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13 November 2009

I may have to try that, but I'm so afraid of fucking up a whole expensive chicken.
posted by sperose 13 November | 21:17
The inside of the chicken would be so salty as to render the carcass unusable

Lost me there.
posted by Miko 13 November | 21:24
mmmmmmmm roast chicken.......
posted by gomichild 13 November | 23:54
I love Pim, she taught me to make Pad Thai.
posted by Triode 14 November | 00:27
"The inside of the chicken would be so salty as to render the carcass unusable

Lost me there."

That and the nasty looking and sounding skin.
posted by arse_hat 14 November | 02:24
My husband makes a fabulous beer butt chicken with his own dry rub. All moist but with crispy skin. Yum.

I love ChezPim, too. She taught me how to make pad see ew.
posted by lilywing13 14 November | 02:26
The word carcass here indicates the bones of the chicken after the meat has been removed. So you couldn't save the bones to make stock (which is what you do if you roast a nice organic chicken).
posted by Specklet 15 November | 08:28
Oh, no, I know what carcass means: I mean this lost me because I can't imagine wasting a chicken carcass. That seems a real shame. There's always a chicken-stock rotation going on in my freezer: veggie scraps and carcasses, and then when there are enough, chicken stock, which gets frozen in various containers and gradually used for cooking while a new veggie-and-carcass stash is begun.
posted by Miko 15 November | 09:58
expensive chicken? My man says the same thing when I get roast chicken cravings or chicken soup urges, he doesn't know where to find those gigantic frozen hens which are way cheap and buried in the frozen sections far away from the tender chicken filet or whole chickens. I make all sorts on these, using the bones for broth, you can get miles of food out of one. They're best for soups or stews but he keeps thinking that I'm splurging on food when I do this. Every time he gets a chicken I balk at the price of it. Do not buy fresh chicken for these things.
posted by dabitch 15 November | 10:00
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