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17 October 2009

Ask MeCha: Couple's costume ideas I know we already had a Halloween costume thread but I need ideas for costumes to wear as a couple that poke fun at the whole couple's costume idea.[More:]Bonus points if the girl's costume can stand on its own so I can wear it to work before the party.
I mentioned this once before on the green. Take a pair of camouflaged army fatigues. Wifey wheres the top and the husband wears the bottom. When asked what your costume is, the answer is the digestive tract. An upper and lower GI. Hah!

Credit goes to one of my best friends who did it with her husband one year.
posted by msali 17 October | 17:59
I'm not sure it pokes fun at the couple's costume idea, but I'm hoping some couple goes as Jon and Kate. Kate would even work as an individual costume, just get a crazy whig, sunglasses, and tape eight babies to your outfit.
posted by drezdn 17 October | 18:23
You could always go dressed as each other.

One I've been wanting to do is Barbara and a zombie from Night of the Living Dead. Flip a coin to decide which of you gets which role.-)
posted by Orange Swan 17 October | 19:19
You could always go dressed as each other.

I did that one year with a co worker. Everyone got she was me, but nobody could figure out who I was.

If you wanted to go as each other, maybe do a bride/groom thing instead of trying to parody each other.

Oh...golly. GIS for couples' costumes is interesting.
posted by lysdexic 17 October | 20:09
Dish and spoon?
posted by lysdexic 17 October | 20:10
Two of the best couples' costumes I've seen:

The husband/wife/pitchfork combo from the Grant Wood painting "American Gothic".

A killer bee and a bee keeper.
posted by Kangaroo 17 October | 20:42
You could always go dressed as each other.

We also did that. And when I was getting the car out of the lot, a police car spotted me and I had to explain my costume to them.
posted by Obscure Reference 17 October | 21:12
My parents were Raggedy Ann and Andy one year.
posted by brujita 18 October | 01:31
I guess I'm more morbid than the rest of you, but the best couples costume I ever saw was zombie Timothy Treadwell and the bear who ate him. You could do just fine as a bear at work, without having to explain the rest of it.
posted by rmless2 18 October | 11:18
Yin and Yang? Or, go as velcro - 1 wearing hooks, the other loops, and be stuck on each other.
posted by theora55 18 October | 13:44
I was only half-joking when I mentioned this in a Metatalk thread recently: Charlotte Corday and Jean-Paul Marat. Of course, this means that Marat's costume will involve a bathtub, but if you're up for a challenge...
posted by scody 18 October | 16:12
Minibunnies! OMG! || Baby in pram meets oncoming train. Baby OK.