me wearing a coffee-stained shirt to work- fortunately no one's here to care) and started The Second Sex while lolling in bed with the window thrown open. I guess my one goal was getting to work on time and not failing there, which, so far, is a success. Only three more hours.

clean out and organize pigeonhole compartment full of papers
clean off desk and top of dresser
prime dresser for painting
continue trimming cat (a multi-step process as I do not own hawking gloves)

a stroll through the woods, if the weather smiles.
posted by notquitemaryann 14 November | 19:54
My goals and fun for today kind of collided: I went to a local historical attraction to shoot a roll of b&w film for an assignment and ended up a) enjoying the place itself and b) eating some really delicious Middle Eastern food at a nearby market.
posted by unsurprising 14 November | 20:13
Goals: not get too upset over the anniversary of George's death.
Tidy the kitchen. Make soup.
Fun: La Cage Au Folles with sueinnyc and a group of her friends.
posted by essexjan 14 November | 20:52
amro, solo movies are awesome, don't be worried!

I jogged an 8k this morning. That's a goal and a fun and a oh my goodness. Official times are not out yet, but I was for sure under an hour, we'll see by how much. No, I do not routinely cover five miles of pavement, more like two or three. I'm built for comfort, not for speed - I have done 10K and could do a little more, but the hips, they do not propel over 11-12 mph. I can do ONE 10 minute mile, that's it. So I wonder about future goals. Go longer with the slow? Speed up with the 5K?
posted by rainbaby 14 November | 21:16
That's awesome, rainbaby! I am about up to a 5K again, finally, since the babby was born. (Up into a couple of months into pregnancy I was doing 30ish mile/week, and am determined to get back there again). It's a good feeling, huh?
posted by gaspode 14 November | 22:37
Yah! Feels good. 56.23 - right over 11 minutes per mile. But it's strange, that's my pace. Also, walking, my max pace is 13 mph - it's physiological. So maybe I go longer next year - half marathon, but slow? Do a race where you can push the babby, gaspode!
posted by rainbaby 15 November | 00:25
There was much more fun in my night than anticipated. The event went great, the author was terrific, and I got out of giving her a ride to Boston as someone else was dying to spend time with her. So LT and I went out for a beer, and ran into 2 friends, and had a great time shooting the shit about life, the universe, and everything. There's nothing like found time, well spent. Off to sleep now.

Psst, congrats on the run, rb. You inspire me to get back on the road.
posted by Miko 15 November | 00:32
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