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13 November 2009

Hyper-happy-update-thread! [More:]

1. Caffeinecaffeinecaffeine!

Oh tea how I love you! I know you are crappy tea from the vending machine, but you are nice and tasty and I like you with vending machine milk and sugar! You have too much caffeine, though! Now I am twitchy and have butterflies in my stomach and my eyes feel a little bulgy!

2. I want the day to hurry up so I can leave work and go to my friends Laura and Tim's house and make pizza for them! Then we will go to bed early and get up early and drive to Dover and take the ferry and then WE WILL BE IN FRANCE! The weather will suck but we won't care because WE WILL BE IN FRANCE! We will buy cheese! We will buy bread! We will buy wine! We will take lots of photos of the rain IN FRANCE!

3. Don't let me forget to call my aunt tonight! It is her birthday today and if I don't call her she will be mad! I hope Tim and Laura have Skype! I don't have a present for her yet, but I will fib and say I haven't sent it yet because of all the postal strikes in the UK! She will not mind if it's late but she will mind if there is no present! What the hell am I going to get her?!
3. Something from FRANCE!
posted by typewriter 13 November | 09:05
posted by Specklet 13 November | 09:43
1. Stopping by NY&CO tonight to show Marc this coat in blue. It looked real cute when I tried it on yesterday (in the pink, which I also liked), though I'm not sure how I feel about those buttons.
2. Need to figure out how to stop waking up in the middle of the night wondering what time it is.
3. Thanksgiving with my sister is fast approaching!!! So excited.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 13 November | 10:03
1. I finally ordered the tilt mechanism and wand for my broken bedroom blinds AND the 3 frames I need to hang up the last few posters and pictures to decorate my house. (I've been waiting until I was in a better financial place to spend that money, but I've had it saved for a while.)

2. I'm excited for schmoopy internet gift/card giving for the holidays. I have no idea what little traditions I want to try and create for my very first set of holidays on my own (even though I know I can't escape the shitfuckery of my parents) but still--schmoop.

3. I have some very cute green nailpolish and so I need to paint my nails ASAP. Maybe I should make a hair/nail appointment before I go out of town.
posted by sperose 13 November | 10:22
1. My work week finishes at noon. I have the option of working Friday afternoon, but I usually just put a couple of hours in to get a jump on next week.

2. Going to go for a run then spend some of the afternoon reading.

3. Now I am coveting the coat that TPS wants.
posted by gaspode 13 November | 10:29
You should buy it, too, and we could be twins!!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 13 November | 10:29
1. My walls are annoying and my pretty curtains fell down on me in bed a few days ago. I guess I need bigger anchors?

2. I got 0.5 hr sleep last night, don't know why. Kept tossing and turning and couldn't get settled.

3. Went through my most recent batch of granola really quickly, need to make more!

4. Banged up my elbow and hip at boxing and now leaning on the elbow to type is hurting a lot. Might have to try to type with right hand only.
posted by rmless2 13 November | 10:30
That is an adorable coat. I was thinking of getting a red coat this winter. But I have a closet full of perfectly good coats in a variety of winter-weights. So. No coat for me.
posted by crush-onastick 13 November | 11:19
That coat is lighter than the coat I'm trying to replace, but I'm thinking of replacing that coat with two coats- a lighter fashion coat for 30-50 F days, and one of those down sleeping bag monstrosities for the under 30 days. They're unfashionable as heck and I don't care.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 13 November | 11:53
I have a down sleeping bag monstrosity. Warmth is paramount. But what I no longer have is yeah, one of those 40deg day cute coats. hrrmmmm.
posted by gaspode 13 November | 12:11
1. I am far from hyper and happy. I wish I could be.
- The weather continues to suck
- Terminal illness haunts my family
- Mental illness is destroying a loved one

Fuck Ida. Fuck cancer. Fuck depression.
posted by msali 13 November | 13:16
Sorry to be a bummer. I just realized how sucky that sounded in a generally upbeat thread. Bad ali.
posted by msali 13 November | 13:47
1. Trying to Googlechat with an old friend. . kept hanging.. .so I just called her. What a concept! Had a really nice talk with someone I hardly ever talk to but was very close to years ago.

2. Daughter finally got a job!. . .was able to send her that Silhouette's tune (Get a Job!). . .didn't want to before she actually found one.

3. Wife dragging me out to hear some music tonight. Not that I mind.
posted by danf 13 November | 13:59
1. Got to hang out with a cousin last night, and get to see my pseudo-grandma tomorrow, yay!

2. So far so good with school. I'm spending way more time studying that I thought I'd have to do, but so far, all A's, so that's cool. We'll see after Monday's midterm which I don't have much time to study for (it's math, yikes).

3. Going to pick out some yarn for a long car ride tomorrow, and will work on a scarf for a Christmas present, fun! Will also be studying math formulas at the same time.
posted by Sil 13 November | 14:40
Big hugs msali, keep your chin up and don't worry about bucking the upbeat. You're fine, warm thoughts your way. Hope things get better soon.

1. I fixed my gutar amp!
2. I fixed my guitar!
3. Now for the rock and roll!
posted by Hugh Janus 13 November | 15:23

1a. I went to NY&CO and bought the coat over lunch, after Stynx checked the one in our neighborhood and they didn't have it. Yaaay coat. Booo waiting in line half an hour to check out.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 13 November | 15:43
1b. The buttons are still driving me crazy and I may need to take a trip to MOOD for some new buttons. Perhaps I will run into Tim Gunn? One can only hope.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 13 November | 16:09
1. I have a great 30-50-degree coat, brown suede, that is really starting to look nice after 5 years

2. Got public praise from my boss today, and will likely get a color printer (yay! my own printer! and color!), due to good work

3. Picking my daughter up after work--she, too, plans to rock and roll with friends from camp this weekend
posted by mrmoonpie 13 November | 16:41
TPS: what bugs you about the buttons? The monochrome? The shiny?
posted by crush-onastick 13 November | 16:48
Yes, both of those things- I think overall they look sort of cheap. On the other hand, it's a cheap coat. I was thinking maybe some big chunky black buttons? Something that's the same size, but matte, maybe something textured. I don't know. A trip to MOOD would be fun even if I don't find what I'm imagining.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 13 November | 16:55
Another bummer update:

Found out yesterday that my aunt has cancer. The tumour is pressing on one of her kidneys and it has atrophied the kidney. Good thing is that her other kidney is handling the load fine. She's on chemo for now, no surgery yet.

Hugs to msali and everyone who needs them.
posted by deborah 13 November | 17:00
I'm looking at the weather forecast and crossing my fingers that Specklet and TheDonF make it to FRANCE! tomorrow.
posted by essexjan 13 November | 17:09

1. Going to work off TILT tonight by playing the ever-loving fuck out of Phantasy Star Universe. I'm also loving the fact that even over the phone and three time zones away at midnight (my time), speaking to a customer service guy on the phone scares electronics into submission.

2. DVR install guys coming between 8:00 am and noon tomorrow to install second line and finally HOOK ME UP. Looking forward to being able to talk about and watch my favorite shows again and DVR HBO stuff, too.

3. Poker night on Saturday and I will not be the only girl there!
posted by TrishaLynn 13 November | 17:45
1. Just bought my train tickets to Tampa for the week before Christmas and am delighted to be able to go.

2. Realized that messed-up tire was still under warranty, so if shop hasn't mounted the replacement yet, I maybe can get it fixed for relatively cheap instead of the $150 I would have to wait another 2-4 weeks for.
posted by notquitemaryann 13 November | 22:34
Ooohhhh France! Have a chocolat chaud at Cafe Angelina for me!

1.Mustard barbecue!
2. A real bed!
3. Lowcountry food!
posted by brujita 14 November | 01:50
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