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19 October 2009

Why does my MetaChat bookmark icon keep shape-shifting? [More:]

I have a lot of bookmarks on my toolbar at the top of my Firefox browser, including ones for MeFi, AskMe and MeCha. Each bookmark in the toolbar has its own icon.

The icons for MeFi and AskMe are always the greenish-yellow M and white F against a blue background.

But the icon for MetaChat keep switching back and forth between the correct blue bunny and the MeFi icon.

When I navigate to MetaChat, it switches to the bunny, but usually after I navigate back to MeFi, the MetaChat bookmark icon in my toolbar switches back to the MF green/white/blue icon.

Why does it do this?

Am I the only person who is experiencing this?

How can I get it to stop?
I thought I saw this like about 2 days ago, but figured it was some kind of illusion or mis-seeing. I thought I saw a green or blue mefi icon. I have FF 3.5, WinXP, Noscript, flashblock, adblock, etc.
posted by DarkForest 19 October | 10:44
Well, this is weird.

I first added the bookmark for MetaChat to my toolbar several weeks ago. This problem has been happening consistently ever since then.

But, now that I've complained about it, it's only happened once, even though I've been switching back and forth every minute or two to see if I could figure out more exactly when it actually happens.

So, maybe the solution is "ask and you shall receive"????

If this happens again, I'll re-post. But for now, it seems to be auto-magically fixed.
posted by marsha56 19 October | 11:07
I don't know, but my facebook one does that. My Mecha one? Nup.
posted by gaspode 19 October | 11:11
My MeCha icon turns into the Flickr icon sometimes in my bookmarks. I have a couple of other icons that change, too, so I assumed it was a Firefox issue.
posted by BoringPostcards 19 October | 11:31
It's a browser issue. It happens a lot. There's something hinky about the way FF handles favicons. My work email link had a Metafilter logo for a very long time.
posted by middleclasstool 19 October | 12:29
My Mecha icon is stable, but PostSecret changes once in a while and One Sentence has had the PostSecret icon for a long time.
posted by deborah 19 October | 14:14
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