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31 October 2009

stop knocking on my door! i'm in pajamas and i'm scared. the husband is dressed, he has the candy! get him!!!
The dogs are going nuts every time the doorbell rings. Weekends are the worst. It starts too early. Why couldn't it have been yesterday when it was pouring rain and they had to be in school?

Get off my lawn, etc. I'm prematurely a grumpy old man.
posted by kyleg 31 October | 14:42
I have yet to see anyone. I doubt I'll get anyone, but I've been tempted to put up a 'no candy' sign on my door, except them I bet my neighbors will think I'm a pedophile or something.

I only bought one bag of candy (for the kiddies) anyways.
posted by sperose 31 October | 14:44
Haven't seen any kids yet, but it's still daylight.
posted by octothorpe 31 October | 16:11
We had the best time. See, halloween isn't really done around here, but my daughter doesn't know any better and unabashed she rang every doorbell in sight - scoring candy what the hell? I had arranged with a few other parents that we'd do this (and they'd come to our door), I was pleasantly surprised when other people were totally game for a troop of toddler sized fairies, ghosts and witches coming to their door.

My SO answered the spider-web clad door wearing a horrible old wig, a black coat/cape made of "severed hands" (dummies hands from an old mannequin factory), with a giant bowl of candy and a hand stuck in the middle of it saying "I am the HAND TROLL you can have some candy if I CAN HAVE YOUR HANDS". All the toddler sized faires and witches screamed with laughter. Pretty good for a guy who was "totally unprepared" for it only 20 minutes earlier.
posted by dabitch 31 October | 17:49
We had some very cute little trick or treaters, and then a lot of bigger kids too old to be begging for candy. But it was fun seeing the little ones, especially the ones in homemade costumes. Plus we have lots of leftover candy!
posted by Kangaroo 31 October | 20:38
We don't get trick or treaters in the building (it seems we're all quiet, twenty- to thirtysomething loners here). I'm actually pretty relieved. Also, we don't have any candy, so there.
posted by gc 31 October | 21:10
Reese's peanut butter cups for good kids, MRE pickings for the bad.
-0- trick or treaters. Housemate(s) must have eaten half the bowl of Reese's. But none of the MRE "Wheat snack bread", "oatmeal cookie, chocolate flavored coating" (yeah, I'll bet that thing would have been good to chip/break at least one tooth), "vegetable crackers", or "Chicken breast fillet, seasoned (= extra steroids and BZ compound), grilled". Hmmm.

I remember walking blocks and blocks for hours on the 31st. Halloween is a fading holiday now.
posted by buzzman 31 October | 21:48
We had a handful of trick-or-treaters, mostly younger kids and generally extremely polite. Ikkyu2 went up to bed, and now I'm watching The Mummy on cable. I love Rachel Weisz.
posted by occhiblu 01 November | 00:06
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