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22 October 2009

Nearly two years later, and I still can't find any boots that fit my calves. Well, I take that back. I found a pair of Stuart Weitzmas last year for $700 that fit like a glove, but besides being seven hundred clams they were brown suede (not black leather, which is what I need), so I decided not to buy them. But that means THEY'RE OUT THERE. SOMEWHERE.[More:]
I would estimate I've bought and returned 30 pairs of boots in the past two years, including a pair from the much-ballyhooed Duoboots (fit badly, cheap looking, dreadful customer service). I also took several of those pairs to cobblers to see if they could adjust the fit, but either the price quotes were really high (i.e., the adjustments cost significantly more than the boots themselves), or the actual structure of the boots made it impossible.

Last night, I received these boots from Nordstroms' "narrow calf" line. They promise a 13" calf. They deliver a 16" calf, fully 3 inches wider than advertised. This is... a problem.

I honestly wonder at this point if I may have to find a bootmaker in L.A. to make me a custom pair, which strikes me as totally ridiculous, given the ease which which I was able to find well-fitting boots at a normal price for most of my life.

Question: shoe manufacturers the world over regularly make shoes in narrow, medium, and wide widths. Why do they not regularly make boots in narrow, medium, and wide calves?
I don't have an answer to your question, but there is absolutely goddamn nothing that fits my calves.
posted by Wolfdog 22 October | 14:30
Damn, I got some 14 inchers a year ago and they were inexpensiveish and I've never even worn them. Let's see if my email remembers this purchase....

Ok! They were black leather Gabriella Rocha Kell (don't seem to be for sale anymore but you can google for images and/or maybe other Gabrielle Rocha designs are for the skinny-calved). They fit my skinny calves well. And, well, since I've never worn them, you don't happen to be a size 8 do you?
posted by birdie 22 October | 14:48
Scody, I feel you. I bought a really high quality perfect pair of black leather boots about six years ago, and I really wish I had purchased the matching brown pair, because ever since then, I have been in search for the perfect pair of brown boots. I too have a narrow calf (hell, I have bird legs) and really narrow feet. I also hate heels and pointy toes. Do you know how many brown boots out there have too high heels and pointy toes?! A lot of them! I finally, crying and snuffling, broke down and purchased a cheap-ass pair from DSW last month, but I don't like them, they're ugly and they will fall apart in a year. Boot shopping may be worse than bikini shopping.
(And last night I watched the Devil Wears Prada and now all I want is Chanel Chanel Chanel). *Sigh*
posted by msali 22 October | 14:52
OK, I totally just took them out and measured the inside of the circumference: 13.5". I would check out this brand for sure, they run true to calf width.
posted by birdie 22 October | 14:55
Argh! How frustrating.

I bought these fluevogs, recently. I was wearing wool tights when I tried them on and they would not close. My friend at fluevog assured me that if I wore them over wet nylons for a couple hours they would close. He was right and now they fit like a glove. Really. My attempt to measure my calf circumference with a string and the ruler in my datebook comes out to around 13 inches.
posted by crush-onastick 22 October | 14:57
Birdie -- drats, I'm a size 9. But thanks for the offer! (And I'll check out some other G. Rocha boots in the meantime -- I have a pair of their pumps that I wear all the time in the summer.)

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who finds boot buying to be seriously crazy-making. I nearly started crying last night when the Nordstrom boots didn't fit. My beloved old Sudinis have finally given up the ghost after 7 or 8 years, and I seriously can't face rainy season without some dang boots.

on preview: crush-onastick, those look potentially promising!
posted by scody 22 October | 15:10
I've just given up on boots. I have big calves but skinny ankles and size 11 feet that run a wee bit narrow, but not narrow enough to be called narrow. Everything I buy either sags or is too small to wear comfortably.

I'd vote for custom. I had a pair of gorgeous wooden wedges made in Italy and while they may be 4", they're the most comfortable pair of heels that I own.
posted by sperose 22 October | 19:20
I remember people at the stable where I used to ride saying Dehners had narrow calves.
posted by brujita 23 October | 00:44
*cries, beacuse she has chicken legs AND no money*
posted by Specklet 23 October | 07:35
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