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26 October 2009

Herbed balsamic chicken with blue cheese. It's yummy. I broiled it rather than grilling it. Still yummy. Served it with broiled premade polenta and quick-boiled fresh asparagus. Which were yummy.
Tonight my sister came over, she and her bf of 3+ years had a huge fight, the first real fight ever, so she is very upset and I tried to make her pancakes for dinner as comfort food.
Unfortunately something went horribly wrong with the pancakes and she said they tasted like "footballs made of polenta" which was scarily apt.
In the end I baked some Trader Joe's appetizer things and we ate them and watched Mad Men.

NB: Do not make the fluffy buttermilk pancakes from
posted by rmless2 26 October | 23:00
Looks delicious occhiblu!
posted by gomichild 27 October | 00:58
*drools to the east
(in occhi's direction from here)
Sounds delicious.
posted by lilywing13 27 October | 03:22
That looks delicious, occhiblu. I have some awesome blue cheese. This recipe would be so easy.

I made this recipe last night for white chicken chili. It is delicious. I'm having leftovers for lunch. Last night I served it with a salad and and a hunk of French bread. Perfect.
posted by LoriFLA 27 October | 07:43
Now that I'm awake and having coffee, my internal compass is working and I realize occhi is to the west.

It still sounds like an amazing dinner.
posted by lilywing13 27 October | 08:42
Heh, lilywing, I was wondering about that. Thought maybe you were out in a boat on the Pacific or something... :-)
posted by occhiblu 27 October | 10:35
Last night, we walked over to the corner store to pick up dinner fixin's, got there and discovered that
A) The Fella had no preference at all and expected me to decide what to buy
B) I had no preference at all and expected him to decide what to buy
C) I was suddenly so hungry that I was going to bite his head off and eat it for dinner if someone didn't decide quickly.

So I bought and shotgunned a chocolate milk to hold off the head-biting, then we wandered to a sandwich joint a few blocks away and got:
- roasted sweet potato wrap and a big pile of dressed spinach in a wheat wrap
- chipotle black beans with salsa in a chile wrap
- spicy corn chips
- beer.
We took it all home and split it. A heavenly dinner.
posted by Elsa 27 October | 11:27
OMG Dremel Pumpkinator! || Needs more lightsaber.