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01 November 2009

Give me hope A police officer was murdered in Seattle last night. I volunteer with the cops, and it's hit me pretty hard. I'd appreciate hearing positive stories about your experiences with officers, no matter how big or how small.
Hey Gorgik, Sunday's been even slower than the rest of the days, lately.

I rarely interact with police officers. but last night, in New york city, trying to negotiate the streets in the vicinity of the Halloween parade with my baby in a stroller, I had 3 separate officers help me by clearing a path and keeping drunk people from bashing her. That was nice.
posted by gaspode 01 November | 19:46
I'm so sorry. I was taking the dog out last night between watching scary movies, and saw fireworks and an almost-full moon. Saturday night, and Hallowe'en--I was thinking about all the cops working last night while I was at home, safe and sound. It must be a hell of a job, and it's one I couldn't do.

I haven't had any negative experiences with police in my life. All my experiences have been positive.

In my old office, we dialed 9 for an outside line, 1 for long distance... glance at your notes, or message, to confirm the number, yes, 1 for long-distance... You know where this is going. And after you redial and are on your long-distance call, nice-looking men in blue uniforms come to check on you!

That was me. A year later, it was one of the property managers who did the misdial. This time, it was two lady police officers who showed up. They had a good time making sure they got all her details, home address, date of birth and all that, and told her not be misusing 911--but it was all done with good humour.

It's nice to know they will come if we need them, and even if we don't!

Thank you to all the cops out there.
posted by Savannah 01 November | 19:48
(((Gorgik))) There are way too many crazies out there in the world.

Raleigh's finest are always very friendly & chatty when we walk Otto by them & they're on duty for an event of some kind. They like sharing stories about their own pooches & ask if Otto likes to swim, how old is he, what's he weigh, etc. For some reason they're chattier when we have Otto than when we don't. He's a nice distraction from their boredom, I think. I didn't know that many cops genuinely liked dogs.
posted by chewatadistance 01 November | 19:52
I got mugged just a block from where I live. My phone was stolen, and my glasses were gone. The cops found my (broken) glasses for me (at least I could see if I held them up to my face) and one of them offered me his personal cell phone to call my significant other. Those little gestures really meant a lot.
posted by treepour 01 November | 20:00
A few days ago I was at the park with my 3 year old. A cop was cruising through the parking lot. He pulled over and turned on his flashing lights for my son and then first warned us to cover up our ears and then he turned on his siren. My kid was bedazzled. Terrific excitement!
posted by Kangaroo 01 November | 20:54
I know there are shitty cops out there (I had a few such experiences in Chicagoland) but the ones around here are honest, hard-working, and trustworthy. With drugs and occasional violence in our neighborhood I don't know what we'd do if we couldn't depend on them to be there.

I'll just tell the story that our Chief of Police tells. He grew up locally and so I know exactly where this took place. There was a brush fire on a bluff by the river, and a crowd had gathered to watch, many of them along a railroad track above the fire. Suddenly a train appeared on the tracks, and people backed away so it could pass. One small boy without a nearby parent was transfixed, frozen on the tracks, and people were calling to him. A policeman stepped forward and lifted him away moments before the train would have struck him. The chief was only about ten years old, but he said that's the day he decided to become a cop.

It's just incredible to me that someone would murder a cop like that in cold blood. What a "training day" that rookie had (many cops go their entire careers without a shooting incident).
posted by dhartung 01 November | 20:58
After I was hit by a truck while cycling (and somehow made it through with only a mass of bruises) I was in the Police Station being interviewed about it and a policeman in a cycling helmet was walking out. He came up to me and asked if I was the girl who'd been hit by the truck that morning and when I said I was he told me they were going to "get that dangerous driver". He was pretty angry about it.

It's just what I needed to hear and I felt safer. I appreciated him reassuring me.
posted by gomichild 01 November | 22:07
Thanks all, I appreciate the stories.

dhartung, a quote from another source:

'Only six to seven months out of the academy, her performance during the shooting was described as that of "a tenured veteran," as she "not only called for help and backup, called for the fire department, but also got out and fired at the suspects."'
posted by Gorgik 02 November | 00:45
I borrowed my mom's 24-hour-old brand new car to bring my sister to a birthday party on the hill. I was 17, driving too fast for the snowy roads, and distracted by the fancy thermometer in the rear-view mirror. Came upon a hairpin curve too fast and plowed over a small Toyota truck. It was totaled, my moms car undrivable. Called the police from a nearby house, and a cop showed up.

He lectured me a bit about slowing down when my dad showed up. Drunk. And driving reclessly, almost drove into the cop's car. He jumped out, screaming and hollering at the cop. After everything was done, the cop refused to let me and my little sister ride home with my dad. He gave us a ride to the church where my mom met us. I was so, so glad I didn't have to get into the truck with my dad and could have hugged that cop.
posted by rhapsodie 02 November | 03:43
I've never had a bad experience with a cop. True, they were experiences I'd rather not have had, but the cop involved was always polite and professional.
posted by deborah 02 November | 12:17
I've never had a bad experience with an officer, either. My ex-brother-in-law is an officer. Years ago, I was in NY for the Thanksgiving Day parade (I went with whoever showed up from a singles group, so it was 11 years ago this month). It was pouring rain all day; we were soaked. But a very friendly cop took our picture for us at the end of the parade. Such a nice guy, for having to be out since the wee morning hours in cold rain. I have nothing but respect for the police.
posted by redvixen 02 November | 20:05
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