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08 November 2009

Things you are looking forward to [More:]
I just booked tickets to an art fair that's become a tradition with my two best friends, and was looking like it wasn't going to happen this year since one is in business school and very busy. But it is happening and I am happy! I can't wait to go.

I'm also looking forward to seeing all my family on Thanksgiving and seeing my favorite cousin's new engagement ring.

How about you guys?
I'm looking forward to the holidays for two main reasons. First, my mom and stepfather are coming to stay the week of Thanksgiving, and for the first time in several years I'll have an honest-to-goodness turkey dinner with all the fixins. Secondly, I am planning a neat trip to Alaska at Christmas. Never been, and expect to have a very good time.

Since I got a house in the middle of summer, I was kind of left without a proper garden this year. I've been prepping a nice spot in my sunny backyard, so this coming year I'll have a kick-ass garden. I killed the horrid burmuda grass, tilled it up, shook out most of the roots, planted red clover and will till again come spring. It's a really neat project.
posted by Stewriffic 08 November | 12:24
My traditional 2-pint Sunday lunch with chicken chunks and the sassy waitress (Not a dig, she is actually Sassy. 100%. So hard to find these days)
posted by The Whelk 08 November | 12:29
I'm looking forward to my first monthly salary in January (I freelance, and this will be the first time since forever someone just send me a paycheck). Like really looking forward to it. It's not much by a long shot but knowing the amount and the date it comes in, wow, it's going to be such a luxury!

Provided the company doesn't run out of money first, which I have the pleasure of making sure that they don't. Unpaid. Until January. No pressure.
posted by dabitch 08 November | 12:30
I'm giving a workshop on Saturday, am off to Warsaw for the ballet the week after, and have this coming Wednesday off!
posted by mdonley 08 November | 12:38
830 tomorrow morning: I can finally call my ortho doctor and hopefully get an appointment to deal with my back spasms (which haven't stopped in over a week). I just hope like hell that they've got an appointment for Monday. Or hell, this week even. (I've been on the fence about just going to the ER all this weekend, but have just been trying to hold out.)
posted by sperose 08 November | 12:44
1. Trip to SPCA to look at Das Kittehs.

2. Beers with lunch somewhere.

3. Possibly becoming the GM of the radio station I DJ for, now that ours is stepping down after a long tenure.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 08 November | 13:00
1. Flying to Athens tomorrow on holiday!

2. Woooooooooooooo!
posted by TheophileEscargot 08 November | 13:22
For Thanksgiving, I'll be visiting a branch of the family that I only very rarely get to see (and they're pretty great). Oh, and I'll be taking a quick trip over toward Richmond this week, which I'm kind of looking forward to. Generally, I do not look forward to travelling at all, so this is all somewhat exceptional.
posted by Wolfdog 08 November | 13:24
How long will you be here, TheophileEscargot? Shouldn't we try to meet? My cell: 6939578032.
posted by taz 08 November | 13:29
Oh wait, I forgot, I'm actually longing going to the dentist tomorrow to fix something that has been bugging me for 6 months (and I couldn't afford to fix). Longing! for the dentist! How weird is that?

It'll hurt like hell but then it'll be alllll better. I can't wait.
posted by dabitch 08 November | 14:05
That'd be great taz, if you're up to it!

I tried last year but had to cancel because of the riots, we exchanged a few emails. Will shoot you another email.
posted by TheophileEscargot 08 November | 14:05
excellent, Msr. Escargot!

dabitch, don't you let Jan know you're longing for the dentist or she'll cut you out of the will. Really. Ssshhh.
posted by taz 08 November | 14:17

*rips Will up*
posted by essexjan 08 November | 14:29
Looking forward to the holidays being over. It's all fun but all the planning and scheduling and socializing is stressful as hell.

sorry to be so charley brown
posted by octothorpe 08 November | 14:30
I'm looking forward, some time over the winter, to seeing Sweet Charity with sueinnyc. It's my favourite musical of all time and the movie is sublime. It's such a sad story and the songs are amazing.

I'm also looking forward to getting my floor relaid. The builder is coming round on Wednesday to discuss. At least something in this place will get laid before Christmas.
posted by essexjan 08 November | 14:33
My sister's coming to town for Thanksgiving!!! Can't wait!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 November | 15:08
I'm looking forward to the electrician finishing the total rewiring of our house. When the best bits consist of Bakelite junction boxes and some of your lights were put in with speaker cable, you know it's worth spending the money. Wednesday can't come soon enough...
posted by ninazer0 08 November | 17:06
I'm looking forward to seeing my family for Thanksgiving. We're traveling there and I'll get to spend time with my sister and brothers and nephew and parents. I see them but not nearly enough. They live 6 hours away by car, 1 by plane. We're driving because I can't bear to deal with Thanksgiving weekend airport crowds.

Also one of my closest friends is due to have her second child any day now. I'm looking forward to seeing the new baby and making them dinners and an apple pie and all that happiness that comes with new family additions.
posted by Kangaroo 08 November | 17:18
I'm looking forward to the birthday party of one of my best friend's sons. Visiting with them and seeing pictures of their recent trip to DisneyWorld and spending time with people I just don't get to see enough.

posted by redvixen 08 November | 18:34
I'm looking forward to my brother's visit this week.

Also, looking forward to going to pet grooming school next year (just have to come up with the money, minor sticking point. Am going to talk about a loan from my brother when he's here this week.) I'm so excited about the grooming school thing that I've already gotten the required tetanus shot - I just feel like this is something that is going to happen in the soonish and am taking steps to make sure that it does.

My brother and one of my close friends are the only people who know about the grooming school idea. Will share with my mom tomorrow. Will share with my father after I've come up with the money AND enrolled. (Dad deals better with change if it's already in motion and not just a potential.)

I'm also strangely excited about Thanksgiving this year.
posted by fluffy battle kitten 08 November | 18:34
Looking forward to the holidays. I love 'em, and have been really longing to see my family some more.

Looking forward to buying a new mattress in December and sleeping better.
posted by Miko 08 November | 18:39
The holidays! Oh my goodness. It's a toss-up between spring and the holidays for my favorite time of year.

Seeing how this roll of b&w film turns out.

Getting up to full strength on my meds to see if they have any effect on my mood. (My shrink is titrating me up veeeeeeeery slowly, like going up by 0.5 g every four days slowly, to avoid side effects.)
posted by unsurprising 08 November | 19:20
My evil cold sores (1 on each lip!) going away.
posted by Melismata 08 November | 21:36
I'm looking forward to shopping for christmas gifts. I love buying/making stuff for other people. I'm also looking forward to finally being able to run a 5K again after a LOOOONG period of time of being way way way too unfit. should happen in the next week or two.
posted by gaspode 08 November | 21:40
I'm looking forward to overtime pay and hopefully stabilizing my finances again within a couple of months.

I'm looking forward to passing the class I'm in and starting new ones in January, which will put me very close to my goal before I start again at Pitt.

I love every last holiday (except Valentine's) as deeply though I were a six-year-old child. This season will be no exception- hoping to make up for my lack of ability to buy Christmas gifts with framed portraits of my nephew. Still not sure what to make for him, though... possibly a little illustrated storybook. I'm even looking forward to the train ride to Florida, which, although very long, appeals to me as I'll get to watch the seasons reverse themselves on the ride south. And although I would never tell my family this, I'm slightly glad that I have to come back up in time to work Christmas Eve, since that means I can make it to the candlelight service at my church, something I long for all year. Not sure what I'll do on Christmas Day itself, yet.
posted by notquitemaryann 08 November | 23:29
I'm looking forward to reading lots of books, eating lots of soup (omg, Soup Cycle is so rad!), hunkering down with the fire, some yarn, the kitties. And I hope to find some good ideas for holiday gifts to make. So far, nothing has presented itself, but I'm hopeful.
posted by birdie 09 November | 02:35
thanksgiving break- five whole days off to rest and catch up, and no one to cook for this year.
tonight, since it's gaming night.
tomorrow, since I can stop worrying about these two papers and hand them in. they're never "done" until they're out of my hands.
posted by kellydamnit 09 November | 12:31
looking forward to Guy getting home Thursday. Looking forward to seeing the Big Pink at the end of the month.
posted by crush-onastick 09 November | 13:49
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