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06 November 2009

o hai. We appear to be cooking some sort of water buffalo patty. To have with eggs. For supper. [More:]


Also, a little bird told me about this thread, but it's 10 pm here... plus, you know, delicious water buffalo patty and all... So maybe tomorrow we can extend the discussion? If you'd like.

In the meantime, please tell us about your exotic patties. Ours is apparently "one of Greece’s most beguiling cured meats." Beguiling.
*throws net over Taz*

A-ha! We've got you now!
posted by BoringPostcards 06 November | 15:18
So maybe tomorrow we can extend the discussion? If you'd like.

[*in her sultry voice*] Baby, tomorrow we can extend anything you like.
posted by Elsa 06 November | 15:24
Taz! We miss you! Don't go away again!
posted by essexjan 06 November | 15:50
BP, I am holding a corner of the net, and talking to her sexerly through it, hoping to sooth and calm her into not LEAVING US AGAIN.
posted by msali 06 November | 15:54
posted by mudpuppie 06 November | 15:58
Guys, relax. Taz has to stick around—otherwise she'll miss the Really Cool Thing that we have planned for next week.
posted by Atom Eyes 06 November | 16:25
I thought we had closed this site to newbies.
posted by danf 06 November | 16:27
.......coy whispers........
posted by Stewriffic 06 November | 16:29
I dated an exotic Patty once.

Modesty and decorum do not allow me to go into further detail.

Welcome back!
posted by jason's_planet 06 November | 16:31
I don't have any patties, exotic or otherwise, but I have been eating sausages all week, does that help?
posted by chrismear 06 November | 16:59

*starts swirling a lasso in case she escapes from the net*
posted by deborah 06 November | 17:05
Oh, god, I absolutely have to have sausage eggs chips and beans for supper this weekend.

posted by Wolfdog 06 November | 17:30
I've had Oryx patties. Pretty good, actually. But not nearly as good as seeing TAZ!!11! yay!
posted by Triode 06 November | 18:07
Patty as in a patty of ground meat?
posted by mullacc 06 November | 19:06
*whuffles taz lots*
posted by Specklet 06 November | 19:50
Tried to eat a bear patty. . .no not that kind you find on the forest floor. . .but I got it to my mouth and it was so rank that I could not physically get it in there and I had to admit to other people there that I had, in fact, wimped out.
posted by danf 06 November | 20:18
yaaaaaay it's a taz

(pleeeeease don't leave, it's scary without you here)
posted by casarkos 06 November | 22:10
I Love Lunch! The Musical || Constablatory Note from Oregon