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09 November 2009

Hi-diddly-ho, neighbour! This was taken within a few blocks of my place. Yes, that's a church, the Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship, attached to Club Paradise, a strip club. It's been cracking me up every time I walked by it for three years. And when I finally got around to taking a picture, I also snapped one of this decoration of a boarded up door.
I automatically thought of a scene in some crap horror novel (I think it may have been Live Girls by Ray Garton) that took place in a From Dusk To Dawn-esque vampire strip club that featured a sex show set to a discofied version of "The Old Rugged Cross".

Yep, I'ma goin' ta hell.
posted by Halloween Jack 09 November | 13:03
posted by buzzman 09 November | 13:44
It seems like religious ecstasy and that other type are pretty close together, biologically, in the brain. Why else would so many people of the cloth misbehave sexually, in all the ways (adultery, pedophilia, showing naked men to the parish on ppt.) that they do?
posted by danf 09 November | 14:13
I always thought it because there is a strong link between repression and perversion.
posted by Orange Swan 09 November | 14:17
I was getting at that, sort of from a different angle.
posted by danf 09 November | 14:20
Nice little ice cream shop near where I live. "For the love of God, Montresor...!"
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 09 November | 14:23
Thats ossum. I love that kind of irony. We have a liquor store and dialysis service in the same building here. I guess that is more of a convenience thing though.
posted by meeshell 09 November | 16:09
This is why my 3 years in Parkdale were the best years of my life.
posted by lukemeister 09 November | 17:24
Heh. We had a strip club in town but the owner got busted for prostitution. As part of a non-prosecution agreement he allowed the city to acquire the property, and they promptly handed it over to the twelve-steppers, who fixed it up right nice.

I missed getting a shot of the parking lot sign (Screamin' Meemees) right next to the sign for Jack 'n' Dicks Feed Store, a regret I will indulge for the remainder of my time on earth.
posted by dhartung 09 November | 22:48
Here is a dance with subtitles. || Bunny! OMG!