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27 October 2009

Stupid idiot jerk driver [More:]
My 3 year old son is a special needs kid. He rides the school bus every morning. He loves the bus - gets so excited when he sees it coming down our street.

Because he's so young and little, they have car seats on the bus. It takes the driver about 15 seconds to get Jack in his seat and clipped in. Some idiot driver pulled up in the opposite direction of the bus this morning and he must have been in a big hurry because he laid on the horn repeatedly for the bus to move, even though the red lights were flashing. It scared Jack and I saw tears in his eyes. All I could do was wave goodbye.

I wrote down the license plate number and called the police department but they said there's nothing they can do because he didn't break the law - didn't drive around the bus, just obnoxiously wailed on his horn.

What was so important for him to get to that he had to make a little kid cry? Now I'm crying too. I know I have to let it go but everything is so hard for my kid already without someone wrecking a favorite moment in his day. I want to write this guy a note and let him know what he did. Is there a way to look up someone's address from their license plate?

Why are some people such jerks?
Kangaroo, I'm so sorry. That is upsetting.

Knowing kids he probably has forgotten about it by now. He'll most likely be excited again tomorrow when the bus comes down your street. The only thing you can do now is be positive and cheery when he gets home and ask and talk about it in a neutral tone. There's a very good chance he's in his classroom now having a great time. He's your baby, and I feel your pain, but I wouldn't worry too much.
posted by LoriFLA 27 October | 09:30
What a dickhead. It's not like schoolbuses take that long anyways.
posted by sperose 27 October | 09:42
Some state police departments will give you a name if you provide a license plate number. Then check to see if the name and address are in the phone book. Worth a shot.
posted by netbros 27 October | 10:06
Aw. That's jerky. When stuff like that happens, I try to remind myself that happy people don't act that way. (Not because I'm trying to be compassionate--but because I feel better thinking they're miserable.)
posted by jrossi4r 27 October | 12:27
Poor kid. Poor mom too, seeing some asshole make my kid cry would send me right into mama bear mode.

If you happen to be in Calif you can complain to the highway patrol if a driver is being a dick (well, not really but if you observe someone operating a vehicle in an unsafe or unlawful manner) and if you've got the plate, the CHP will send a mean letter to the registered owner. They won't ticket them unless an officer observes the law-breaking but the letter is all official and suitably bureaucratically scary looking.
posted by jamaro 27 October | 18:01

Karma honey. Hopefully the jerk has already gotten a bad paper cut or stubbed a toe.
posted by gomichild 28 October | 05:05
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