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20 October 2009

OMG CRITTER CONTEST! With Halloween on the horizon, the Book Bench announces Critterati, a contest for all animals who ever wished they could be Wishbone. It’s simple: Take a picture of your pet—dog, cat, ferret, iguana, or any other nonhuman member of the animal kingdom—dressed as a character from literature, and upload it to by October 25th.*[More:]

Jessamyn is a judge in the contest, which she didn't specify when she initially sent me the link. (No, I'm not on Twitter or much of anywhere online except email and MeFi.) Of course, I posted it immediately after emailing her, "OMG, this is so going on MeFi!" It was only after I posted it that she replied, "I assume you were kidding about that, me being the judge and all..." WHAT?!

Boy, was I embarrassed.
It fits better here, anyway!
posted by not_on_display 20 October | 19:01
Hey you got a o AND a x on your deletion reason and I think that could be a first...
posted by gomichild 20 October | 19:33
That is the sweetest deletion I've ever seen. It makes me grin! Thank you!
posted by Stewriffic 20 October | 20:02
Pet peeve: being called "sweetie" when I'm being told something negative (you can't do thing X, for instance).

Wow, though! memories of wishbone and public TV. yee-haw.
posted by aniola 20 October | 20:44
Time to dress my cat(s) as elephi the cat with the high i.q.
posted by drezdn 20 October | 21:20
Ummm, while I'm here, anyone know how to do the "more inside" thing? (Feeling noobish on so many levels today!)
posted by not_on_display 20 October | 21:23
My sister does the "sweetie, we talked about this...." thing, so I think I was subconsciously making fun of that. Pet judge!
posted by jessamyn 20 October | 21:38
Feeling noobish

Hey, not_on_display is here! Welcome, yay!
posted by Miko 20 October | 22:13
Now the song "Feelin' Groovy" is stuck in my head!

Feelin' Nooby!!
posted by not_on_display 20 October | 23:37
Awww, that should go in the Deletion Reason Hall of Fame.

I should do something to with Oliver, he loves to wear stuff.
posted by deborah 20 October | 23:59
So deborah, is that your Oliver as Humbert Humbert?

... 'cause that made me LOL so, so hard. I love this!
posted by po 21 October | 02:58
I am absolutely entering this. Although I'm not sure my young man can compete with a cat already named Pushkin.
posted by notquitemaryann 21 October | 06:26
Zuzu is going to have one hell of a night tonight.
posted by mudpuppie 21 October | 10:35
Any smoosh-faced, Wilford Brimley looking characters from literature that I could dress my Persian cat as? I'm coming up dry.
posted by amro 21 October | 13:17
Nope, not my Oliver.
posted by deborah 21 October | 13:49
Any suggestions for a white haired and blue eyed bunny?
I am not above taping doll hats on him.
posted by rmless2 21 October | 14:18
...Jane Eyre? get it, ears, a rabbit?

I guess it depends on how you pronounce it.
posted by not_on_display 21 October | 16:21
Ah, I'd always pronounced it "Air."
My mean coworker suggested I cover him with blood and have him go as Watership Down.
posted by rmless2 21 October | 16:49
That's an awesome idea. ... Where's the favorite button on MeCha? dag.

Also, thanks to whichever mod stuffed the rest of the post under the "more inside" section. N00B OUT!
posted by not_on_display 21 October | 17:54
amro: depending upon whether or not kitty has a prominent Persian moustache, Ignatius J. Reilly or Poirot?
posted by notquitemaryann 21 October | 19:40
He doesn't really have the mustache thing... I am thinking maybe I'll put him in ared hunting cap and call him Holden Caulfield.

I have never had such a malleable, tolerant cat before. I need to take advantage of it.
posted by amro 22 October | 10:40
I suppose I could do a reasonable facsimile of White Fang without too much difficulty.
posted by Wolfdog 22 October | 11:06
Man proves he has world's strongest fingers || slideshow of the infamous great pacific garbage patch